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Vienna Syrian peace talks get to first base – Assad remains

Jim W. Dean - I am suspicious that the only goal the terror supporters have is to get their proxy troops out from under the bombing and rebuild them, while they drag the talks out Israeli-style.

Saudi Arabia Supplies Militants in Syria with TOW Antitank Missiles

Jim W. Dean - Veterans Today has been reporting since last February that most of the FSA went over to the terrorists because they paid much more, which was a good deal versus getting killed by ISIL.

Iraq, Saudi Arabia to buy 1,500 Russian infantry fighting vehicles

Jim W. Dean - Weapons exports have the obvious benefit of foreign exchange earnings for the manufacturer and country, but this is just the beginning of the goodies list.

Saudi, Israeli regimes desecrate holy places

The deaths of 2000 people in Mecca, and Zionist provocations in Jerusalem, show that earth's holy places are being desecrated by "lords of misrule"

NEO: OPEC, Russia and New World Order Emerging

F. William Engdahl - What is likely to emerge is a negotiated arrangement between Putin’s Russia and the Saudi-led OPEC oil producers of the Middle East, including Iran, to devise a new ordering of the world's energy supply, independent of Anglo-American domination.

The Battle for Sanaa – the tale of a resistance in...

Jim W. Dean - Catherine Skakdam makes an eloquent case for the final victory of the Yemenis, but I fear for what awaits them.

Retaliatory attacks to encourage Yemenis against aggressors

Jim W. Dean - Yemenis are reporting today that they have brought down a Saudi drone, as in taking it over to land, which comes as a big surprise.

NEO – Saudi Arabia – Don’t Dig a Ditch for Another

Jim W. Dean - VT readers are already versed on the US and Saudi plan to lower oil prices as a crunch on the Russian economy, while the US attacks via its Ukraine coup government proxy.

NEO – Hollande Shot Himself in the Foot by Canceling the...

Valery Kulikov: The Mid East is entering a new phase of geopolitics, with the US as a balancer between Sunni and Shia blocks.

Saudi Arabia going broke under huge costs

Jim W. Dean - I must say, reading a story about Saudi cash flow problems, I had to blink a few times to make sure I was not dreaming.

Free Zaid Hamid!

The bedouin butchers who misrule Arabia are taking out their frustrations for their failure in Yemen on Zaid Hamid.

Saudi Arabia wasting huge amounts of money by purchasing US weapons

Jim W. Dean, Saudi Arabia has way more weapons than it possibly can use, but it does not have a military with any demonstrated ability as real work is shunned there is something only slaves and subjects do.

Saudi Arabia to buy 600 Patriot missiles for $5.4 billion

Jim W. Dean, Obama is playing this card now to counter the NeoCons new spin that once Iran becomes the regional economic power it will arm itself to the teeth and attack westward.

NEO – United States is Destroying Saudi Arabia

Jim W. Dean, What the Saudis are thought of, they have worked hard for that image. So they have no one to blame but themselves for it.

Coalition forces reopen Aden Airport – Houthis deny losing city

Jim W. Dean, We have multiple confirmations that the Houthis are being pushed back, as both Saudi and UAE planes have landed and are making the Aden airport operational again

NEO: Building Nuclear Case Against Saudis

Gordon Duff - Reliable sources within the international NPP (Nuclear Non-Proliferation) community have confirmed the use of tactical nuclear weapons in first Eastern Ukraine and now Yemen

Princes Fleeing Saudi Arabia after Yemen Scud Missile Attacks

After being pummeled by airstrikes for weeks, including nuclear weapons being used on them, the Yemenis are showing they can counterattack with missile strikes.

Moscow ready to supply weapons to Iraq to help fight ISIS

Jim W. Dean..."The Baghdad Bob award for the week goes to Marine Brig. Gen. Thomas D. Weidley for his comment about ISIS losing and on the run."

Saudis Have Israel Nuke Yemen for Them

Saudi's turn to Israel, not Pakistan for neutron bombing of Yemen

Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?

Jim W. Dean..."Our sources have told us that Israel is the prime nuclear weapons proliferator, using materiel and technology pilfered from US stockpiles by friends with tactical nukes, and blocking inspections."

NEO – Saudi Arabia’s Aggression in Yemen has Backfired

Jim W. Dean..."It is too early to get the pundit crystal balls out on this one. I fear are watching a “mini-Syria” developing with continuing death & destruction"

US, Arab allies involved in another proxy war in Yemen

Jim W. Dean...“There’s no threat to any of these countries in this coalition nor to the US, and most Americans don’t even know where Yemen is."

9/11 was ‘mother of all false flag attacks’

The 15 Saudi patsies of 9/11 were in the US on CIA snitch visas - meaning they were CIA assets.

S Arabia’s claim on Iranian troops in Yemen a joke: Analyst

Jim W. Dean...'The penalties on "waging an aggressive war" enshrined at Nuremberg when some of the Nazi high command was hanged, seem to be long fortotten.'

The New Cold War of the Middle East?

Anthony Hall..."The US uses democracy claims as a tool to use for its own interests and its acting like a double dealer in Yemen."

Israel and the Yemen war

"We can’t rule out the possibility of the involvement of Mossad in steering the conflict in the Middle East from Arab vs. Israel to Sunni Arabs vs. Shia Arabs"

Uri Avnery – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb?

Jim W. Dean...“Uri comes out of the closet today...big time! 'If Iran has a bomb, so what,' he says.”

Intel Drop: The GOP Move to World War

Gordon Duff..."The Saudi military intervention in Yemen marks the beginning of the demise of the Kingdom, and maybe a few others."

NEO – Saudi Arabia: New King, Old Problems

Jim W. Dean..."The Saudi princes have a lot to fear, as they are all about money and oil, and their usefulness to others…a dangerous tightrope walk for royalty."

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