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Ex-DIA Gen. Flynn blames EU terror on political correctness and poor...

Jim W. Dean - We thank General Flynn for taking on some of the sacred cows of the terrorism problem, but we wish he had not given state-sponsored terrorism a free pass, because he was in a position to know all about it, an equal threat as ISIL.

Sarkozy: No Place for Turkey in EU, Russia More European

The prospect of Turkey joining the European Union makes no sense, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy said in an interview with iTele TV channel.

Minimum Wage Comparison, Russia and the World

Earlier this week, A Just Russia, a social-democratic political party, submitted a bill pushing for the introduction of hourly wages across Russia and suggested the minimum hourly wage should be 100 rubles ($1.4).

Russia Defense Report: Taking Turkey Down

Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson ____________ While Russia’s campaign in Syria which was waged mainly through air power and military advisers who left the...

Interview – Russia urges probe of abuse against Kurds in Turkey

Jim W. Dean - This is better late than never, but frankly the Russians should have been pushing Turkey on the Kurdish atrocities sooner, and the same goes for its relations with Qatar, the Saudis and the Israelis.

New Syrian opposition group accuses Saudi group of terror links

Jim W. Dean - The new Syrian opposition Hmeimim group has come out swinging, challenging the Saudi rump group for their affiliation with the terrorists and refusing to deal with them, and saying Assad and his supporters cannot be excluded from new elections.

Russian Warplanes Bomb Column of Terrorists Entering Syria from Turkey

Jim W. Dean - The joint Russian-Syrian bombing attack on a large supply column coming over from Turkey on the day Russia began its pullout is quite a story. We have only FARS news carrying it now.

Panic Reaches New Heights: ‘Russia, China Planning Space Attacks on US’

In a new campaign of budget-bolstering and fear-mongering, the Pentagon has warned of impending attacks on US satellites by Russia and China. "Adversaries are developing...

Interview – Russia has evidence of Turkish forces on Syrian soil

Jim W. Dean - Lavrov and the UN's de Mistura double-team Erdogan on the eve of the next Geneva talks to push for the Syrian Kurds being included in the talks, as they are 15% of the population and fighting the terrorist brigades.

Russia Defense Report: The Anti-Missile Shield

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal:...

Russia to show tough response to USA’s new nuclear bombs in...

Passing new US-made air bombs into service will lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons, director of the department for non-proliferation and control of arms at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Ulyanov, told the Kommersant newspaper.

It is going to be a long hot summer

WWIII has only just begun.

NEO – Winning the Right Upcoming War

Jim W. Dean - This is another of one Gordon's "How the world really works" articles. VT readers will notice the touch of anger and venting in it, but that is part of his brand, sincere concern and anger, which we are able to voice here.

Russia: Who is managing the US behind the scenes?

Although it seems that Russia doesn’t really care who will be the next president of the United States, because it doesn’t actually matter much, it is still very important who will replace Barack Obama.

Confidential NATO Report Praises Russia’s Superiority in Syria

Jim W. Dean - NATO and even Obama have publicly acknowledged the demonstrated military prowess of the Russia coalition in Syria, but left out was giving Iran or Hezbollah credit for fighting US-coalition state-sponsored terrorists there, or spotlighting the incredible irony.

Insanity: Davutoglu Tells Iran to Betray Syria, Turn on Russia

Michigan governor Rick Snyder has released thousands of emails over the past few weeks in response to urgent calls for answers on Flint’s water crisis.

‘Russia a major military’: President Obama backtracks on Moscow’s defense capabilities

Jim W. Dean - All of Moscow's requests to the US coalition to share ISIL targeting data for better air strike results have been denied. There cannot be a feasible reason given for this and the Pentagon does not offer one.

Armenia and Russia: a formidable military alliance

Jim W. Dean - We have an ex-State Dept. shill here having a Cold War flashback trying to sell us on how Russia having some rear area forces in Armenia is a "dagger pointed at the heart of NATO", one of the most ridiculous statements I have read in some time.

Russia Ask US to Explain Turkish Ceasefire Violations in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Sunday that a newly-liberated town in the Northern part of Raqqa near the border with Turkey has been heavily shelled by the Turkish army's artillery units.

Russia suspends all Syria airstrikes on armed groups included in ceasefire

Jim W. Dean - The guns are falling silent in many parts of Syria, a blessing for those who live in those areas where 97 opposition groups have signed onto the ceasefire.

Breedlove: Russia, Instability Threaten U.S., European Security Interests

By Lisa FerdinandoDoD News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, February 25, 2016 — Russia and instability on Europe's southern flank pose serious threats to U.S. and...

Russia Moves to Block Web Propagandist Sites

A group of Russian MPs have drafted a motion that, if passed, would introduce new operating rules for news aggregators on the internet, obliging them to verify any republished information and setting a 20 percent limit on foreign stakes in such companies.

Russia has 25% of global arms sales, second only to US

Jim W. Dean - Russia's competitive edge is based on an educational system where affirmation action is unknown, and produces a steady supply of highly-qualified technical people, so many that these people were themselves an export during the troubled 1990's.

Syria truce center launched at Khmeimim airbase, Russia hands over hotline...

Russian servicemen at the Hmeimim military base in Syria © Dmitriy Vinogradov / Sputnik A coordination center to reconcile the warring parties in Syria has...

Interview – Syrian govt. accepts US Russia ceasefire deal

Jim W. Dean - The US and Russia are dispatching the pre-conditions road blockers simply by giving them a deadline of noon on Friday on whether they are in the ceasefire, or are opting out and risk being put on the bombing violator list.

Unexpected: Turkey’s Attacks on Syrian Kurds ‘Bring Russia and US Closer’

Russia and the United States have taken a major step to resolving the Syrian conflict by reaching an agreement on cessation of hostilities between...

Cooked Goose: Turkey Won’t Last 6 Months Against Russia

NATO secretly votes to suspend Turkey's membership, tells her she is out as long as Erdogan is "in."

Has a major nuclear confrontation between Russia and NATO been thwarted?

Preston James - Sophisticated efforts to use proxy mercenaries sheep-dipped as ISIS appear to be failing because they have been exposed. VT has played a key role in this exposure. Can we all sleep a little better tonight?

Playing Catch-up: US Navy lags behind Russia, China by a Decade

Jim W. Dean - Advanced missile technology, especially hyper speed fuels, has been the obvious catch up tool for anyone outgunned by the fire power of the massive US military.

NEO – Erdogan’s Plan, Islamic Empire or Armageddon

Gordon Duff - Turkey was prepared to steal the NATO nuclear arsenal at Incirlik Air Base, 84 thermonuclear weapons. Israel, out of short sightedness, had upgraded Turkish F16s for service as nuclear bombers to use against Russia.

NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Ankara in Conflict With Russia

Jim W. Dean - Multiple hints have gone out to Erdogan that he cannot attack Syria and expect NATO to foot the bill. But is he listening, or even Obama?

Russia sends fighter jets to Armenia base near Turkey

Jim W. Dean - Col. Hanke reminded everybody today of the 190,000-man Russian force on full maneuvers in Southern Russia. Their exercise was moved up a few days due to the Turkish shelling of Syria.

Interview – Russia campaign forced West to accept Syria truce

Jim W. Dean - The good news is the UN aid trucks have been flowing, and this includes communities outside Damascus that have been held by jihadis for several years with their human shield hostages.

Russia to initiate UN Security Council meeting over Turkey’s plans to...

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova A UN Security Council meeting is to be called at Russia's request on Friday to discuss Ankara's plans for...

UN’s de Mistura blinks on no preconditions requirement for talks

Jim W. Dean - As I had editorialized on the front end of the talks, several of the main players were only interested in participating as a platform to make demands to get what they have been using their terrorist proxies for, but were now losing.

US Asks Russia Not to Target American Special Forces in Syria

Gordon Duff - Turkey is making these YPG terrorism claims to justify its building a defacto security zone inside Syria, which in effect will not only be a forward staging area for supplies to its terrorist groups but also a no fly zone protective umbrella for them.

Is Russia Arming the Taliban?

U.S. Congress Washington D.C. Dear Honorable Congresspersons: I strongly believe the proposed four-way talks, which are to be held in Pakistan in January, 2016 regarding peace in...

NEO – Washington’s Machiavellian Game in Syria

F. William Engdahl - The world’s most powerful Superpower did not come to that position of power without extraordinary skills, cunning, a remarkable ability to lie convincingly, to deceive, to very precisely manipulate the weaknesses of their opponents.

Russia Defense Report: 1st Guards Tank Army

In order to ensure battlefield superiority over NATO forces, divisions and brigades of the 1st Guards Tank Army will be the first to receive the new Armata, Kurganets, and Bumerang vehicles once they enter production.

Russia Has Just Deployed Its Most Advanced Spyplane to Syria

The Tu-214R is a Russian ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) aircraft. In other words, a quite advanced spyplane.