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James Tracy: How Questioning the Sandy Hook Official Narrative Cost Me...

This Wednesday is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook terror event, which tenured Professor James Tracy was fired for investigating.

Obama to seek crisis actor position after leaving presidency

What explains such a seemingly odd career choice for a soon-to-be ex-president?

Synthetic Reality Nation

There are some stories the Folks who really run things will not allow published in the Mainstream Media and broadcast on the Network News because this truth would quickly erode the Establishment's lies, propaganda and false-narratives which have produced a synthetic, false reality over the last 50 years.

TRUTH JIHAD: Prof. James Tracy discusses academic freedom, Gladio-style shootings –...

Truth-seeking professor James Tracy is getting all kinds of static - not just from academic censors, but also when he tries to talk on the radio!

NY Times staff stages mass killings! Journalism or sociopathy?

By having its staff dress up and stage mass murders in its corporate offices, the New York Times is initiating its employees into what might be called "sociopathic journalism."

Sea of Lies

VT's job is to expose the big lies and false narratives of the secret shadow government.

Finally Some Really Good News

The economy is as bad as it has ever been, unemployment and underemployment at all time highs. Wars and rumors of wars. A sense of gloom and doom has descended on America.

Bilderberg Plots New World Order Agenda

The Bilderbergers are losing their grip...on the world..

Sandy Hook Gun Grab Scandal Breaks Wide Open Under New Investigation

Just this morning, I received a call from the National Rifle Assocition (NRA) asking for my support to protect assaults on the second amendment of the US Constitution.

US government terrorizing Americans?

Is Terror Management Theory hiving the American mind?

False flags & gov’t lies: What REALLY happened this week

Exposing the biggest media lies of the past week - and the truths they conceal.

Boston Bombs, The Fed Goes “Terminator”

All evidence regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line on "Patriots Day," points at a mysterious entity suddenly becoming "aware" and moving to destroy any potential threat to its existence.

Hollywood Goes Jewish

"Roi Tov is a fool! Hollywood has always been a Jewish stronghold!" Some will say after taking a quick look at this page. Yet, this article doesn't analyze who runs Hollywood, but a perceived increase in the conversions to Judaism among Hollywood stars. Before ADL lawyers send me a polite, but nasty, letter, let me state explicitly the origin of the claims about Hollywood quoted here.

The “Holocaust Bomb,” a Re-Revisionist Myth

Two new studies, both out of Israel, have the world spinning. One, released by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, places Europe’s Jewish population in 1939 at between 40 and 50 million, with up to 20 million holocaust dead.

Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated

- - We once again revist the greastest Psy Ops event of the 20th century - a Paul Eisen feature article

Intel Drop: Sunday, February 10, 2010

Primary among them is the CREW DUKE system used by the US and NATO to protect troops from IEDs. It is killing more than it is saving.

Assad’s Best Friend Attacks Syria

Do you know what love is? I'll tell you: it is whatever you can still betray.—John le Carré, The Looking Glass War

Press TV: Gordon Duff on Veterans Suicides

The candid interview below runs a full five minutes and deserves to be sent around for distribution.

Anti-Semitism: What it IS and is NOT

An anti-Semite used to be a person who disliked Jews. Now it is a person who Jews dislike

Sandy Hook Massacre, What Really Happened?

In this first broadcast of Sott.net's new Talk Radio show, I discussed the December 14th 2012 Sandy Hook shooting with co-host Joe Quinn.

America after Sandy Hook, Disarmed and Silenced

there is irrefutable proof that plans are in motion to put police agencies in control of all information published on the internet, approval will be needed for, not just “facts,” whatever they are, but opinions as well.

Sandy Hook Hoaxes & The Terror of The Situation

When the Sandy Hook school shooting is examined in detail, it becomes apparent that the paucity of real hard evidence speaks volumes for the true nature of the forces that are reigned against us.

Enemies Scamming America on Gun Confiscation

The screw are being turned, every shill, every phony journalist, every corrupt blogger is tasked, bought and paid for, to shut down the truth about Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions

When 20 children and 8 adults were murdered in the tiny Connecticut community of Sandy Hook we, like most other people, were shocked and horrified at what appeared to be a series of senseless acts of brutality.

Sandy Hook – The Truth, a Cruel Hoax, or Something In...

The tragic massacre at Sandy Hook has raised a lot of questions and spawned a lot of theories.

Sandy Hook, Land of Black Honda Civics

The anomalies involving Sandy Hook are beyond count. We have information from official sources that the US is investigating Sandy Hook as a terrorist attack and has made at least 4 arrests.

Obama “Gun Address” Misses Real Terrorism Threat

- Military Sources Confirm Sandy Hook Suspected Foreign Terrorist Attack.

Denial of Truth, Mind Control and Satanism in America

The video below addresses the request for a new trial for Fr. Gerald Robinson, a local Toledo priest convicted of the 1982 murder of a nun at the Mercy Hospital Chapel.

Press TV: The Truth About Americans and Guns

With the discussions of gun seizures in the US, discussions primarily tied to stock manipulation scams within the sporting goods/arms industry and National Rifle Association, it is, perhaps, time we took a look at American gun owners.