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Glenn Kirschner on How to Prosecute Trump

Logic and common sense dictate that, if you require precedent to indict a criminal former president then we could NEVER charge a criminal former president.

NEO – Trump Reemerges as Prosecutors circle his Fading Empire

Despite Trump's problems, he is still recognized as the major power in the Republican party, where anyone not in his favor would stand little chance of being elected in 2022 and 2024.

Trump blasts Supreme Court for throwing out election lawsuit

Jim W. Dean - The Court has been following all the earlier court cases, and by turning down the most recent appeal, their ruling is "No way Jose".

Trump throws the Republican party on his own funeral fire

At the conclusion of a campaign that exceeded their expectations in almost every sense — picking up House seats, thwarting an outright Democratic takeover of the Senate, running competitively in every presidential battleground state — Republicans COULD HAVE walked away from 2020 with some dignity intact.

Appointing an Irish Muslim to the Supreme Court is controversial?!

Religion and politics don't mix...except when they do.

Landmark Ruling Upholds Sanctity of Treaties Between the U. S. and...

Gorsuch penned the court’s majority decision, which invoked the country’s long history of mistreating Native Americans.

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down Obamacare Despite Ongoing Pandemic...

The move comes after Trump confirmed his administration would continue to press for its elimination, ignoring warnings about the risk of voter backlash.

Supreme Court Blocks Trump’s Attempt to Dismantle DACA Program

"Termination of DACA during this national emergency would be catastrophic."

Supreme Court asked to place Trump family ‘outside the law’

Jim W. Dean - Trump's personal tax returns are Achille's heel, not only for being a wooden stake into his reelection campaign, but also his house of cards business empire where New York prosecutors are waiting

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