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God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the...

God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the Monstrously Cruel and IndifferentAmericans seem to have a short fuse memory when it...

Trump Seeking to Revive Slavery Era Codes: US Analyst

A senior political analyst in Detroit said US President Donald Trump has created an atmosphere full of “racist and neo-fascist sentiments” in an attempt to revive slavery era codes.

Brexit ‘Might Make It Harder’ for Human Traffickers as Slavery Scale...

Brexit might make it harder for human traffickers to get victims into Britain, the National Crime Agency (NCA) claimed on Thursday, August 10. But...

Exodus Debunked: Slave trade was not common in Ancient Egypt (Video)

Watch the video and discover the true story of slavery in Ancient Egypt that absolutely debunks the biblical narrative about that Ancient land.

Taking Down the Real Monuments to Slavery

European-America is being stolen; with hardly any notice or opposition, white, European America is being deconstructed. All over the South, America’s history, monuments, heritage, identity and culture is being erased.

Tale of the White Witch of Mara Lago: Ivanka’s Chinese Factory,...

By Drew Harwell for the Washington PostWorkers at a factory in China used by the company that makes clothing for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line and...

Does Israel Have a Divine Right to Slavery?

US politicians from both parties never tire of praising Israel and taking BILLIONS of tax dollars from Americans to give to the Jewish state.

The City of London’s ReColonization of America

After America's Revolutionary War, City of London Banksters deployed a diabolical, covert RKM Bankster Plan to retake their lost colonies by capturing America's money creation and finance system.

Slavery of Foreign Women in Wealthy Arab Countries

Through the past years, growing concern has surrounded these women who have been voicing their discontent that they do not receive sufficient salary. At times, they are even exploited by their bosses.

Slavery at Sea: Ships Flying Any Flag to Be Boarded &...

Britain's new anti-slavery powers at sea, mean the marine industry's "flag of convenience" system is under scrutiny on UK waters.First of Its Kind: Britain...

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery – NATO Information Operations

The beginning of interest in post-Cold War information operations can be traced to the UN intervention in Somalia and the Rwanda Genocide.

Was Muhammad Ali’s conversion to Islam uneducated decision?

Converting to Islam (to unlock the shackles of modern cultural slavery) is as naïve a move as adopting Zionism to combat the brutal Israeli Apartheid and occupation.

Pedophiles – We Have A Problem

The problem is in every culture, every nationality, every race and every religion. We are all accountable, we are all responsible.

Egypt Knew No Pharaoh Nor Moses? New Challenge to Ashraf Ezzat

Historical pursuit should be viewed for what it is: scholarly inquiry, historical depth, intellectual rigor, and ultimately the search for the truth.

Sex Slavery – The new regime change terror tactic

- Jim W. Dean..."I see no movement toward any open discussion on state sponsored terrorism, including the Western versions, now being the biggest security threat that we face."

Kosher Slavery

Gentile slaves of Jews were to be slaves to the Jews "for ever."

Europe’s Imperial Dominion & Subjugation of the Globe

“Imperialism has been the most powerful force in world history over the last four or five centuries, carving up whole continents while oppressing indigenous peoples and obliterating entire civilizations.

A Tale of Two Americas

TRUTH has always been the enemy of western civilization and in due time will be its undoing.

Jewish Slavery in Western Culture (Part III)

The Bolshevik Revolution eventually blessed the West with at least one hundred million deaths. Neoconservativism recently blessed the West with millions of dead bodies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The movement sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the average American. And this is not the end of the story, as neoconservative hawks are making their way to attacking Iran

Jewish Slavery in Western Culture (Part II)

- Historian Ralph Austen stated that ...scholars like himself knew about Jews in the slave trade, they did not want it known outside of scholarly literature

The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture (Part I)

- Barbary Coast pirates captured and sold more European slaves (1500 - 1800) than were African slaves going West

Debunking Old Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong

- Lincoln said..."Beyond holding Federal property to collect the duties...there will be no invasion, no using of force against people anywhere."

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