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Steven Spielberg: Holocaust education should be mandatory

The Holocaust establishment is intellectually and historically deteriorating. The reason is simple: you either ally with the truth or the truth will eventually break you.

Carnations for Comrade Stalin with Foreword by Gordon Duff

Introduction by the Senior Editor: While some might be shocked at the idea of Russians loving Stalin, one must remember that everything we know of...

Exclusive: Russian Leadership in Transition – From Stalin to Putin

Russia, the country whose experience, tragedies and victories, people with great ability to create and achieve great goals, can and should become a true friend and partner of the American people.

Stalin’s Red Famine Murdered 3,000,000 in Ukraine

From the author of Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag and the National Book Award finalist Iron Curtain, check out the new book Red Famine: Stalin's War...

Bitter Harvest: Stalin’s genocidal famine on the big screen?

A Stalin movie would ruin Hollywood’s reputation as a propaganda machine.

Must Read: Completing the Criminal Takeover of the United States (updated)

Gordon and Ian - When Trump told the nation of his anger when thousands of New Jersey Muslims danced in the streets on 9/11, celebrating the event, we were listening to the delusional ramblings of a madman controlled by a handler named Felix Sater

Trump and the Red Menace, Is Russia the Target?

To begin with, whatever is wrong with the US, without Vladimir Putin, Russia would have long been taken over by the same gang that Trump is dragging into Washington with him. Let's do some short background here

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Truth Can and Will Destroy the New World Order...

What I specifically like about Solzhenitsyn is that he was committed to the truth, regardless of where it took him.

Did Germany attack France and England?

The misinterpretation of not only Russian, but also world history by Russian liberals has broken all boundaries of reasonable.

NWO Agent Mark Levin Is a Stalinist and a Satanist

The so-called war on terror is not and has never been about war on terror at all—it is about the Dreadful Few getting their greedy and bloody hands on foreign policy and using it to bludgeon the Middle East to death.

Intellectual Blasphemy and Zionist Puppet Show (Part I)

"An Israeli think tank...kicked off an initiative to make anti-Semitism an international crime by launching a convention it hopes will be adopted by many states across the globe"

Meet The Neo-Bolsheviks—Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

- Ever wondered what the folks were like that murdered the Russian Czar and his whole family in cold blood in 1917?

Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After...

Giles MacDonogh: The Red Army “raped wherever they went…The worst and most aggravated rapes were perpetrated against the women of the enemy—first the Hungarians, then the Germans.”

NSA vs. Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the West

Bolshevism seeks to reduce the goyim into abject servitude, to send mankind into a chaotic abyss, and, in the grand scheme of things, to overthrow reason in all its manifestations.

A Defense of Hitler the Veteran?

Nowhere in the post-war era do I find a respectable forum where the Western world’s favorite villain can argue his case without rivers of spitballs and volleys of vilification.

Israel Discloses Politruk Protocols

"Boorgani" is how the word "bourgeois" was adapted to Hebrew. In the kibbutz, it was used to design the politruks and technocrats living well at our expense. They would sit on red coaches and travel in cars while the proletariat fought the "eshel" trees infesting the Valley's fish pools.

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