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NEO: Will Israel Be on the Table at the Trump-Putin Summit

Israeli planes, operating out of bases inside Saudi Arabia and Jordan, have been bombing Syria and the Houthi regions of Yemen using “roundabout” routes to evade air defenses.

NEO – Can the Russia-EU manufactured conflict be fixed before it...

Jim W. Dean - Seth Ferris has an established record of not fearing to dive into writing about very complex historical geopolitical material. He brings us a prime example of that today.

UK Independent: In Middle East, Putin has a lot to thank...

The desert around Deir ez-Zour remains a dangerous place, where the Americans and Russians play an extremely risky game of war. Putin still suspects the Americans helped the artillery guidance of a mortar battery which killed lieutenant general Valery Asapov.

Heaven forbid – US meddling in Russian elections

We could never understand at VT why the Moscow went through all the endless election meddling pummeling here and was keeping mum on the long history of US election meddling.

Is Russia becoming the Free Trade forum for the Universe?

Some high stakes geopolitical poker has been going on at the Saint Petersburg Forum, where once again Putin is holding the stage as ground zero for free trade and a multi-polar world.

NEO – The Simple Truth of Vladimir Putin’s Diabolical Plan

Phil Butler brings us something today that we need from time to time on these long running stories with endless twists and turns.

NEO – Witnessing Vladimir Putin: Emperor of Patience

Jim W. Dean - American media has become the New Pravda from the Soviet Days where it serves the party line, maybe not at the 99% level, but enough to say it no longer represents what the Founding Fathers fought for

New Russian Missiles: West makes Putin sick

Russia and the West relationship continues path towards failure

Operation Beluga – The Plot to Demonise Putin

Ian Greenhalgh - Despite giving this story immense amounts of air time, the media have completely failed to apply even the most rudimentary standards of journalism.

Putin: US political system “eating itself up”

...by Jonas E. Alexis Putin should be credited with making a positive difference in the political landscape. Granted, he does have his shortcomings, as we...

If In Doubt, Blame Putin

by Ian Greenhalgh In the strangest story of recent weeks, Sergei Skripal, a former colonel of Russia's GRU military intelligence service lies in a hospital...

Putin and Assad will extricate mischievous spirits from Syria   

  Nahed Al-Husaini VT Bureau Chief – Damascus                Putin takes the rampant bull by the horns               President Vladimir Putin is disgusted beyond endurance at US...

NEO – Putin’s Assassin Nuke: a bad-guy hunter by any other...

“Confirm that everything I said is no bluff, send into retirement those stuck in the past and incapable of looking to the future, [and] stop rocking the boat that we all ride in, called planet Earth.” – Putin: Checkmating Rothschild psychopathic arms merchants.

Russia not going to engage in Arms Race – Kremlin

Anyone who has been following geopolitics knows how the US decided to trash the US START treaty, and Mr. Nobel Peace Prize had no problem jumping aboard, as he did with NATO moving toward the Russian border.

Breaking Story: Putin Says New US Policy will Lead to Russian...

Gordon Duff - This is Trump, meaning "Netanyahu" and his gangster partners, putting the lives of Americans and perhaps the world on the "chopping block." 

Putin: Shelling from E. Ghouta which hit Russian embassy in Syria...

These are US backed and armed mercenaries, part of Trumps "Wag the Dog" to save first Kushner and then himself, two puppets of the RKM/Israeli mob, from prison.

Putin to Macron, Merkel: Syrian Truce Doesn’t Apply to Anti-Terror Ops

... from Sputnik News, Moscow * - First published ... February 25, 2018 - In the wake of the adoption of a UN resolution establishing a...

Munich gathering descends into Russia-bashing nonsense & warmongering

Jim W. Dean - Russia-bashing got top billing at the Munich 2018 Conference, with Iran and China in the line up. But Western coverage omitted Putin's famous 2007 conference talk on NATO advancing East.

Russia’s Putin, Saudi King Salman discuss Syria, Qatar

Jim W. Dean - Missing in the phone conversation review was any mention of Russia and China teaming up to buy a chunk of the ARAMCO offering, possibly a $100 billion deal.

Turkey’s Attempts to Humiliate Putin their Biggest Risk, Duff on Press...

For viewers, this was done while staining woodwork at my home in Saugetuck, Michigan.  No, I don't have leprosy, not yet anyway.g (AKA "Hansens...

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