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NEO – Putin’s Assassin Nuke: a bad-guy hunter by any other...

“Confirm that everything I said is no bluff, send into retirement those stuck in the past and incapable of looking to the future, [and] stop rocking the boat that we all ride in, called planet Earth.” – Putin: Checkmating Rothschild psychopathic arms merchants.

Russia not going to engage in Arms Race – Kremlin

Anyone who has been following geopolitics knows how the US decided to trash the US START treaty, and Mr. Nobel Peace Prize had no problem jumping aboard, as he did with NATO moving toward the Russian border.

Breaking Story: Putin Says New US Policy will Lead to Russian...

Gordon Duff - This is Trump, meaning "Netanyahu" and his gangster partners, putting the lives of Americans and perhaps the world on the "chopping block." 

Putin: Shelling from E. Ghouta which hit Russian embassy in Syria...

These are US backed and armed mercenaries, part of Trumps "Wag the Dog" to save first Kushner and then himself, two puppets of the RKM/Israeli mob, from prison.

Putin to Macron, Merkel: Syrian Truce Doesn’t Apply to Anti-Terror Ops

... from Sputnik News, Moscow * - First published ... February 25, 2018 - In the wake of the adoption of a UN resolution establishing a...

Munich gathering descends into Russia-bashing nonsense & warmongering

Jim W. Dean - Russia-bashing got top billing at the Munich 2018 Conference, with Iran and China in the line up. But Western coverage omitted Putin's famous 2007 conference talk on NATO advancing East.

Russia’s Putin, Saudi King Salman discuss Syria, Qatar

Jim W. Dean - Missing in the phone conversation review was any mention of Russia and China teaming up to buy a chunk of the ARAMCO offering, possibly a $100 billion deal.

Turkey’s Attempts to Humiliate Putin their Biggest Risk, Duff on Press...

For viewers, this was done while staining woodwork at my home in Saugetuck, Michigan.  No, I don't have leprosy, not yet anyway.g (AKA "Hansens...

Exclusive: Russian Leadership in Transition – From Stalin to Putin

Russia, the country whose experience, tragedies and victories, people with great ability to create and achieve great goals, can and should become a true friend and partner of the American people.

NEO – Phil Butler has the last word on Putin Bashing...

Jim W. Dean - Russia has survived another year of Putin-bashing and Russia-bashing with its economy growing, having played a key role in saving Syria and building Russia's reputation for standing up to the concept of a unipolar world as a threat to everyone else.

Putin in Egypt: Who’s the big player in the Middle East?

This could be just a coincidence, but the next day after Russia announced victory over terrorists in Syria, US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem...

Vladimir Putin: Trump’s Jerusalem statement “defies common sense”

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Vladimir Putin has recently pronounced his verdict on Trump’s recent statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Once again, King Bibi must...

Syrian War Report – December 11, 2017: Putin orders withdrawal of...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFDu5yhsGEo If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal: [email protected] or via: http://southfront.org/donate/ or...

Breaking: Assad Tells Putin at Meeting: Syria Was Saved as a...

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, who flew to Russain city of Sochi for a working visit. The two leaders...

NEO – Theresa May jumps the Russia bashing band wagon again

PM Theresa May uses Russia as a whipping boy to divert attention away from the soup bowl of political problems she may be drowning in now.

Bush, Putin and Netanyahu – stone builders for a devastation oriented...

Americans need to examine the origins of the Bush Family closely and re-examine the Sherf(f) relationship, including DNA testing to identify if George H....

NEO – They Killed the Tsar – Now the Globalists Target...

Jim W. Dean - Today is a trip down memory road, with an older NEO - Phil Butler article that got lost in the shuffle. The theme is an often used one, how history repeats itself and Russia is front and center for today's lesson.

Israeli Justice Minister threatens Putin’s life!

"If Putin wants to survive" he had better do what Israel tells him, says Ayalet Shaked.

Putin pens new article, in which he reflect on BRICS and...

On the eve of the BRICS summit, which is to be held in Xiamen, China, on September 4-5, President Vladimir Putin wrote an article "BRICS - Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership." In the article, the Russian president presented Russia's approaches to cooperation within the authoritative association and set out his vision for further interaction.

NEO: Putin in Siberia – If it Looks Like a...

Jim W. Dean - The Deep State hatred for Putin is well-placed. He represents everything they are not; and the longer he survives, the chances grow that his leadership style might catch on.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plans

Benjamin Netanyahu's nightmare is coming true. The guards of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and Hezbollah fighters prepare to attack Israel by using Syria as a springboard. The Israeli Prime Minister shared the "terrible news" on August 23, 2017 during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi.

Netanyahu to meet Putin over Iranian presence in Syria

Netanyahu and Putin have kept in close contact in recent years, with the Israeli leader visiting Moscow four times in the last 16 months.

Putin projection appears on Trump SoHo: ‘Happy to help, bro’

An image of Russian President Vladimir Putin against the backdrop of the Russian flag were projected on the facade of one of Donald Trump's hotels. The organizers of the unusual "light show" have not been exposed.

Putin announces his intention to run for president in 2018

Russia will hold its regular presidential election on March 18, 2018. In accordance with the Russian legislation, Vladimir Putin can nominate his own candidacy for a new term in the office.

Insolent Crab Beggars

Putin calls Congress insolent as Senators vote 98-2 to sanction Russia. Did Putin have the Russian Army choir killed, to add to evidence against America in an upcoming world body tribunal regarding terrorists we created through illegal wars and destabilization efforts?

Tale of Two Nations: Russia vs USA Economic Prospects

The difference between the present economic prospects of the United States and that of the Russian Federation is fundamental.

NEO: Vladimir Putin and the Hamburg Testament

Phil Butler - Vladimir Putin acts in Russia’s behalf, and exactly in the manner western neocons and Cold War psychopaths know he must. What kind of journalist or historic idiot ignores this crystal-clear nugget?

Russia contemplates response to US missile challenge: Putin

Jim W. Dean - Once again we have Putin at another major Russian world forum where he can talk without a teleprompter to a diverse audience in the style of Roosevelt's fireside chats, minus how they were written for an eight grade education level.

Putin: ‘No proof’ Assad behind chemical weapons assault

Russian president says West is blaming Syrian ruler for gas attack in order ‘to continue to impose measures to pressure’ regime

Israel to Assassinate Assad, Maybe Putin Too

An Israeli minister has bluntly called for Syrian leader Bashar Assad to be assassinated after unsourced media reports claimed Damascus was using a “crematorium” to cover-up mass killings.

How 16 Russian Special Forces Took Out 300 Terrorists

A group of officers from the Russian Defense Ministry's Special Operations Forces was decorated with medals for showing unprecedented courage in the fight against terrorists in Syria; the decree to this effect was earlier issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin says ‘no force ever existed to conquer Russian people’

Jim W. Dean - No one hates war more than the Russians do. This is why the manufactured US hype of the "Russian threat" is such a devious fraud on the American people. The Russian people would never politically support any such offense,

Duff on Press TV: Putin Diplomacy “Trumps” US, Israeli Plans

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the Kremlin stands ready to work with the White House to help settle the Syria crisis. Lavrov's deputy Mikhail Bogdanov also expressed hope that the opposition in the Arab country will take part in the Syria peace talks slated to be held in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on the 3rd and 4th of May.

Pravda: Putin ‘loses control, the fall is near’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been losing control over his inner circle, Russian and foreign publications say. Although not all of them are ready...

Putin: Russian Intel Says More False Flags Coming, Poison Gas Supplies...

Russia has information of a potential incident similar to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib province, possibly targeting a Damascus suburb, President Vladimir Putin...

Putin rebukes Netanyahu over ‘groundless’ accusations on suspected chemical incident in...

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a telephone conversation that it was unacceptable to make “groundless” accusations concerning the alleged chemical weapons incident that took place in Syria earlier this week.

Syrian Gas Attack: The Kosher Nostra Moves on Putin

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor A town in Syria under occupation by al Qaeda is the scene of this "event" now sending the world into...

NEO – INF Missile Treaty Violation Claims just more Fake News

Jim W Dean - America’s record as a defender of freedom and democracy has been destroyed by its own hand, and most publicly so. Americans have been lied to for so long that we suffer from a numbness that renders us unable to effectively resist on the scale needed to save ourselves.

Tillerson Loves Assad, Hates Putin, as Trump Foreign Policy Goes Berzerk

Moscow says its "baffled" by the remarks of the US Secretary of State during his debut address at NATO HQ, spewing the same old mantra about “Russian aggression” to unite the alliance in the face of a common “threat” that requires additional spending.

Netanyahu Claims Putin Ok’d Attacks on Syrian Army

  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Israeli forces will continue airstrikes in Syria if they...

Putin ducks Turkish breach of Syrian sovereignty

Jim W. Dean - Putin and Erdogan do their dirty dance in Moscow, trumpeting their cooperation on Syria, despite Erdogan having already violated the Tripartite's published pledge to respect Syria's sovereign integrity.

Media and CIA v Trump

The reasons are not hard to find: always follow the money.

US ‘not in a position right now to collaborate’ with Russia...

Jim W. Dean - The word-dancing begins with the Russian engagement, where the Trump has to play tough to hold Congressional hawks in line, while going through the process of finding safe steps to take.

Exclusive: Trump, Netanyahu Used Flynn to “Catfish” Putin

General Flynn had to be gone when Netanyahu came to Washington, that was predetermined. No National Security Advisor serving the American people could sit silently while Trump and Netanyahu announced to the world that the US now supported a fully apartheid police state in Israel, with 7 million Palestinians.

Putin predicted ‘Uncontained Hyper Use of Military Force’ by NATO a...

Jim W. Dean - If Trump keeps this "rule by executive order" binge going, he could become the most sued president in history during their first 100 days.

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