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Nikki Haley: Dear America, please call me an idiot and puppet

...by Jonas E. Alexis   U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley looks like a superstar or Hollywood celebrity. But not the kind of celebrity that you would see...

Righteous Jewish scholars condemn Trump Jerusalem ploy

Jim W. Dean - The uni-polar world is already in the wastebasket, thrown in there by the foolish acts of "The Man who would be King", an actor who got in over his head, and gave us a reality TV show instead

New York Times: Israel and Saudi Arabia are pushing America into...

...by Jonas E. Alexis   The New York Times, one of the Zionist outlets which actually perpetuated the Iraq war through the writings of people like...

Ex-Yemeni leader Saleh killed after selling out to Saudis

The sudden demise of sold-out Saleh suggests that the future of the Middle East belongs to those who stand on principle, keep their word, and refuse to betray their friends – rather than Machievellian manipulators and unprincipled orangutans.

Breaking: Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh killed in Sana fighting

Jim W. Dean - How someone at his level could be caught out on the street in an urban combat zone, where snipers would have a shot at him, is one hell of a security failure.

UN wants Saudi-led siege on Yemen totally lifted

Jim W. Dean - Finally we see Saudi Arabia getting a one-two punch on the nose for its war crimes against Yemen, with growing calls in the EU for a Saudi arms embargo.

NEO – Hariri backtracks, Prince Salman goes quiet, and Lebanon takes...

Jim W. Dean - Since returning to Lebanon, Saad Hariri has been walking a geopolitical tightrope between Saudi Arabia and his coalition government, while playing the drama queen at the same time.


Trump has huge investments with the very people who sponsor the kind of behavior depicted in this video.

Saudis convert to Zionism – re-circumcized at Paris synagogue

The real story behind the Saudi surrender to Israel.

Is Hariri’s change of heart real, or is he a Saudi...

Jim W. Dean - The Saudis will want to see Hariri produce some Lebanese concessions, but any made could be a slippery slope for the other parties in Lebanon. Once you start, that card can be played against you over and over.

Saudis “moving out of oil, terrorism, and corruption” – but what...

If Bin Salman's real goal is to abolish his country as quickly as possible, he's doing a pretty good job of it.

‘Night of the Long Knives’ for Princes comes to Saudi Arabia

Jim W. Dean - We will have to see the bios on those Saudis who are replacing those who have been arrested. Is this a real corruption purge, or a political purge in disguise?

The United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia Created and Funded ISIS

...by Jonas E. Alexis Mark Dankof nailed it again. In his recent interview with Press TV, he said unflinchingly: “The CIA needs to spend more time...

Y2K continues to affect America

How do the creation of Department of Homeland Security in 2000 relate to the war economy and the attempt to bankrupt the United States at behest of corporate?

Is Donald Trump dumb on purpose?

...by Jonas E. Alexis   As Jim W. Dean would have put it, you can’t make this stuff up. Donald Trump has recently tweeted: “NYC terrorist...

Syria: NSA Acknowledges Salman Role in 2013 Ghouta Attacks

Is NSA willing to admit to harmful role Salman played in Middle East terrorism?

Donald Trump—The New Merchant of Menace?

Donald Trump in 2016: “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi — take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents."

Regime change needed in “Saudi” Arabia! Kevin Barrett debates pro-Saudi flack...

It should not be "Saudi" Arabia; it’s not the property of a particular crime family. Nobody in America wants to live in "Bushy America" or "Trumpy America" and nobody in the Arabian peninsula in their right mind wants to be owned by the most criminal family in that region.

Donald Trump wants to invade the world, presumably for Israel and...

“Twenty million Yemenis, nearly 80% of the population, are in urgent need of food, water and medical aid, in a humanitarian disaster that aid agencies say has been dramatically worsened by a naval blockade imposed by an Arab coalition with US and British backing.”

Report: Saudi Crown Prince in Hectic Diplomacy with Israel

Arab media outlets reported that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is believed to be preparing to replace his father in coming months, had a crucial meeting with an Israeli delegation last week.

Saudi regime on very shaky ground

The Saudis are having a hard time hanging on to their ill-gotten kingdom.

The Debate with Jim W. Dean – US anti-Iran Sanctions

Jim W. Dean - The seeds for this assault on the Iran nuclear deal were planted in Saudi Arabia, and harvested when Trump came and got his big weapons deal, much of it pie in the sky which the Saudis can dial back when they choose.

Amnesty calls on Saudi Arabia to halt execution of 14 dissenters

Human rights group Amnesty International has called on Saudi Arabia to halt the executions of 14 individuals who were sentenced to death following a “grossly unfair mass trial” as part of the kingdom’s “bloody execution spree.”

Charities take on Saudi Arabia while others cringe

Jim W. Dean - I have watched in amazement as the un-UN-sanctioned Saudi blockade of everything going into Yemen, with full support from the Gulf State Council and the US, has not been virulently attacked as illegal, with demands of sanctions on all those involved in this horrendous act.

Debate: Saudi vs. Qatar (Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson)

Why are the Saudi-led GCC countries REALLY ganging up on Qatar?

Bonfire of vanities: Saudi demands expose fear and loathing of Qatar

The list of 13 Saudi demands on Qatar are so far reaching that it would turn Qatar into little more than a vassal state.

Israeli Fighter Jets Deployed in Saudi Arabia to Prevent Coup?

Jim W. Dean - This story was a big surprise. I cannot think of an act that would put a party involved in a Saudi coup in a worse position than to have Israelis intervene militarily on one side.

Persian Gulf – What is happening in the region?

The Persian Gulf region continues to surprise and keep the entire world community on its toes. Yet again, a dangerous tension in relations between a number of countries and Qatar has developed.

Diplomatic Demarche Against the Background of the Syrian Conflict: What is...

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Maldives and Mauritania announced on Monday an extraordinary step of cutting off diplomatic ties with the State of Qatar.

Saudi Arabia and the UK: More and more questions as election...

Opposition party leaders urge the UK Home Office to release its report into foreign funding of terror groups after it was suppressed

Donald Trump is a terrorist apologist

Some ideas are so dumb that only a politician and Israeli puppet in Washington could believe them, for no ordinary man could be so dumb.

Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly: Think!

You may disagree with Putin on many other issues, which is perfectly legitimate. But the fact is that he is making New World Order agents mad.

The Shifting Polarity

President Trump’s rocking visit to Saudi Arabia was a Reality Show with plenty of pyrotechs. The high profile drama played out on screens indicated a paradigm shift in Middle East politics.

Senior US official reduced to complete silence when asked about terrorist...

A senior US foreign affairs official literally did not know what to say when he was asked about why the United States is in cahoots with terrorist state Saudi Arabia while at the same time lambasting Iran as a terrorist cell.

Pakistani Commander of Saudi-Led Anti-Yemen Coalition Mulling Resignation

Former Pakistani army chief, Raheel Sharif, who was appointed to head the Saudi-led military coalition against Yemen is attempting to find a way for leaving and returning home.

Americans Rise Against Fake News

America is waking up. This is really encouraging. Hopefully this will be another version of what Hegel would have called the “cunning of reason.”

YEMEN – A Modern Day Concentration Camp

It's time for Americans to demand the truth – including the truth about what's going on in Yemen as laid out in this article – and then rise up and overthrow the evil that has taken over their country.

Vladimir Putin: “Political schizophrenia” rules over warmongers and psychopaths

Vladimir Putin could have been talking about people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham when he recently said that there are numerous signs of "political schizophrenia” in Washington.

“One Orb to Rule Them All”: Trump channels Antichrist in Riyadh

Why is Trump joining Middle Eastern leaders in swearing allegiance to Satan?

NEO – Saudi Arabia vs Iran: Eye of the Storm

Jim W. Dean - Viktor Mikhin gives us a good review of the Saudi Royal family trying to play "Puff the Magic Dragon" with Iran, via its borrowed Israeli tactic of making an aggressive bogeyman out of a country that has attacked no one in hundreds of years.

The New American-Saudi-Muslims Alliance

Let us hope for a positive reset on the American-Saudi Arabian relationship.

Former CIA official Robert Steele: False Flag in Syria was funded...

Jonas E. Alexis--Former CIA Robert Steele has taken the political cat out of the bag by saying politically incorrect things.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, America’s and Israel’s Friend and Ally

Jonas E. Alexis--The McCain Institute Foundation received one million dollars from Saudi Arabia in 2014, and when McCain was confronted with this vital issue, his brilliant response was that he had nothing to do with his own institute!

Yemenis will never succumb to occupation

Jim W. Dean - Despite the endless claims of Iranian support, no one has shown us the secret Iranian invisible planes and ships that are bringing in the supplies, despite the Saudis and Arab coalition having control, or despite the air and the naval blockade.

Turkey, Saudi advance own interests in Iraq: Ex-US ambassador to Baghdad

Jim W. Dean - After a full liberation of Mosul, Iraq needs to dispatch its troops to the border with Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to prevent terrorists from returning to the country.

Saudi Arabia is the number one terrorist state, not Iran

Jim W. Dean - If Americans live in a free country, then why does its government, particularly its security agencies, lie to the public continually to cover up the extent of our direct and indirect support of terrorism, where ever it suits some purpose it feels is justifiable?

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