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Why does Catalonia want to quit Spain? It’s the economy, stupid

Steve Keen is an Australian economist and author. He’s professor and Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University in...

Spain Heading Towards Civil War?

Tomorrow, Catalonia will attempt to hold an independence referendum; I say attempt because they will face extremely strong opposition from the Spanish federal authorities, not least in the form of the tens of thousands of paramilitary Guardia Civil that Madrid has sent into the region to prevent what Madrid insists is an illegal action.

World Muslims Condemn Daesh Terrorist Attack in Spain

World Muslims, along with political and religious leaders of various countries denounced a terrorist attack in Spain on Thursday claimed by Daesh (ISIL or ISIS).

The Debate – Spain Terror Attacks

Jim W. Dean - Usually getting a Debate Show slot on an historic event is a happy day, but this was not...just another useless slaughter of innocent civilians by radical Muslims losers committing the all too popular vehicle mass killing in a tourist area.

Port Wine: A History of Portugal

The Wines of Portugal; A History

Drunk on Hate and Mad at the World

Israel these days seems to be increasingly at odds with a good portion of the rest of the world. In just the past few months it has quarreled with...

SouthFront: Instability in Southern Europe

...from SouthFront In November 10, an alliance of left parties forced to resign Portugal's center-right minority government by a vote of no confidence. This is a...

Spain Issues Arrest Warrant for “War Criminal Netanyahu”

Israel wants to quash an arrest warrant prepared by a Spanish judge for Benjamin Netanyahu over the deadly 2010 IDF attack on the Gaza...

Spain Catches Anti-Vaxx Fever and Resurrects Diphtheria

Three decades after it was eradicated, diphtheria is back in Spain—landing one 6-year-old in the hospital and eight more in isolation. How the anti-vaxx movement spread to Barcelona.

Spanish Wines, A History

Spanish wines have enjoyed a long and fruitful existence.

Spanish farmers burn EU flag over Russia sanctions war

- Jim W. Dean..."Once one union starts having protests then the others will not want to look slack and will join in."

By Abandoning Our Faith and Knowledge (READ) — We Muslims Are...

By Mohamed Khodr     In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious  “Alif. Lam. Ra,   A Divine Revelation (Qur’an) which We have bestowed upon...