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NEO – Saudi Arabia plays Puff the Magic Dragon

Jim W. Dean - When I began reading about the Saudi Arabian attempts to conduct diplomatic warfare on Iran, it made me think of the Puff the Magic Dragon children's book series right away... all talk and no bite.

Saudi cluster bombs use in Yemen may amount to war crime:...

Jim W. Dean - This is the first time I have heard the words "war crime" come out of Mr. Moon's mouth toward a major target, and a big funder of the UN. What has caused the change?

Zionist vs. anti-Zionist Debate: Why are Saudis burning down the Middle...

“The extremist forces in Saudi Arabia together with the extremist neo-conservative forces in the United States have decided to set the Middle East on fire and it has been burning ever since the World Trade Center was blown up with explosives on September 11, 2001.”

US warned Saudis of Nimr’s execution in advance

Jim W. Dean - The Saudis had to have a big reason to roll the dice on killing Sheikh al-Nimr. I can think of a couple, starting with they were desperate to get media attention off their being state sponsors of terror.

Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over embassy storming

Jim W. Dean - Now we know why the Saudi Royal family executed Sheikh al-Nimr this weekend. It would set off anti-Saudi demonstrations all over the world, as cover for an internal crackdown on all dissent and will divert the growing media attention on the Saudis being state sponsors of terror.

Saudi head-choppers are worse than ISIS

The Zionist-dominated Western media is covering up for the Saudi head-choppers.