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Russia’s role in the global economic order has turned out to...

Industry experts have unanimously agreed that there is no substitute for Russian oil in the EU at the moment, as the volumes available on the market are limited.

Mainstream Media Grudgingly Admits Truth: Ukraine War Is A Disaster

One by one, the US mainstream media outlets are lining up to (finally) let a bit of truth leak out after three months of incessant propaganda: Ukraine is being destroyed in the war.

(Ukraine) Warmongers In Politics, Wolves In Pulpits

The money supposedly destined for Ukrainians ends up in the pockets of “non-profits and NGOs” that are often run by people close to the politicians in Washington

EU approves Russian oil compromise – pipeline deliveries but no tankers

Russian total oil and gas revenues are the same as before the current hostilities due to the higher prices on the world market.

NATO Would Probably Lose a War Against Russia

Defending NATO forces would be hit by an unimaginably savage artillery attack, with, through the dust, a huge force of attackers pushing on

UKRAINE BIOLABS: “Illicit Ebola and Smallpox researches run by US”. Alert...

The US researched Ebola and smallpox viruses in Ukraine, says Irina Yarovaya.

Ukraine’s biolabs riddled with corruption and neglect – Russia

Attempts to improve the biolabs’ safety have been hampered by rampant corruption, the official claimed, citing a report by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

The Danger of Worsening Relations With Both Russia and China

Unfortunately, no one in the Biden administration seems to be making the case that the policy of decoupling the United States from ties to China and trying to take on both Russia and China will be hugely expensive in terms of resources and appropriations.

Americans Are Increasingly Wary of US Efforts To Harm Russia Causing...

New poling results from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research indicate that Americans are increasingly wary of incurring economic costs in America due to efforts to inflict pain on Putin or, as the poll puts it, “sanctioning Russia.”

‘Russia not our enemy’ – US congressman

“I have no principle to follow but the path of peace and non-intervention. My grown children have known nothing except American war and intervention for naught.”

Ukraine War Report by Russian Command, May 26

Rocket troops and artillery hit 62 control points, 407 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 47 artillery and mortar units.

NY Times has abandoned the neocon demand for victory over Russia

The powers that rule us have used the New York Times to open a front against the neoconservatives who control US foreign policy.

George Soros calls for Vladimir Putin’s defeat

NWO Agent George Soros: Russia sending troops into Ukraine “may have been the beginning of the Third World War and our civilization may not survive it.”

No world policeman can stop freedom-loving nations – Putin

More and more countries in the world want and will pursue independent policy. No ‘world policeman’ can halt this natural global process. No one is that strong.

Russia to Score Major Victories in Donbass, Must Adapt to New...

Russia's special military operation continues to operate using the resources which had been allocated based upon a military capability that existed on 24 February. That military capability, that military reality has changed.

Henry Kissinger Says Ukraine Should Cede Territory to Russia to Achieve...

While there appears to be more people pushing for peace talks than before, President Biden just signed off on a new $40 billion aid package for Ukraine, signaling that Washington is in it for the long haul.

On international relations, the public is clueless, democracy fails

by Eric Zuesse Nothing is more important to the people in any nation than international relations, because that includes national security, peace, and war, and...

U.S. doesn’t want to protect Ukraine; it wants to defeat Russia

If the U.S. (and its allies) wanted to protect Ukraine, then it (they) would not be doing all it can to prolong Russia’s invasion and destruction of Ukraine. They would not be flooding Ukraine with their weapons to kill Russians. They would not be demanding that Ukraine fight on, which destroys Ukraine even more. But this is what they are doing.

DPR troops Protest Continuing Combat Duty after 40% Casualties and No...

The servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment are mentally and physically exhausted, which complicates the performance of combat missions.

Russia Will No Longer Depend on West, Deepen Trade Ties with...

"If they [the West] want to offer something in terms of resuming relations, then we will seriously consider whether we will need it or not."

Kissinger agrees with VT – Freeing Russian population in Ukraine avoids...

Jim W. Dean - The recklessness of some of these NATO countries is mindblogging.

Ukraine is not vital to US national security

In a statement justifying a recent vote to send another $40 billion in assistance to Ukraine, Republican Senator Ted Cruz argued the move was essential not only for the security of the US, but to ward off a Chinese attack on Taiwan as well.

NWO agents attempted to assassinate Vladimir Putin two months ago

Putin is still alive and well, which is to say that those people cannot take his life unless it is ordained from above.

Why do EU and NATO Countries have no Problem in Working...

Why does the British public continue to ignore this national decline in favour of Ukraine’s allegiance to neo-Nazism?

Mariupol Freed from the Zelensky’s Satanist Nazis (video). Putin Conquers the...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe VERSIONE IN ITALIANO Mariupol was liberated by the Nazis of the Azov Battalion which plays in the official...

Globalist Influence on Russia Weakens – Russian Parliament Considers Leaving WHO...

"Russia has withdrawn from the Council of Europe, and now it's turn to withdraw from the WTO and the WHO, which have neglected all their obligations toward our country."

Russia Sets Conditions to Ease Black Sea Blockade

Russian food and fertilizers must have unrestricted access to world markets without indirect impediments.

US Drawing Up Plans To Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet:...

The US is really trying to start World War III with Russia by planning to sink Russia's Black Sea Fleet. If they think that Russia isn't going to respond, then they've got another thing coming. 

Erdogan Says Turkey Won’t Drop Opposition to Sweden, Finland NATO Bids

Turkey is opposed to the Nordic countries joining NATO over their alleged support for the PKK, a Kurdish militant group Turkey and the US consider a terrorist organization. “NATO is a security alliance and we cannot accept terrorists to be in it,” Erdogan said.

Quo Vadis, Mother Russia?

In 230 years, the United States has never gone to war with Russia. Not with the Romanovs nor with the Stalinists, not with the Cold War Communists nor with the Putinists. US vital interests dictate that we maintain that tradition.

NATO Members at Odds Over Buildup in Eastern Europe

Since the beginning of the year, the US has deployed tens of thousands of troops to bolster its forces in Europe, including in Poland and the Baltic states, and US military leaders are eyeing a more permanent presence.

No More NATO Expansion

One day, the US will be called on to honor commitments that were carelessly made, and we will all come to regret that no one bothered to consider the costs.

The News Media’s Ukraine Whitewash Grows Worse

Official statements and press releases from Ukraine’s government also appear on Yahoo and other outlets, frequently without an acknowledgment that the accuracy of those accounts could not be confirmed.

McDonalds Leaves Russia—Russians Gain Four Years of Life Expectancy

"Expelling McDonalds from Russia will save millions of Russian lives and go a long way toward addressing our demographic deficit.”

Putin outlines position on looming NATO enlargement

Russia has no problems with these states, and in this sense, the (NATO) expansion through the accession of these countries does not create an immediate threat for Russia. But the expansion of military infrastructure into this territory will certainly provoke our response.

Neo-Conservatism is Alive and Well on Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Neocon maxim: "The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a threat to western democracy and America should be involved."

The War on the Sacred

Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones.

Are New World Order Agents seeking to assassinate Vladimir Putin?

Will NWO ever succeed in taking out Putin? Well, Putin’s fate is not in their hands.

NATO strategy is revealed – to fight to the last Ukrainian...

What was learned here that such crossings should never be attempted without recon assurances that enemy artillery cannot quickly bring them under bombardment.

CIA puppets expel Russian diplomats from Italy. Petition of Thousands of...

Petition of thousands of Italians against Weapons to Ukraine.