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TRUTH JIHAD: Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: Zionism strikes out

Here is the first publication of Robert David Steele's brand-new article "Zionism in America: Seven Strikes & Counting," discussed in the second half of this show. (When Zionism goes down in flames, will persecuted activists like Brendon O'Connell, discussed in the first hour, get the recognition they deserve?)

Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: “Privatizing Covert Operations The Most Asinine, Unconstitutional...

"If this asinine, unconstitutional, unethical idea survives the week, the President will not recover."

TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele on “War in the Middle...

It is obvious to everyone that Israel and Goldman Sachs want war in the Middle East...

What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag?...

What are the odds that such a stunningly lethal shooting was done by just one guy – a proverbial "lone gunman" who ends up conveniently dead

If Trump does these ten things he’ll be the greatest president...

Is Trump a savior or a national disaster?

CNN’s Smerconish threatens Giuliani over “9/11 inside job”

Team Trump and its cheerleader and presumptive DHS Chief, Rudy Giuliani just got "9/11 was an inside job" rammed down their throats by a leading CNN political operator, Michael Smerconish.

FBI Orders All Orlando Records Withheld from Public

Why has the FBI ordered a total blackout on all official records pertaining to the Orlando shooting?

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Another False Flag?

It looks like another PR extravaganza by the Usual Suspects.

TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele says: Electoral reform could save this...

Here's a step-by-step recipe for the nonviolent revolution America needs.