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Day 60: US leaders on first wartime visit to Kiev with...

Zelensky gave little detail about logistics of his meeting with Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin, but said he expected concrete results.

Christoforou: Tactical nuke talk projection

Tactical nuke talk projection. Poland's "Stop Russia Now!" campaign. Green US Military.

Covert Warfare: How NATO’s Defense Contractors Assisted Ukraine in War?

In addition to British SAS units, and United States special forces, and covert CIA operatives, approximately 6,824 “foreign mercenaries” from 63 countries came to Ukraine to fight for the Zelensky government, per the Russian Defence Ministry.

Sitrep: Urgent Briefing from the Russian Mod re new provocations

The Russian Ministry of Defence possesses information about potential provocations by the United States in order to accuse Russia of using chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons.

U.S. Media Are Lying About Russian Atrocities in Mariupol, Says Embedded...

The Western mainstream media ignored the Ukrainian army assaults on the people of Eastern Ukraine, who were forced to survive in underground bunkers, and act as if the war started in February, when it actually started in 2014 as a war by the Ukrainian government against its own people.

Sitrep: Operation Z, April 22, 2022

Mariupol proper is liberated, with the exception of the industrial complex of Azovstal. However, there are still upwards of 2000 highly trained, fanatical Azov militants and marine remnants of the 36th Brigade holed up in the factory.

It becomes clear how the events in Kazakhstan and Ukraine were...

NATO and the West's hope was that Putin would succumb to temptation and send military to Kazakhstan, and tie up Russian troops, while Ukrainian troops would strike at Donbas. Putin did not bite.

Tulsi Gabbard Gives Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann One Week to Retract...

“When influential people make baseless accusations of treason in order to silence those who speak the truth, it has a chilling effect on our democracy, and cannot go unchecked,” Tulsi.

Biden is surrounded by a band of rogues who want to...

Press TV: A former CIA officer has said that the administration of US President Joe Biden is surrounded "by a band of rogues" who plan to destroy Russia by calling President Vladimir Putin names.

Ukraine: Do Not Seek Protection from the Gestapo

Great Britain wants to revive the Galician-Bandera ideology, and its special services skillfully exploit the parallels between the post-WWII (1944-1953) resistance in the Baltic countries and the OUN-UPA, which is banned in Russia. London, as you know, supported both, and harbors plans to revive the “Nazi belt” in exchange for their guarantees of military security for Poland and the Baltic states.

Kherson Region in the South of Ukraine on its Way to...

Russian troops took control over the city of Kherson on March 2 almost without street fighting. The city is currently preparing to rebuild and to reopen factories. Companies will continue to work in Kherson.

Biden bans Russian-linked ships from US ports

Biden bans Russian-linked ships from US ports and US sends Ukraine new $800 million military aid package and speeding up immigration for Ukrainians to the US.

Who and what sank the Moskva

An alternative to official mainstream version on the sinking of Russian cruiser Moskva: a covert attack. It never happened. We were never there!

Sitrep: Operation Z, April 20, 2022

Let’s start with the obvious, that all bells are sounding regarding the start of the much awaited ‘Phase 2’ of the SMO.

George Soros: From all his projects, he is “most proud” of...

George Soros has never hidden that “his main enemy is sitting in Moscow”: “I believe that European society does not react to Russia sharply enough. That’s why I’m trying to explain what kind of danger it really poses.”

Why does Russia Pursue an ‘Economy of Force’ operational battlefield strategy?

Kiev’s Western allies have been working nonstop to bolster the air defense capabilities of Ukrainian forces.

Slovakia Delivered MiG-29s to Ukraine in Operation Overseen by Pentagon

The Pentagon announced Tuesday Ukraine’s military had received additional aircraft as well as parts for repairs to get damaged aircraft flying again.

China: Kyiv has already lost

Why the Celestial Empire, in spite of America, sided with Russia in a special operation.

Legal Argument for Russia ‘Keeping’ Ukraine

Until a significant war pushes all states to reorganise themselves and sit around the table to agree to abide by the rule of law, the jungle’s law will remain dominant.

Ukraine plans ‘monstrous’ provocation – Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that Kiev, with Western backing, is planning to shell churches, during Orthodox Easter celebrations in southern and eastern Ukraine, and then pin the blame on Moscow.

Lugansk Governor Announces Spring Offensive Against Zelensky Regime

Columns of the Russian Army are drawn into the LPR under the cover of combat helicopters. On the way, their fighters are not averse to stopping to greet the locals or share army rations with those in need.

America Escalates its War Against Russia

In this World War III of NATO against Russia; Ukraine is enormously boosting the profits of U.S. and allies' defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons seller.

The Lies…and the Eyes of Ukraine

SouthFront: The realities of this war, as I expected before arriving two weeks ago, have been slowly found on the faces, in the voices and deep in the penetrating eyes of those affected by it.

Briefing in German/Deutsch: NATO’s War on Russia (1hr 30m)

Commentary in German on The West's war on Russia.

US Tells Kiev to Withdraw/Surrender before Russia Destroys its Massive ‘Eastern’...

SVPressa: Insiders who are part of the office of President (OP) Zelensky report that in the very near future – within two days – the battle of the Donbas Bulge will begin, which will determine the outcome of the special operation.

Special operation of the RF Armed Forces and events in Ukraine...

During the night, army aviation hit four accumulations of manpower and equipment, as well as a convoy of equipment on the march. At the same time, more than 50 Ukrainian servicemen, seven infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers and 14 armored vehicles were destroyed.

The Real ‘Reset:’ Russia Outlines the Inevitability of a Nuclear War...

Draining the Swamp: Russia promises that before one NATO solider crosses the Russian border, the temperature in Washington, London, Los Angeles and Berlin will read 10,000 "in the shade."  

Easter: Orion, Combat Missions in Ukraine

SouthFront: The video footage showing the work of Russia’s “Inokhodets” (also known as “Orion”) unmanned combat aerial vehicles during the military operation in Ukraine.

Christoforou: Russia offers Azovstal final chance to surrender. ‘Foreign fighter’ trials...

The Russian Defense Ministry has called on the remaining Ukrainian forces, besieged at a steel plant in Mariupol, to lay down their arms, offering guarantees of life and safety, if they accept the proposal and halt all hostilities starting Sunday morning.

Blockbuster/Exclusive: Russia, ‘We were just joking before…’

Forcing Ukraine to peace was initially the strongest calculation of our leadership, but the appropriate conclusions were drawn and the military doctrine was completely changed. As a result, this is no longer a special operation, but a full-scale war.

Russian MOD Briefing for the Evening of April 16, 2022

The Russian Armed Forces continue a special military operation in Ukraine. As a result of the strikes, more than 320 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and wounded, 23 armoured vehicles and seven vehicles of various purposes were destroyed.

NATO’s ‘Weapons for Peace’ Program and Russia’s Diplomatic Demarche

Russia’s concerns about massive supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime,” was forwarded to the State Department by the Russian Embassy in Washington, in which Russia accused NATO of trying to “pressure Ukraine to abandon peace negotiations in order to continue the bloodshed."

Today’s Censored Videos, April 6

Russia promises to deploy nukes in Kaliningrad if Sweden and Finland join NATO. And, thankfully, people leave basements in Mariupol.

Dramatic First Footage from the Captured Illich Metallurgical Plant

On April 15, the joint Russian and DPR troops claimed another victory. The Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that Russian and DPR troops took control over the Illich Iron and Steel Plant in the city of Mariupol, which was one of the main hotspots of AFU resistance in the city.

War in Ukraine Day 50

While the armies of Ukraine and Russia are preparing for the upcoming battle for Donbas, the United States, mainly via European forces is increasing arms shipments to the neo nazi regime.

Russia first used long-range bombers to strike at the Nazis in...

The speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Motuzyanyk said that for the first time since the beginning of the special operation, Russia used long range bombers for a strike.

New Censored Videos April 15

Footage concerning the Russo-United States warzone in Ukraine, 2022

FLASH! Broken Arrow, Moskva (Classified)

We are under a Broken Arrow alert (extreme radiation danger for entire Black Sea region/Northern Turkey/Bosporus).

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

Today’s night and day are very hot. We are advancing. Only here you really understand what it was like for our grandfathers and great-grandfathers during the Second World War.

Ramzan Kadyrov: From a regional leader to the main “foot soldier”...

The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has been playing an important role in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine as a key source regarding the events on the ground, sharing multiple videos and messages on his Telegram account.