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How will Daraa’s capture change the Syrian war?

Strategically this Daraa campaign will be ending the free flow of weapons and supplies run out of the huge war operations command underneath the US Embassy in Jordan.

NEO – Is Turkey fighting the European Union?

“The biggest mistake is that the Turkish military is not coordinating its operations with President Assad.”

EXCLUSIVE: Assad Drops Bomb on Putin/Trump Confab

President Assad has issued a secret order to fire on any American units or aircraft that approach the Syrian Arab Army. 

Syria will clear the Jordan border and Daraa soon

Russian advisors in the Syrian capital Damascus are confident that US forces will aim to completely withdraw from northern Syria in the next six months.

Communism, the Rothschilds, and the Central Banking Cartel

Mankind is doomed as long as these bankers control society. What is the remedy? Nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing.

NEO: Will Israel Be on the Table at the Trump-Putin Summit

Israeli planes, operating out of bases inside Saudi Arabia and Jordan, have been bombing Syria and the Houthi regions of Yemen using “roundabout” routes to evade air defenses.

Israeli Charade at Golan Heights Border

Is Israel really concerned about civilians in Syria? Of course not! If they really care, what about the concentration camp in Gaza? Doesn’t Israeli historian Ilan Pappe call the occupied territories “the biggest prison on earth”? Hasn’t Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein historically exposed the Israeli machination in the region?

Syrian War Report – June 29, 2018: Tiger Forces Liberate Multiple...

Government forces liberated Sad Ibta, Tell Hamad and the 271st Brigade north of the city of Daraa.

French Firm Charged With Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

The court is probing a case involving the firm's Jalabiya plant, which operated in northern Syria between 2013 and 2014 when the territory was controlled by the Daesh* terrorist group.

PMF says will respond to US deadly airstrikes

Israel (with a nod and wink from Trump?) is now ISIS's air force.

US, allies use fake evidence to blame chemical attacks on Syria...

Russia says the United States and its allies have relied on fabricated evidence to accuse the Syrian government of conducting chemical attacks against civilians.

Syrian War Report – June 22, 2018: US-led Coalition strikes Syrian...

7 militant groups and alliances in southern Syria have established a Central Operations Room to plan and carry out military actions against the SAA and its allies.

Syrian War Report – June 21, 2018: Government Forces Pressure ISIS...

SAA fighters and Tiger Forces have liberated two more villages from militant groups in northeastern Daraa. They besieged the militant-held area of al-Lajat and cut off supply lines to it.

‘Al-Qaeda in Syria is losing in spite of us’ – Ron...

Former Congressman Ron Paul believes the Pentagon hasn’t done anything to fight Al-Qaeda in Syria but it continues to dismiss the role of Damascus and Moscow in combating terrorists in the region.

Syrian War Report – June 19, 2018: Many Govt Fighters Killed...

The US-led coalition denied these reports saying that it did not conduct strikes near al-Bukamal.

Breaking News: Syrian Army Discovers European-Made Explosive and Toxic Device

According to the sources in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Russia moved a European-made chemical weapons device out of Syria.

Syrian South: US Defends Terrorists while Israel to Strike deal with Russia

The situation in the south of Syria deserves our attention.

Torture, starvation, executions: Eastern Ghouta civilians talk of life under terrorist...

Torture, starvation, executions: Eastern Ghouta civilians talk of life under terrorist rule.

UK Independent: In Middle East, Putin has a lot to thank...

The desert around Deir ez-Zour remains a dangerous place, where the Americans and Russians play an extremely risky game of war. Putin still suspects the Americans helped the artillery guidance of a mortar battery which killed lieutenant general Valery Asapov.

When Private Ryan is shamed by quiet heroes in the Syrian...

VT supports the American military even when its mission is wrong.

Syrian FM says US troops must leave country

Syria is going to have to create an international coalition to denounce foreign military incursions into other countries outside of the UN process.

Suppressed/Strange: Syria Holds Hundreds of French, American and Israeli Military/Intel POW

At least 2,000 US servicemen are now deployed in Syria, including the US-led anti-Daesh international coalition, which has launched airstrikes in the country since 2014 without Damascus' or the UN's approval. The US is also allied with some groups of Kurdish militants, such as the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Netanyahu Is Losing His Mojo

Netanyahu: "“If you asked most of the governments and most of the leaders in the Middle East: What is the principle barrier to peace? What is the greatest threat to our security? They would say three things: Iran, Iran, and Iran.”

Syrian War Report: May 17, 2018

Army Liberates Rastan Pocket, Advances In Southern Damascus.

Syrian War Report: May 16, 2018

Syrian forces have re-established control of the area east of the M5 highway in the Rastan pocket in northern Homs now that militants have withdrawn from the area.

Syrian War Report: May 15, 2018

At least 59 Palestinian protesters were killed and 2,771 were injured by Israeli forces near the so-called security fence in the Gaza Strip during the May 14 demonstrations.

Syrian War Report: May 14, 2018

Syrian Air Force steps up bombing campaign against remaining ISIS fortifications

Team probing Syrian war & Skripal poisoning case reveal all

Dismissed in the press, the academics behind the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media have found few outlets for their research.

Iran Denies Golan Attack, False Flag, to Justify “Response,” Like Hitler...

Middle East is on the brink on a new round of escalation.

Carla Ortiz: White Helmets Shared Office with Al Qaeda in...

Carla Ortiz has visited most parts of the Arab country for the making of her film "Voice of Syria" in order to show the conflict from the point of view of its key victims.

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