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Turkey is missing its Northeastern Syria combat operation window

Jim W. Dean - Assad has shown throughout the war to be careful about exposing his army to a bad defeat because maintaining good morale is critical to the survival of the country.

NEO – The SAA Deir-Ezzor Euphrates River Battle: a Tactical Review

I happened to catch this article on NEO today by surprise, a bit concerned at first because it was from years ago.

SAA finds Jihadi gas attack location in Idlib

Jim W. Dean - Once again, Western media saw no need to cover this story, adding to their list of shame and disgrace.

See-Saw battle continues for Syria’s Idlib province

Jim W. Dean - As Southfront notes below, Erdogan's plan seems to be to try control as much of Idlib as possible before the the meeting with Erdogan next week.

SAA clearing S. Idlib to shorten front line with Turkey

Erdogan is walking a tightrope trying to run a Turkey with its economy in the toilet while involving the country in multiple foreign wars.

Turkish armor supports Jihadi attack on Syrian forces at Nayrab –...

Jim W. Dean - I just saw a video with some "light" air ordinance dropped on a four gun rapid firing Turkish howitzer battery in a perfect pattern, to suggest they stop firing, and they did, immediately.

Vital: Russia’s Gen. Konashenkov ‘schools’ Pompeo (new video/updated)

Jim W. Dean - The US backed jihadis have broken so many ceasefires it would take a Phd. dissertation effort just to compile them all.

SAA and SDF repel Turkisk attack on key Ayn-Issa M4 highway

Jim W. Dean - Turkey continues to attack SDF and SAA lines in N Syria to test their response, and so far the Russians have been quiet about these probes, and not used their air power to discourage Turkish advances.

SAA deploying artillery bases to engage new Turkish attacks in N....

Jim W. Dean - As VT has been saying, at the end of the day it is the major criminal orgs against us all, and sadly our government institutions seem to be their favorite tools.

SAA consolidating security control over northern Syria

Jim W. Dean - Having refugees return to places with no infrastructure or jobs is a dead-on-arrival program, which is exactly what the US coalition wants, so they will then be "anti-Assad". Welcome to the fake US spreading of freedom and democracy.

Russia armor arrives at Tartous for Syrian offensive

Jim W. Dean - The Kurds are only 30% of the population in Northern Syria, and their playing local henchmen for the US over the other 70% of the population is a crime, which the MSM has not covered.

SAA and SDF counter attacking Turkish militias on M-4 Hwy

Jim W. Dean - These combined Syrian units are attacking west to push the Turkish militias away from their M-4 highway blocking position, as the road needs to be cleared.

Syrian War situation report, 10-15-19

Jim W. Dean - After a week of war since Turkey began its incursion into Syria, growing international forces are coordinating opposing Erdogan's move, both on the ground militarily, via sanctions on Ankara, and political pressure.

Syria combat situation report – August 30, 2019

Jim W. Dean - All sides will be focused on gaining the upper hand on the battlefield prior to the Turkish hosted peace conference coming up mid September.

Terrorist-supporting Erdogan tries to play the victim now

... from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... August 26, 2019 - The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin is equally concerned about attacks by...

Hama pocket liberated

This campaign had more of a news blackout than we are accustomed to seeing, partly for operational security and to keep the jihadis guessing about where the SAA's main advance and next attack was going to be.

Khan Shaykhun battle aftermath

Jim W. Dean - So far there have been no real international calls to discuss the proper punishment for those behind the fake war on terror.

Syrian Army NW flanking advance on Khan Shaykhun: Good video

The shots at dusk show you how close the lines are at times, with the Syrian and Russian air forces bombing ahead of moving columns, and a lot of 20mm guns engaging enemy positions plotted on the SAA combat maps.

Syria – Tiger forces storming Abedin and Madaya in southern Idlib

Jim W. Dean - This current flanking move to the east and west of Khan Shaykhun is designed to pressure the jihadis to pull out of Southern Idlib, while they can still retreat in good order.

Syria counters Turkish moves in the north with attack on S....

We saw clues to this move with the high number of bombing sorties flown by the SAA and Russia against troop and supply concentrations in Idlib.