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Sputnik/Duff: What’s Wrong With US Sanctions Against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps

Washington’s plan to impose new sanctions against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will have far-reaching consequences and will be negative for fighting terrorism, Gordon Duff, a political commentator and intelligence analyst, told Sputnik.

Iran urges Europe to defy US if Trump abandons nuclear deal

Jim W. Dean - The last thing the EU wants, on top of the multi-year destabilization of Britain's Brexit, is to have the Iranian nuclear deal blow up in its face, where the US sanctions would try to kill all the much needed business that EU companies want to do in Iran.

President Tweet goes nuts on China trade – No one is...

Jim W. Dean - Trump took to Twitter once again to play the twit. He threatened to stop trade with all those doing business with North Korea - an economic act of war not only on China, but the American people.

The Debate – Iran Defense Doctrine

Jim W. Dean - The hidden story in Iran's careful response to new US sanctions was its stepping out front and center with charging the US with supporting state-sponsored terrorism, something long overdue.

Russia buys tons of gold in response to Western sanctions

Russia continues buying large quantities of gold. In July, Russia's Central Bank purchased 9.1 tons of gold. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, because of new US sanctions, Russia is forced to start developing a system, within which the dollar will not be needed.

US Sanctions Bill: How Trump Administration Misread Russia

Washington continues to misread Moscow, Russian economist Ivan Danilov writes for RIA Novosti. Instead of "bending to the will" of US policymakers, the Russian leadership clearly signals to Washington that it perceives the White House's assertiveness not as a sign of strength but as a sign of weakness.

UN, including Beijing., agrees tough sanctions on North Korea banning more...

The United Nations Security Council approved tough new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday including a ban on coal and other exports totaling more than US$1 billion — a huge bite in its total exports, valued at US$3 billion last year.

Will Europe rebel against U.S. sanctions?

While Trump is sometimes accused of abandoning the trans-Atlantic alliance and scuttling the post-war order, the president now risks further damage to relations with many in Europe by targeting Russia with fresh sanctions.

‘Vast stupidity’: Oliver Stone slams ‘dumb’ US sanctions against Russia

I have never been sure what to make of Oliver Stone, a man who likes to portray himself as an opponent of the elite, someone who is not afraid to delve into areas that might cause much embarrassment and annoyance among said elite.

Iran files complaint: US violating nuclear deal

Iran is holding up its end. The US isn't. Instead, Uncle Sam is switching his rationale for sanctions from "nuclear issues" to "rockets."

How New US Sanctions are Throwing Europe Into Russia’s Embrace

Jim W. Dean - Congress, dragging Trump along, is playing a dangerous game of chicken with Iran, Russia, and the EU, which has finally seemed to have awakened from its slumber of being used as a doormat by the US, on top of its own self-inflicted wounds.

The Debate with Jim W. Dean – US anti-Iran Sanctions

Jim W. Dean - The seeds for this assault on the Iran nuclear deal were planted in Saudi Arabia, and harvested when Trump came and got his big weapons deal, much of it pie in the sky which the Saudis can dial back when they choose.

Germany Urges EU Countermeasures Against US Over Russia Sanctions

Berlin announced that the new sanctions proposed by US lawmakers against Russia are in breach of international law, asking the European Union to take countermeasures against the bans, which could also affect European businesses.

New anti-Russian Sanctions and Corruption

The USA is trying to influence Russian elections under the pretext of the fight against corruption

US Senate approves Iran, Russia, North Korea sanctions

Jim W. Dean - Multiple sanctions on multiple countries should never be lumped into one bill like this. With Russia in it alone, Trump might have sustained a veto; and the ambushers and Russophobes knew this.

Trump urges more sanctions against North Korea

Jim W. Dean - The North Korean story is beginning to show signs of the classic exploited event. Trump is hyping the threat about a nuclear missile strike on the US, which is ludicrous.

Germany mulling over sanctions against the US

Jim W. Dean - The EU folks seem to have finally figured it out. If US sanctions can be dished out against Russian interests for any benefit the US wants to secure, then why not use them against others for the same reason?

Russia, China block bid by Trump to impose UN sanctions on...

Editor's note:  When Israel tried to set up Syria by planing evidence of the use of poison gas, Israel aided by Ukraine, Georgia and...

Waffler Strikes Again: Trump Says Sanctions To Remain on Russia Until...

Washington’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Until people of Crimea, the 95% that voted to leave Ukraine, are forced to rejoin and be slaughtered?  Wait, I...

Trump offered 10 billion euro bribe to end Russian sanctions?

Bribe to 10.5 billion. Euro? Putin and Sechin gave Trump 19.5% of shares of "Rosneft"? Author, Andrei Illarionov, an economist The report of the Intelligence Department, 2016/134,...

Trump might roll back Russia sanctions: Conway

Jim W. Dean - Trump is slowly moving over from Tweets to having his key staff doing what they are supposed to, roll out the President's evolving positions to warm the media up. Conway was chosen to remind us that changes are on the way on the Russian front.

Obama orders sanctions on Russia over alleged election interference

Jim W. Dean - This is about what we have been expecting, a fanny covering move by Obama so it could not be said he did nothing. Expect to see 35 US diplomats in Russia ordered to leave soon.

PressTV: Iran sanctions bill becomes law without Obama signature

  US President Barack Obama delivers remarks as First Lady Michelle Obama looks on during a Hanukkah reception in the East Room at the White...

EU extends sanctions against Russian and Donbass citizens for 6 months

Jim W. Dean - While this pettiness is going on, Bibi is about to wrap up getting his $40 billion ten year funding for Israel, all debt financed by American citizens, and then maybe throw the US over to work with the Russians on the next Palestine peace conference.

Economic Iranian Boom

Iran has moved from number 12 out of 14 of Mid East countries in Foreign Direct investment (FDI). That is an amazing recovery from the regional perspective, with Iran now just behind the Saudis and the UAE, and we are only halfway through 2016.

China Strengthens Ties with Iran

The sanctions impacted the Iranian oil and gas industry negatively, creating a lack of expendable materials and interchangeable parts at Iranian oil refineries.

EU Must Impose Anti-Ukraine Sanctions Over Poor Minsk Accords Adherence

Sanctions against Russia have damaged European economies significantly as Russia was a large export market; furthermore, the longer sanctions continue, the greater the long-term damage as Russia finds new sources for the goods it can no longer import

NEO – Cracks Appear in EU Unity on Russian Sanctions

Jim W. Dean - Socrates nailed it when he said, "No man undertakes a trade he has not learned, even the meanest; yet everyone thinks himself sufficiently qualified for the hardest of all trades, that of government."

Ukraine angered by German call to lift Russia sanctions

It has been shown time and again that sanctions hit the little people, that the poorest in society are those that feel the pinch....

Iran: Military and Technical Cooperation After Sanctions

Iran has one of the Middle East’s largest militarys. While its military is strong enough to prevent any plans of an intervention in the republic, the conditions of the Iranian military equipment and used technologies aren’t the best.