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Russia Announces Ceasefire around Steel Plant in Ukraine’s Mariupol to allow...

Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced a ceasefire around the giant fortress-like Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine’s port city of Mariupol to allow a civilian evacuation from the flashpoint industrial area, almost a week after Moscow said it had fully seized the city.

Was Fire at Russia’s Military Research Institute Instigated by Ukraine?

Reportedly, scores of covert operatives of the SBU, Ukraine’s notorious intelligence agency, have infiltrated into Russia disguised as refugees.

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine April...

During the second phase of the special operation, Russian armed forces plan to establish full control over Donbas and southern Ukraine, to provide a corridor to Crimea. And Ukrainian saboteurs detained.

Russian special operation in Ukraine. Online streaming. Day 56

Key events, news, statements April 20.

Russian MOD Briefing, Morning of April 20, 2022

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.A missile strike in the areas of Novovorontsovka and Kislevka, took out up to 40 Ukrainian troops, and seven units of military equipment.

War In Ukraine Day 55: ‘Tactical Pause’ Ended. Russian Forces Gain...

SouthFront: On April 18, the AFU General Staff claimed the beginning of the second phase of the Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

Top official explains why Russia hasn’t run out of precision missiles...

Russia's defense industry carried out extensive modernization for years, says the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the process.

Russian Missiles Destroy Ukrainian Military, Kiev Artillery Hits Russian Civilians

SouthFront: On April 19, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov confirmed that the new stage of the Russian military operation in Ukraine aimed at the complete liberation of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics had begun. Ukrainian forces resumed shelling on the Russian border regions.

War In Ukraine Day 54: Russian Major Offensive In Donbass Began...

Hostilities have significantly increased, and Russian missile strikes are pounding the territory of Ukraine. Some report that the northern part of the Mariupol industrial plant is under the DPR control.

Ukraine plans ‘monstrous’ provocation – Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that Kiev, with Western backing, is planning to shell churches, during Orthodox Easter celebrations in southern and eastern Ukraine, and then pin the blame on Moscow.

Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation April...

For the sake of saving Baranyuk and several other senior officers, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to send almost 1500 marines to certain death. This is the cynicism of this operation. Most of the Ukrainian military who broke through survived only thanks to the excellent work of Russian intelligence.

War In Ukraine Day 53: Final Stage Of Mop Up Operation...

The DPR and Russian forces have taken control of the Mariupol seaport and the Ilyich plant. The crews of foreign ships that were blocked by Ukrainian nationalists are completely evacuated from the seaport. In the Left-Bank district of Mariupol, fighting continues, but almost everything except the 6th microdistrict, is under Russian control.

Christoforou: Russia offers Azovstal final chance to surrender. ‘Foreign fighter’ trials...

The Russian Defense Ministry has called on the remaining Ukrainian forces, besieged at a steel plant in Mariupol, to lay down their arms, offering guarantees of life and safety, if they accept the proposal and halt all hostilities starting Sunday morning.

Blockbuster/Exclusive: Russia, ‘We were just joking before…’

Forcing Ukraine to peace was initially the strongest calculation of our leadership, but the appropriate conclusions were drawn and the military doctrine was completely changed. As a result, this is no longer a special operation, but a full-scale war.

Russian MOD Briefing for the Evening of April 16, 2022

The Russian Armed Forces continue a special military operation in Ukraine. As a result of the strikes, more than 320 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and wounded, 23 armoured vehicles and seven vehicles of various purposes were destroyed.

Dramatic First Footage from the Captured Illich Metallurgical Plant

On April 15, the joint Russian and DPR troops claimed another victory. The Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that Russian and DPR troops took control over the Illich Iron and Steel Plant in the city of Mariupol, which was one of the main hotspots of AFU resistance in the city.

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

High precision long-range air launched weapons destroyed the production buildings of the armored plant in Kyiv and the workshop for the repair of military equipment in Nikolaev.

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

Today’s night and day are very hot. We are advancing. Only here you really understand what it was like for our grandfathers and great-grandfathers during the Second World War.

Putin’s Scuttled Peace Initiative: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

“I often get these questions, can’t we hurry it up?’ We can. But it depends on the intensity of hostilities and the intensity of hostilities is directly related to casualties,” said President Putin.

History: What are we looking for in Ukraine?

A nation that does not know its past has no future.

RF-MOD: In case of continued shelling of Russian territory, strikes will...

The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that the number of sabotage and shelling against Russian targets has increased, which will lead to a tough response if this trend continues. Attacks will be made on decision making centers, including in Kyiv, which the Russia has refrained from doing.

April 13: Russians Capture Ukrainian Chemical Weapons

The Russian military found a drone with liquid containers and sprayers on the territory of one of the military units abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, RT reports. “Presumably, these aircraft could be used to spray poisonous substances to harm both the Russian Armed Forces and the civilian population and farmland,” one of the servicemen told RT.

Military Developments In Luhansk People’s Republic

"In the Luhansk direction, the trap around Severodonetsk is gradually shrinking. The control zone of LPR forces has expanded on the southern outskirts of...

April11 Closing Report: 401 Deaths UKR/30 Rus, Total Thus Far 32,334...

Briefing by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov April 11, 2022.

Top Neo-Nazi commander killed in Ukraine – Russia

Taras Bobanich, a senior figure in the Right Sector group, was killed by Russian commandos, the Russian defense ministry said.

Ukraine’s Main Defensive Line Near Kharkov Falls

Tank crews of the T-72B3-M defeated the enemy’s tank and anti-tank defense lines and took control of the village of Kamenka south of Izyum, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Ukraine War: Special Operation of the Russian Armed Forces and...

On Sunday, April 10, Caliber high-precision sea-based missiles on the southern outskirts of the city of DNEPROPETROVSK destroyed equipment of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile division, which was supplied to the Kiev regime of one of the European countries, hidden in a hangar.

Ukraine War Today: Special operation of the Russian Federation Armed...

During the night in the village of ZVONETSKOYE, Dnepropetrovsk region, high-precision sea-based missiles destroyed the headquarters and base of the nationalist battalion “Dnepr”, where reinforcements from foreign mercenaries arrived the other day.

Sitrep: Operation Z

Igor Konashenkov confirms that significant numbers of [NATO instructors] and foreign fighters are known to be in Mariupol because Russia can hear them crying in 6 different languages in intercepted radio calls.

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

The Kiev regime does not leave attempts to evacuate the leaders of the nationalist regiment “Azov” and foreign mercenaries from Mariupol. Previous actions to remove them by air by helicopters failed.

NATO Fails to Ship Evacuation of their ‘Military Advisors”‘ …Russians ‘Send...

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about another unsuccessful attempt for the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to save the commanders of the Ukrainian Nazis and foreign mercenaries.

Kramatorsk: Intelligence can establish who pressed the “Start” button on the...

Russia has the technical ability to determine where the train station strike came from, and “intelligence will tell who pressed this start button.” The Ministry of Defense has already established that the strike was carried out by a missile division of the Ukrainian armed forces from the area of ​​​​the settlement of Dobropolye, 45 kilometers southwest of the Kramatorsk.

Day 44: Military Developments (Comprehensive)

Despite fierce resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their heavily fortified positions in the region, the DPR, LPR Armies supported by Russian forces continue to slowly advance in different directions, claiming victories on a daily basis. On April 7, the Russian MoD said that units of the Russian armed forces blockaded the town of Ugledar, where the mop-up operation was launched.

The Battle for Mariupol is Heating Up

As of April 7, out of 14 000 soldiers of the AFU, including servicemen of the Azov regiment, besieged in Mariupol a month ago, around three thousand are still fighting. The center of the city and almost all administrative buildings have come under the control of Russian and DPR troops.

Kramatorsk: Ukrainian Claims of Russian ‘Missile Attack’ on Railway Station Provocation

Sputnik: Ukraine’s military hit the train station from Dobropilya settlement, located 45 kilometers away with Tochka-U ballistic missiles, said the Russian MoD, and the purpose of Kiev’s attack on the Kramatorsk railway station was to disrupt mass evacuation of the human shield residents.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced destruction of Training Center for...

According to the official representative of the military department, Igor Konashenkov, on the evening of Monday, April 4, a long-range sea-based cruise missile attack destroyed the Training Center for Ukrainian Special Operations Forces near the city of Ochakiv, which was used for basing foreign mercenaries.

Ukraine: Calm Before the Storm

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Kiev’s information about the mass killings in Bucha was not true, and that the footage was staged.

Proofs: Ukrainian Biowarfare Labs Traced

The lies and complete lack of transparency on the military-operated biolabs invite suspicion and concern.

Bucha: Lavrov Says False-Flag Op Was Conducted in Town Outside Kiev...

Sergei Lavrov recalled that Russian troops completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30, and on March 31 the mayor of the city solemnly said that everything was in order. However, Kiev is making different claims.

Bucha Bull: Russia goes to UNSC over NATO’s Faked War Crimes

Who is goint to investigate NATO's possible involvement in fake war propaganda after its demonstrated love for any report coming out of Kiev that will create military support?