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Ukraine: What the Corporate Press Refuses to Say

Ukraine has been part of Russia for centuries.

The New York Times on Ukraine: Vietnam Déjà Vu

It may be, as some allege, that the NYT has never met a war it did not want to get the U.S. involved in – or, once in, to escalate. However true that may be, I still cannot figure out why – why again.

Western Media continues to Ignore how Ukraine is Using NATO Weapons...

In the silence of Western media “On Monday, Ukraine slaughtered 16 civilians, including two children, with 155mm NATO shells”  the journalist Eva Karen Bartlett reported on Russia Today

The Referenda In Ukraine: A Historical Context

The Ukrainian War of Independence was a series of conflicts involving many adversaries that lasted from 1917 to 1921 and resulted in the establishment and development of a Ukrainian republic, most of which was later absorbed into the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of 1922–1991.

Was Bolshevik Revolution Largely a Jewish Movement? A Debate

"When Alexander Solzhenitsyn began work on a book called 200 Years Together, he was criticized for what touching this taboo issue. His own comments to the press didn’t help the matter, claiming two-thirds of the Cheka (secret police) in Ukraine were Jewish…."

UKRAINE WAR: Daily Actions and Analysis from Clandestine Cuban...

Somebody wake this guy up, his degree of insanity is harmful to the Ukrainian population. 

PUTIN SPEECH: On Expanding the War, “This is not a...

Putin speaks his nation and the world. This is quite serious

Brainwashed for War With Russia

Most Americans are just as taken in by the media as they were 20 years ago, when they were told there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They simply took it on faith. Nor did the guilty media express remorse – or a modicum of embarrassment.

Putin: Lessons From Childhood

Despite the repeated promises of the US, Germany, the UK and NATO that NATO would not move further east, NATO kept moving east. NATO kept encroaching, moving closer and closer to a Russia that had been explicitly left out of the European Union and now saw the US led military alliance devouring territory as it moved right up to its borders. Russia was being cornered.

Bait and Switch: How Russia handed Moscow to Napoleon 210 years...

The classic Western narrative is that Napoleon had to retreat because of the Russian winter, his forces beaten down by the harsh climate. The standard Russian view is that Napoleon was met by a different natural force – patriotism, which drove ordinary people to take up arms against the French invaders, complementing the efforts of the regular army.

Putin’s Address: West’s Anti-Russia Policies, Partial Mobilization & Referendums in...

Referendums on joining Russia will be held in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of eastern Ukraine on September 23-27 - events that will come as Russia continues its special military operation in Ukraine.

Russia Presents Evidence of US Ukraine-Based Military-Biological Activity to Geneva Convention

VT's Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio reports Russian military found bio laboratories in Ukraine

UKRAINE WAR UPDATE: Is Russia or Ukraine Winning?

Reports from the Fog: Cuban Military analyst on Ukraine and Donbas

Shmitah: The Year of Jewish Disasters. Energy Crisis is the New...

The decrease of buying power of citizens, so other sectors are going to suffer also… Energy Crisis is another 9/11!

The Mystery on the Zelensky Photo with Guard Sporting Nazi Insignia...

A picture of one of Zelensky's armed guards wearing an SS-style patchhas been quietly removed from all platforms.

Why Sergey Glazyev’s Memorial to the Legacy of Lyndon LaRouche Matters

VT's Matthew Ehret on Why Sergey Glazyev’s Memorial to the Legacy of LaRouche Matters to the World

Russia Warns Longer-Range US Weapons for Ukraine Would Cross a ‘Red...

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned the US against providing Ukraine with longer-range missiles, saying that doing so would cross a “red line” and make Washington a “party to the conflict.”

‘Samarkand Spirit’ to be driven by ‘responsible powers’ Russia and China

Yes, this is an Eurasian civilizational project for the 21st century and beyond. Under the aegis of the ‘Spirit of Samarkand.’

Europe, More Than Putin, Must Shoulder the Blame for the Energy...

Europe’s arrogant, self-righteous posturing over Russian gas supplies, divorced from any discernible geopolitical reality, reflects precisely the same foolhardy mindset that helped provoke Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in the first place.

“SARS 2003 and 2019 American Bioweapons”. Russian Genomic and Biological Experts...

Significant differences in lethality of coronavirus variants and the uneven spread of the virus suggest that it is an artificial creation, Chief of Russia’s Biological Protection Troops General Igor Kirillov said

US Grain Lobby against Poorest Countries. Cereal Exported from Ukraine didn’t...

US Grain Lobby against Poorest Countries. Cereal Exported from Ukraine didn’t Reach People who Need it. UN Commissioner Said

Can the US Legally and Politically Deny the Access to UN...

Can the US Legally and Politically Deny the Access to UN to the Russian Delegation without committing an Infringement?

“ISIS in Afghanistan”: US-Backed Terrorists Attack Russian Embassy

Who would want to blow up Russian embassies?

Cuban Military Analysis on the Ukrainian War

Jack Heart Reports from the Fog and asks questions about the Ukraine War

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, not Alexander Dugin, is “Putin’s brain” (Updated)

It is really entertaining when puppets and news media start saying that Alexander Dugin is “Putin’s brain.” 

Poking the Russian Bear

Have I missed something, or is our Government investing £billions of our money in a belligerent campaign against the world's largest country -- and in the process putting us all in harm's way -- without even a vote in Parliament?

Descendant of Ukrainian nazi collaborator mooted for NATO top job

The politician has paid tribute to Chomiak's legacy, despite knowing that he "was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper in occupied Poland that vilified Jews during the Second World War," according to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

How the West Brought War to Ukraine

It is rather that American policy makers have gone too far, and in doing so disregarded a fundamental fact; viz., that a friendly Ukraine is not a vital national interest for the United States, but it is one for Russia.

Dancing with the Politicians

Zelensky has reacted to criticism by shutting down opposition parties and media, assassinating dissident politicians and firing or imprisoning any other official who might be inclined to disagree with him.

How the War Is Choreographing Russia’s New Stance

Russia will turn toward the East and reinforce its relationships with China, India and other non-European nations who are unaligned with the US or who line up with a multipolar world not locked to American hegemony.

Putin’s Christian Vision

In 2014, Putin called for the restoration of Kremlin’s historic Chudov (“of the Miracle”) and Voznesensky (Ascension) monasteries both of which were destroyed by the Bolsheviks. He also wants another church destroyed by the Bolsheviks in the Kremlin to be rebuilt.

Russo-Ukrainian War (9)

The Ukrainian counter-offensive against in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions appears to have stalled, with heavy casualties.

Europe’s Coming Winter From Hell: Thanks for Your Sanctions War, Washington!

The fact is, Europe’s industrial sector is natural gas driven, exposing it to a devastating cost-price crunch owing to the region’s suicidal sanctions on Russia and the resulting collapse of Russian pipeline gas supplies.

Joe Biden’s Demand of ‘Unconditional Surrender’ to Russia Will Fail

The price of gratuitous self-righteousness is always high. Moscow will never again allow Washington and its allies to transform Eastern Ukraine into a launching pad for offensive military operations against Russia proper. Washington’s distorted view of the world and the realities of twenty-first century warfare will not alter Russia’s control of Eastern Ukraine.

Interference in Ukraine Turns into Nightmare for West

The decision to slap Russia with sanctions and effectively declare economic war on this key supplier of energy, foodstuffs, precious metals, etc, then provide weapons and know-how to Russia's enemy without a proper explanation or even a vote in Parliament, has spectacularly backfired in the UK

More Billions to Ukraine as America Falls Apart

The State Department and CIA thought it was a great victory to overthrow the elected government, but meanwhile the rest of us get the bill. No NATO and not one more penny for Ukraine!

“Russian Soldiers Poisoned in Ukraine with Chemical Weapons Prohibited”. Lethal Botulinum...

Russia is preparing official confirmation of tests taken from Russian troops hospitalized with signs of severe poisoning for sending to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

Sanctions war isn’t going as planned – The Economist

By Russia Today The harsh sanctions imposed on Russia by the West over the conflict in Ukraine have so far been unable to deliver the...

How Darya Dugina died and what it means for Russia

The attack immediately became a matter of national importance. Leaders of political parties and top Russian officials attended her funeral, while the president posthumously decorated her with a state award.

Who Killed Daria Dugina?

The American Conservative was explicitly created by Pat Buchanan and Taki as a nationalist foil to neoconservatism, but it too had been co-opted and was now being run by the opportunist Rod Dreher, whose main job was to insure that conservatism of whatever stripe didn’t threaten Jewish interests.