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Syrian Army Reportedly Suffers Huge Casualties In Idlib. What’s Going On?

...from southfront.org Intense clashes between the Syrian Army and Idlib militants resulted in large casualties among both sides, according to statements by the Syrian and...

Syrian War Report – January 18-21, 2020: Dozens Army Troops Killed,...

46 Syrian service members have been killed and 77 were wounded in recent clashes with radical militants in Greater Idlib in the period from January 16 to January 19, the Russian Reconciliation Center reported. According to the report, 57 civilians were killed and 116 others were injured as a result of attacks and shelling by militants.

US crashing targeted currencies as a regime change weapon

Jim W. Dean - My sympathy has worn thin for the EU for being under the gun with Trump sanctions. Let them eat that bitter fruit and see how they like it.

Syrian War Report – January 15-17, 2020: Offensive Operations In Southern...

...from SouthFront Late on January 15, pro-government forces, led by the 25th Special Mission Forces Division, resumed their offensive operations in Greater Idlib. Since then,...

Urgent: A Call to the Syrian People

The Government of Khamis should resign.

Former Newsweek journalist: Newsweek lies about Syria

"In essence, I was given a simple choice. On one hand, I could continue to be employed by the company, stay in their chic London offices and earn a steady salary—only if I adhered to what could or could not be reported and suppressed vital facts. Alternatively, I could leave the company and tell the truth.”

NY Times: New World Order lies about the war in Afghanistan

“For me, a former enlisted Marine rifleman who served in Afghanistan in 2008, 2009 and 2010, watching the national-security intelligentsia reckon with their careers, and where they contributed to the quagmire in which the United States now finds itself, reminds me of a Pentagon press-conference transcript from March 2010."

Syrian Army Launched Large-Scale Advance In Idlib, Su-57 Jets Deployed, War...

Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets have successfully passed the second stage of testing in Syria, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov revealed. During the second stage of testing in Syria, the Su-57s completed all the planned tasks. No further details were provided. In February 2018, two Su-57 fighter jets were temporarily deployed in Syria, where they passed combat tests. The second stage of the testing likely took place in 2019.

SAA and SDF repel Turkisk attack on key Ayn-Issa M4 highway

Jim W. Dean - Turkey continues to attack SDF and SAA lines in N Syria to test their response, and so far the Russians have been quiet about these probes, and not used their air power to discourage Turkish advances.

Russia deploys military helicopters to protect Syria-Turkey border patrols

This was a smooth move by Russia, getting an airbase set up in northern Syria for protecting joint Turkish and Russian patrols.

US says has right to “defend” (plunder) Syria oilfields

Donald Trump plays the Ugly American role to perfection.

YPG terrorists still not fully cleared from Syria safe zone

...from PressTV, Tehran - First published ... November 11, 2019 - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says militants from the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) have not fully withdrawn...

Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Deceive Trump?

Is This The Beginning of the End for Israel?

SAA deploying artillery bases to engage new Turkish attacks in N....

Jim W. Dean - As VT has been saying, at the end of the day it is the major criminal orgs against us all, and sadly our government institutions seem to be their favorite tools.

SDF recaptures eight villages in northern Al-Hasakah from Turkish SNA

This video shows the SDF taking out an SNA armored vehicle attacking the M-4 highway today, in a sitting-duck position and at an easy close range for the SDF shooters.

Russian Foreign Ministry: US Smuggling $30m per month of Syrian...

US violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields seized from Damascus

Russia says all US troops must leave Syria, as Pentagon plans...

Russia has called for the withdrawal of all US troops which it sees as illegitimately deployed to Syria, amid reports that the Pentagon plans to send additional troops into northeastern Syria.

NEO – Did America’s crystal ball show this Russian-Turkey surprise in...

The Kurds’ deal with Russia and Syria means that the US has lost its only ground ally in the region; the US no longer has any means to influence the ground situation without the Kurds.

Fatal miscalculations of Turkey and Triumph of Damascus

Jim W. Dean - We are far enough along in the Erdogan incursion into Syria to look at some of the early reporting to see who understood what was happening.

Fake Raid? Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Schlong...

Q. Within minutes of President Donald Trump’s announcement of an alleged raid that allegedly killed an alleged ISIS leader known as Abu Bakr...

NEO: Something stinks in Syria’s oil fields

by Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor, ... with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Est. 1816)   - First published ... October 28, 2019 - When the US “withdrew” from...

New World Order Is Linked with Zionism and Banking Cartel

Now that President Putin has committed the Russian military to supporting the legitimate government of Syria, he and his country are now being targeted by the same diabolical forces, and for the identical reasons.

Breaking: Kurdish SDF troops are out of Turkish buffer zone

Syria welcomes pullout of Kurdish armed groups to depth of 30 km from Turkish border - First published ... October 27, 2019 - Damascus welcomes the...

SAA consolidating security control over northern Syria

Jim W. Dean - Having refugees return to places with no infrastructure or jobs is a dead-on-arrival program, which is exactly what the US coalition wants, so they will then be "anti-Assad". Welcome to the fake US spreading of freedom and democracy.

FFWN: Mideast Peace Breaking Out?! The Horror!!

Mideast peace, Trump chaos, gender madness, quantum-Katechon-singularity cosmic catastrophes...must be the end of the world.

Breaking: Turkish Def. Ministry says no new operation along border

Following a negotiated settlement in Sochi earlier on Tuesday, the Turkish Defense Ministry has announced that Operation Peace Spring is complete.

Breaking: Erdogan agrees to Syrian-Russia-Turkish border patrols

Jim W. Dean - The big winner here is Syria. Once it knows that it does not have to put half its army into north Syria to fight Turkey, it can proceed at full speed with its Latakia and Idlib offensive.

FFWN: Gordon Duff on “The Scramble of October 2019, a New...

New research shows why monkeys are smarter than mainstream media brainwashed humans at  understanding "conspiracy theories."

More endless nonsense from Trump

Jim W. Dean - Dear Mr. Trump, Enough already. I appreciate your validating my early prediction that you would run the White House like a reality TV program, but...

Assad: Turkish invasion must stop, all foreign troops to leave Syria

Jim W. Dean - Assad does not have to prove himself. He has done that. But dealing with the Kurds is going to be a delicate operation, an opportunity handed to him on a silver plate by Erdogan.

Erdogan acknowledges Syrian control of any safe zone

Jim W. Dean - Questions will still remain about Kurdish units integrated with the Syrian military "securing" the area. Will the YPG be shifted to other less sensitive areas, or will it be disbanded and absorbed into the Syrian military?

US transferring Daesh inmates to Iraq from Syria: Report

That Syria should somehow have managed to survive the onslaught against it, only to be fought to a standstill by PoWs who seem to have Damascus completely stymied about what to do with them is mind-boggling.

The truce that did not last a day – Welcome to...

Jim W. Dean - We are witnessing the usual scam, where they grab the headlines for being a reasonable participant, but then they "interpret the agreement" to accomplish what they wanted.

As expected, Trump wants all credit for Syria ceasefire deal

Jim W. Dean - No modesty at all, Trump is claiming "millions of lives will be saved...due to his tough love.

Breaking: Turkey, US agree to temporary ceasefire in Syria

Turkey has agreed to temporarily halt its military operation against Syria’s Kurdish-led militias, allowing them to withdraw from the country’s border.

Live Updates: Turkey’s offensive in Northern Syria enters its second week

...by Sputnik News, Moscow - First published ... October 16, 2019 - 15:48 Russian Forces Have Crossed the Euphrates River in Northern Syria, Moving East With...

Tulsi Gabbard destroys CNN and New York Times

"Donald Trump has the blood of the Kurds on his hand[s], but so do many of the politicians in our country from both parties who have supported this ongoing regime-change war in Syria that started in 2011, along with many in the mainstream media who have been championing and cheerleading this regime-change war.”

US Forces Intervene to Stop Damascus from Aiding Slaughtered Kurds

Sources said U.S. forces stationed at a bridge prevented movement between cities in an attempt to prevent pro-Assad forces from entering the area and helping the Kurdish civilians.

Erdogan faking Turkey’s victim role

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan is doing his usual song and dance, but he forgets that we have all watched his use of proxy terrorist forces inside Syria for years.

Syrian troops enter three towns after deal with Kurds

Jim W. Dean - The speed with which this deployment was done indicates that it started several days ago. Our Syrian sources tell us that Damascus and the Kurds have been meeting at the Russian air base.

Putin interview on respecting territorial sovereignty

Turkey, the US and Russia are coordinating the Erdogan incursion, says a report. That makes them co-responsible for any atrocities perpetrated by Turkish forces and militias.

Intel Drop: Some nasty truths about the Erdogan, Trump, Putin...

Jim W. Dean - We have dozens of people on the ground there with both the Arab and Kurdish fighters who regularly report to VT in Damascus, sources for years.

Mysterious Russian jets intercept non-existing Israeli one – Report

Jim W. Dean - We will be looking for more confirmation on this dual S-35 encounter at the Golan border to chase an Israeli plane away.

Kurds now want Syria to save them from Turkey

Jim W. Dean - The Kurds are a nickel late and a day short if they think Damascus can help them now. As I am typing, Turkish planes are bombing the border bridges to Syria to cut off supplies coming in from the US there.

SouthFront: Syrian War Report, Sept. 30, 2019, Iran to Restart Idlib...

The Syrian Army and its allies are preparing to resume ground operations against radical militants in Greater Idlib, according to pro-government sources.

Lavrov: New World Order is miserably failing

Another concept the West frequently invokes is the so-called 'rules-based order.' However, the 'rules' in question are being invented by the Western politicians themselves and ‘selectively’ applied to serve their own needs, using this trick to ‘usurp the decision-making process’ from others

Putin to Netanyahu: Stop attacking Syria…or else

It is with great relief that Putin is now telling Benjamin Netanyahu to shape up or ship out!

Iran places air defenses at base attacked in Syria

Jim W. Dean - Putin continues to straddle defending Syria while doing little that we can see diplomatically or militarily to blunt the Zios' effort to never have a peaceful Syria again.

Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?

Is there evidence to even remotely suggest that Epstein was assassinated by the Germans?

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