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U.S. Small Business Administration offers help to veterans

The U.S. Small Business Administration has resources available for veterans who want to start their own businesses or for small businesses that may have been affected by employees who have been deployed.

VetLikeMe – Veteran Business News 10/11/2015

SBA Seeks Nominations for the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development...10 Quick Tips on Business Plan Summaries...POPSMOKE–Become a Startup Veteran...2016: Veteran Entrepreneurship in Higher Education...Feds sue contracting company for millions in false claims

VetLikeMe 9/14/2015

Not So Fast, VA: Self-Congrats Precedes Horrific OIG Report, Welcome Home! Vietnam Veterans Award Ceremony, Is CVE Still Suffering Performance Issues? Are VOSB Still Suffering?, Kingdomware, SDVOSB and the Supreme Court: More Support

VetLikeMe Weekly 4/26/2015

VA’s restriction on competitive bidding by veteran-owned small businesses challenged before the Supreme Court; H.R. 1015 Protecting Business Opportunities for Veterans Act of 2015; Pre History of Crowdfunding — Part 1; Pre History of Crowdfunding — Part 2; Why should Career Coaches be inspired by Michelangelo?

VetLikeMe Weekly 2/20/2015

A National News Publication for Veteran Business Owners-February 20. 2015

VetLikeMe Weekly 1/23/2015

Every military member remembers two dates, the date they entered the service and the date they left.

VetLikeMe Weekly 10/23/2014

- Lloyd Chapman is a nationally-known advocate for small businesses that primarily do business with the federal government. He is a contributor to VetLikeMe.

Senate Small Business Committee for 113th Congress

Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, welcomed colleagues today urging a bipartisan approach to issues pertinent to small business.

Small Business Legislation

President Obama signed legislation on January 1 that encourages the federal government to hire more small business in its massive procurement program.