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NEO: Russia, Turkey and Interesting New Balkan Geopolitics

In recent months, as Brussels EU policies become more onerous, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria have turned their sights eastward to Russia and China and their growing infrastructure investments, while Russia has emerged as the world leader in export of nuclear technology, with over 60% of the global market.

“Muslim Rape Army of Murmansk”: Fake News, or Just Bullshit?

Racist urban legends - pure BS, lies, garbage peddled by sexually insecure white men - drove the lynch mobs of the American south. Today exactly the same lies are paving the way for anti-immigrant lynch mobs in Europe. Anyone spreading these lynch mob lies is a moral and intellectual cretin.

Qatari approach to refugees and security in the Middle East

According to Gulf Times, The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, called for a political settlement of the conflict in Syria, where millions of people had been forced to leave their homes.

In Defense of “Third World Country” Immigrants

The other day, a friend of mine complained to me about America’s need for “White immigrants” and that America needs "White" immigrants and not immigrants from “Third World countries”,

Exclusive:US Kills 143 Syrian Refugees in Major Escalation

Coalition F16s attacked the village of al Mansourah (Arabic Translation), hitting a building providing shelter for displaced persons from the Aleppo countryside, 143 civilians were killed and 250 seriously injured with as many as 500 more requiring treatment at the scene.

Economic Cost of Immigration

There are two fundamental flaws in the argument that migrants pay for themselves.

WTF Mr. Trump, Refugees are Victims, Often American Victims

Gordon Duff - the Syrians coming to the US are victims of American war crimes, we did it. These people are selected and chosen by us, they go through humiliating and unimaginable screening and Donnie Trump knows all of this.

Mafia increasingly targets refugees at Greek camps

Refugees in Greek camps are under increased risk of being engaged in prostitution, drug and human trafficking by Greek and Albanian mafia, says a...

IS about to Perish

After Obama's speech and emphasis on IS annihilation as well as European officials' approval of intensified military attacks, it can be concluded that all-out assault on IS terrorist group is an ace card for US Republican and Democratic parties.

Shadow boxing on EU-Turkey visa regime continues

Jim W. Dean - The visa regime battle between Turkey the EU and Greece is turning into a modern Iliad saga that is being dragged out into a full length movie, with Erdogan casting himself in the lead role as the defender of Turkish pride and honor.

Most refugees are young males lacking qualifications – German migration service

Three-quarters of refugees who entered Germany in 2015 are males, two thirds younger than 33 years old, with low working experience, a new study by the German national immigration service says

NEO – Is Macedonia up a Soros creek without a paddle?

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler takes us into the belly of the beast, as Macedonia finds itself in the crosshairs of the "Soros and gang" color revolution craze. Why is outside regime change not considered to be political terrorism?

Turkey repeats threat to flood Europe with refugees

__________ Georgi Gotev, Euractiv Turkey repeats threat to flood Europe with refugees An adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened that if the European Parliament votes...

Erdogan responds to Obama attacks on Press crackdown – by lying

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan finally responds to Obama's moves to distance the US from Erdogan's crackdown on Turkish opposition media. Incredibly he is just denying it, a bad move on his part.

Ankara Leveraging Syrian Refugees to Disenfranchise Kurds

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Turkey’s Kurdish lawmakers say the government’s decision to gradually grant citizenship to over 3 million Syrian refugees in the country’s...

Greece starts evacuation of 6,000 refugees from islands per EU deal

Jim W. Dean - Today we have Greece saying they will have the 6000 island refugees in temporary camps cleared out within a day, with the first ferry load of 2500 now on the way back to Turkey.

Turkish border guards shooting Syrian refugees ‘daily’ – Amnesty Intl

Turkish guards routinely shoot at Syrian refugees stranded at the border, a researcher at Amnesty International has told RT, adding that the number of people being shot has recently spiked. According to Andrew Gardner, these cases are far from being isolated.

Turkey wins the human trafficking contest with the EU – wants...

Jim W. Dean - Turkey wants to up the 3 billion Euros to 6, where services provided to the refugees there will pass only through Erdogan's party people, at prices to make them rich with no fear of an investigation, much less a prosecution.

Refugees in Europe; on the verge of humanitarian disaster

The Greece-Macedonian border witnessed a lugubrious scenes of a large influx of Iraqi and Syrian asylum-seekers.

EU to declare ‘Balkans route closed’ to refugees at Brussels summit...

Jim W. Dean - The EU has finally had to acknowledge the blowback for its support of the Western terror war take down on Syria, with the additional mistake of allowing a destabilizing flood of unscreened migrants into stressed member countries.

NEO: The Trojan Horse of Refugees in Europe

The refugee policy has turned into a real modern Trojan horse able to destroy the very foundations of Europe.

Interview – Germany moves to tighten asylum rules

Jim W. Dean - Germany's open immigration extravaganza has been an utter failure, with average German citizens being sacrificed in a new version of the Roman circus, an EU one that does not care for its people's security.

Notes on Refugees and Things

Europe simply doesn't have the economic wherewithal, not even Germany, to survive EU insanity and waste, a new neocon cold war and Turkey's manipulation of the staged refugee crisis.

Turkish Life Jackets Designed to Drown Refugees

A Turkish company was caught trying to sell to refugees faulty life vests made of material that becomes heavier when soaked and that would...

Press TV Debate: Dumbed-down West brainwashed into hating refugees

The United States has destroyed nation-states in the Middle Eastern and African countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan, but Washington refuses to shoulder its responsibility to the people who lost their countries as a result of the US foreign policy.

Irrational and Troubling: Don’t Blame Syrian Refugees for Paris Attacks

TEHRAN (FNA)- There is a key difference between people seeking placement in Europe as refugees and the thousands of home-grown terrorists who have gone...

Michigan Governor Snyder Goes Conspiracy Bonkers over Refugees

Ismael Basha, one of the backers of the Pontiac project, said of Syrian refugees that they ‘are the ones paying the price’ for...

UN Scam: Rotten Food, Expired Drugs for Syrian Refugees

Syrian Popular Forces: UN Sending Expired Food, Medical Aid for Fuaa, Kafraya TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian National Defense Forces disclosed that the food supplies sent by...

Drone captures thousands of refugees march in Slovenia (VIDEO)

Drone footage highlights the scale and drama of the long flow of Middle Eastern refugees from one camp to another, after crossing the Croatia-Slovenia border.

Syria Refugees Returning Home in Large Numbers

Syrian refugees have welcomed Russian airstrikes, and some may even be returning from abroad as the Syrian army advances alongside the Russian air operation.