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NEO – Oil Wars…Pop! Goes the Weasel

Engdhal..."The collapse of the domestic USA shale industry, which I predicted last year to become manifest sometime in the first quarter of 2015, is already visible."

NATO seeks to portray Russia as threat to Europe: Analyst

Jim W. Dean..."The NATO movement eastward is just that...taking more ground to influence and control the political-economic situation in the countries involved."

NEO – Rewriting and falsifying history Polish-style

Jim W. Dean..."Seth Ferris takes on a two headed monster, the evolving Holocaust story plus Polish politics at the same time, and I will, also."

War With Russia Begins for US

American military contractors lead offensive against Donetsk

Western treachery supports Kiev’s new offensive – Press TV

Jim W. Dean..."Kiev, as expected by many, used this last ceasefire as it has all of those before it, to regroup and prepare its troops for the next offensive."

Countering the NATO propaganda on Russia (I)

Claim: NATO has a Cold War mentality

NEO – China’s Global Political Shift

Jim W. Dean..."The continuing economic fratricide in the West has caused China to look for more stable long term partners among its neighbors. Peking seems to have chosen them all."

M.I. Bhat – Europe’s 9-11, ISIS and Russia

Jim W. Dean..."The race between the Zionists and now the Hollande government as to who can debase themselves the most, seems to be an even tie."

NEO – China is Ready to Support Russia

Jim W. Dean..."We welcome our first article on VT from Dmitry Mosyakov, compliments of our partnership with New Eastern Outlook in Moscow

NEO – Soros as Kiev’s Central Banker and Ridiculous US Laws

Jim W. Dean..."Ukraine could really be used for a knockoff comedy showcasing what happens when you put the three stooges, the US, EU, and NATO working together on a regime change."

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