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 ISIS-Rapidly Spreading Its Tentacles in South Asia


US, South Korea Consider ‘Effective Military Reponses’ to DPRK’s Nuclear Test

The top military officers of the United States and South Korea have discussed "effective military responses" that could show the military might of the allies in the wake of North Korea's latest nuclear test on Sunday.

Thousands March in Support of Ousted South Korean Leader

Thousands of supporters of ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye marched in Seoul on Saturday to protest a court ruling that appeared to support key corruption charges against her.

Trump Clearly Exposed America’s Double Game in South Asia

Although the former presidents of the US George. W. Bush and Barack Obama were secretly acting upon double game as part of the South Asian policy, yet the President Donald Trump clearly exposed America’s double game in South Asia.

US, South Korea begin military drill as North reacts

South Korea and the U.S. began a massive annual military exercise Monday, ignoring repeated threats by rival North Korea.

South Koreans protest THAAD deployment, joint military drills with US

Thousands of South Koreans have taken to the streets of the capital to protest against joint Washington-Seoul military drills as well as the deployment of a controversial US missile system amid tensions with the neighboring North.

US, South Korea Gear Up for War Games, Threatening Pyongyang

The United States is set to launch its annual joint military exercises with South Korea Monday, a move that threatens North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK, as it denounced the exercises as a "rehearsal for war."

South Korean spy agency ‘hacked’ country’s 2012 presidential race

South Korean politicians have condemned the psychological warfare conducted by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) in the 2012 presidential race that was aimed at manipulating voters in an attempt to secure now-impeached Park Geun-hye’s victory.

US Long-range artillery deployed to south Syria

Jim W. Dean - The US responds to the surprise move by the SAA to create a new border crossing and base north of Al-Tanf which will block the US jihadis from moving north on the Al-Bukamal hard road crossing on the Euphrates River.

Jacob Zuma South African President: Don’t visit Israel

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma calls on South Africans not to visit Israel in order to show solidarity with “the people of Palestine”

Syrian Army Makes First Gains In Anti-ISIS Operation South Of Al-Bab

...from SouthFront On January 17, the Syrian army, led by Tiger Forces units, made a push against ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Aleppo...

South Korea to deploy US missile defense system amid Chinese objection

South Korea is committed to deploying an advanced US missile defense system this year despite opposition from China, a minister said Wednesday, even as opposition lawmakers headed to Beijing with a different message.

India Activates Dangerous Arms Race in South Asia

  By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today It is most regrettable that by ignoring the modern global trends like renunciation of war, disarmament, peaceful settlement of...

South Carolina shooting: Gunman arrested after injuring two students and one...

Here we go again, yet another mass shooting incident in the USA; these incidents are becoming as common as Apple Pie and Apple iphones.

Turkey military pushing south after bombing northern Syria

Jim W. Dean - We see Turkey taking advantage of the ceasefire chaos in Syria to concentrate on its wish list, pushing the Kurds away from the border areas and establishing a VERY deep buffer zone, and a defacto occupation of Syrian territory.

VT special – South Sudan accepts deployment of UN force

Thomas Mattingly brings us a September Press TV interview on South Sudan agreeing to the deployment of 4000 more UN protection force...peacekeepers who shoot back.

UN to send 4,000 soldiers to South Sudan despite govt. opposition

Jim W. Dean - Sudan seems to be reaching a tipping point and PressTV has picked up another VT talent to cover it with Thomas Mattingly, one of those quiet behind the scene people who have been on the ground with some of these faraway conflicts.

U.S. and South Korean Navy Leaders Discuss Regional Security amidst Tensions...

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. John Richardson met with his South Korean (ROK) counterpart, Adm. Jung Ho-sub at the Pentagon Aug. 4 for a discussion focused on the strengthening partnerships and ways to work together to increase maritime security throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific.

‘Irreparable Consequences’: China, Russia Angry About THAAD in South Korea

The United States and South Korea are obsessed with containing North Korea, but Washington’s aggressive expansion of anti-missile systems in the Asian peninsula, as...

Up to 272 dead in South Sudan, mortars & RPGs fired...

This is a long-running conflict that, because it is in Africa and doesn't involve any white people dying or suffering, has been little reported...

New Defense Shield Could Spark Conflict in South China Sea Very...

China has forgotten the 19th century when Western powers humiliated and dominated China, and will not allow that to ever happen again and are very well armed and equipped to resist forcibly.

China Successfully Test Launches New DF-41 ICBM Into the South China...

At a time when Congressional leaders, lobbyists, and military analysts are questioning the age and viability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent, both China and Russia have been quantitatively and qualitatively enhancing their own nuclear capabilities.

Russian diplomat: Armed standoff in Syria growing, especially north, south of...

The armed conflict in Syria is growing, especially to the north and south of Aleppo, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a press briefing on Thursday.

South of Russia was populated 1 mln years earlier than is...

© Valeriy Matytsin/TASS ST. PETESRBURG, March 29. /TASS/. Vast territories in what is southern Russia today, including the Rostov Region, were already populated two million years...

Current Escalations in the South China Sea

The start of 2016 has witnessed a sharp escalation in the militarization of the South China Sea. The cause of the escalation is multifaceted and comes from both regional and international quarters.

South Front: North Africa Observer Mar 1-7 2016

Written by Marko Milicevic exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Viktor Stoilov Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal has received the Angolan Foreign Minister Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti...

US Double Standard of Arms Supply in South Asia

By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today   International community is so focused on the double standard of the United States in Syria that it has ignored...

NEO: Tensions in the South China Sea Intensify

  By Vladimir Terekhov and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow On October 27, an event took place, once again showing how, where, and who tries to answer the...

Confrontation in the South China Sea

After months of a mounting rhetorical war, the United States has conductеd a patrol through the South China Sea. On Tuesday the guided missile destroyer USS Lassen transited the area, sailing within 12 nautical miles of at least two China-made islands [technical info: entered waters near islands and reefs in the Spratlys]

Pivoting to Russia, China and anti-US paranoia: South Africa’s foreign policy...

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa is to attend China's victory parade on September 2 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender