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Israel will not evacuate more settlements, Netanyahu pledges

Israel will not evacuate any more settlements, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged. “We are here to stay forever,” the prime minister said at an event in the northern West Bank settlement of Barkan. “There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel.”

Is Trump reversing course on settlements and Iran?

  WASHINGTON (JTA) – Israeli settlements are no big problem. Wait — maybe they are, after all. The Iran deal is trash. No, the deal is...

PressTV: The Waffler: Trump Now Criticizes Israeli Settlements Trump Fully Backs

  US President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, February 2, 2017. (Photo by Reuters) US President Donald Trump has struck...

Press TV debate: US politicians under control of Zionist lobby

The Zionist lobby exerts full control over all key sectors in the United States from the political process to Hollywood, media and the financial structure.

American Insanity: Time to End Billions of Taxpayer Monies Sent to...

Israel is not the United States of America. American taxpayers pay each year to make their country great; not to fund our countries. USA has its own challenges and it must invest here at home and not on some 19th century well meaning but antiquated Austrian's dream. That's not anti-semitic or anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. It's simple pro-American. Period!

Breaking: UNSC passes resolution to end Israeli settlements

Jim W. Dean - Obama sends Bibi an "up yours" for his attempt to end run his presidential authority by going to Trump to stop the censuring resolution on the continued Israeli settlement building.

Trump’s Son-In-Law Financed Israeli Extremists and Settlements

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and confidant of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, is a director and board member at the Kushner Foundation which has given money to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank as well as extremist Jewish groups connected to violent attacks against Palestinians, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Monday.

Israeli ministers okay draft bill to legalize Jewish settlements on private...

An Israeli ministerial committee has approved a draft bill to allow settlers in the occupied West Bank to remain in homes built on private Palestinian land.

“Obama’s statement on Israel is the understatement of the century”

Obama actually spoke some truth about Israel...in fact, he understated the case.

Biden: Netanyahu moving Israel in wrong direction

Jim W. Dean - By attacking Bibi in front of a well known Jewish advocacy group in DC, Biden is waving the green flag for everyone else to begin attacking Bibi and the Likuds on the settlements.

EU mulls imposing sanctions against Israel

- Jim W. Dean..."There can be no success in fixing this horrible situation without the complete exposure & destruction of the Zionist Lobbies & their espionage penetrations."

Israeli regime committing suicide over land grab

"The stereotype that Zionists are pushy doesn't even begin to describe Richard 'the Dick from Washington' Hellman."

Spain, Italy warn against investing in Israeli settlements

- Jim W. Dean..." What we might be seeing here is an indirect flanking move..."boycott lite" against the Zionist occupation."

EU calls on Israel to reverse expansionist plans

- Despite all the weird things coming out of the EU, we are seeing growing pressure on Israel that blocking the peace process will have consequences.

Typical US Hypocrisy Over Russian Veto

The western media is roundly condemning Russia for vetoing a Security Council resolution condemning tomorrow’s referendum on Crimean self-determination as illegal under international law.

Uri Avnery – Supreme Court deliberation on Boycott Law

- This is seminal case as there is a push now for state power to close a major door for effective public protest...the mass boycott

Is a Palestinian Peace a Mirage or a Dream?

- Netanyahu ignores settlement freeze to jump start peace negotiations when Israel has never negotiated in good faith, which is why they don't want a freeze.

Obama v Netanyahu – The Next Round

The headline over a recent op-ed article in the New York Times by Rashid Khalidi was Is Any Hope Left for Mideast Peace? The answer to that question might or might not be clear beyond dispute when the curtain comes down on President Obama’s performance in Israel-Palestine.

With UN report, will Israeli settlers be prosecuted for ‘war crimes’?

On January 31, 2013, a three-member UN panel cited Israel as in violation of the human rights of Palestinians and the sovereignty of the Palestinian nation.