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Easing of info war with West not in sight, battle for...

Jim W. Dean - Robert McNamara, during one his last interviews, spoke of the Cold War as really a being "Hot War", his attempt to have it viewed for what it really was.

NEO: RT and Sputnik -The Double-Reverse Ploy

Jim W. Dean - Putin came out publicly today criticizing the treatment that Trump has gotten from Obama, hardly playing it safe by laying low until after the inauguration.

The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum. Revised and Enlarged, Jan 30,...

___________ Hall's Update: The Duff/Dean version to confuse my essay's introduction is not consistent with Victoria Sharp's eyewitness testimony given to North West Liberty News http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/0/c/4/0c4f9aac5495dbf2/Victoria_Sharp_Testimony.mp3?c_id=10787763&expiration=1453944039&hwt=6478f9ba39fcaf39a394360fe027fad1 https://www.rt.com/usa/330365-oregon-lavoy-shooting-police/ by...

General Flynn spills beans on decision to let ISIS evolve –...

Jim W. Dean, We salute retired General Flynn for coming out of the closet on this and providing leadership for others to follow.

End of Japan’s pacifism? – Russia Today

The upper house of Japan's parliament has approved legislation permitting the Japanese military to fight overseas – something banned for 70 years since the end of WWII.

West crying for refugees with one eye aiming gun with other

Jim W. Dean - Assad gives a Putin like interview below...no hype or fluff, just plain language that anyone who wants to can understand.

The Battle for Sanaa – the tale of a resistance in...

Jim W. Dean - Catherine Skakdam makes an eloquent case for the final victory of the Yemenis, but I fear for what awaits them.

General Flynn spills beans on decision to let ISIS evolve –...

Jim W. Dean, We salute retired General Flynn for coming out of the closet on this and providing leadership for others to follow.

VT breaks German Wings crash on Rense Radio

Jim W. Dean..."Gordon Duff was able to catch the late evening show with Jeff Rense last night which date stamped VT as the first to get the co-pilot suicide story out."

MH17 Coverup Debate, Mossad Asset Caught

MH17 Coverup exposes another one...

Daniel Estulin, Scott Bennett: Why VT is the real deal

Real vs. fake counterterrorism analysts, real vs. fake alternative media, real vs. fake whistleblowers…the post-9/11 "whole new world" is a hall of mirrors.

Sheriff stands up to US Marshalls – Eddy County NM –...

Jim W. Dean..."Big corporations utilize the courts and appeal system for years to litigate a case and never do they get short-sheeted on their due process rights."

ICC opens inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza – RT

Jim W. Dean..."Israel is showing signs of panic with its huffing and puffing counter offensive against the ICC war crimes investigation announcement."

Human Rights Watch confirms Russia’s White Book reports on Ukrainian abuse

- Konstantin Dolgov - “Human Rights Watch clearly recognized that the Ukrainian military are using multiple-launch missile systems & banned weapons against civilians in Donbass.”

Donetsk Cmdrs. Press Interview on their Counterattack

- " As you watch the video of these two commanders, which I guarantee is worth your time, notice their demeanor...no brass, no show...no stage acting."

Panicking US government targets alternative media

Should big money control mass consciousness?

Political outburst of sacked RT anchor Wahl was staged

- According to TruthDig, Wahl’s outburst about allegedly propagandist policy of RT was well-staged by the Foreign Policy Initiative organization

On Abby Martin, Freedom and Tolerance

Martin’s statement means that Russia is far more respectful of freedom of speech and thought than our so called ‘Free West.’

Victoria Nuland on Ukraine – F–ck the EU!

- I want you all to say your prayers tonight, that this triggers a diplomatic phone call release war, so we get the civics lesson were never got

Murdering 9/11 truth

Caltech-educated physics professor Crockett Grabbe exposes the murders and attempted murders of 9/11 truth-seekers...including several attempts on his own life.

9/11/13 Million American March Ignites Media Firestorm!

Americans will gather in Washington, DC on 9/11/2013 to reject the post-9/11 politics of fear - and say to the government and media "you can't scare us any more."

Pentagon: F-35 Won’t Have a Chance in Real Combat

Fatal flaws within the cockpit of the US military’s most expensive fighter jet ever are causing further problems with the Pentagon’s dubious F-35 program.