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20 years ago, the US coined the phrase ‘axis of evil’....

Former Gitmo detainees in Bush’s ‘war on terror,’ many of whom were denied a trial or even legal counsel, have described horrific scenes of inhumane treatment, including sexual degradation, forced drugging, and religious persecution.

#UNRIG Video Presidential Pardons for Assange, Snowden, Kiriakou, Black Panthers, Native...

Robert Steele, former spy intimately familiar with CIA and FBI misbehavior, offers vision for pardoning Kiriakou as well as Assange and Snowden, and adds Black Panthers and Native American leaders in prison, many framed by the FBI.

#UNRIG Video (7:33) Shadowgate Debunked! Former CIA Spy and Top Information...

Robert Steele debunks the Shadowgate movie that Alex Jones in peeing in his pants over. The movie is worth watching and makes two good points, but turns a company with 24 employees into the prime mover for something much vaster that is not addressed by the movie.