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Roswell Incident – Stalin’s Secret Operation?

Pravda.Ru: The military issued statements that it was just a crashed weather balloon. But local residents spread rumors that an alien ship had landed in Roswell, and the dead bodies of aliens had fallen into the hands of the authorities …

Khazarian Murderers of the Spanish Civil War

Stalin’s International Brigade, comprised mostly of Khazarians, slaughtered 6,539 Spanish priests, 3000 monks, 300 nuns, and 13 Bishops. Over 20,000 Spanish churches were destroyed by the Bolshevik Khazarians.

The Jews Who Fought With Mao

In the summer of 1958, the famine was so horrible that “some people eventually dug up, boiled and ate human bodies."

Vladislav Krasnov’s Rebuttal to Bret Stephens’s The Secrets of Jewish Genius

Commentary by Jonas E. Alexis Jonas E. Alexis: It’s always a pleasure to read Vladislav Krasnov’s work. The following article is quite long, but it...