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Erdogan and Putin agree on de-escallation in Idlib

The Russian and Turkish leaders have held a press conference in Moscow, after coming to an agreement to de-escalate the Syrian-Turkish conflict in the war-torn Idlib province.

Turkish Drones Falling in Idlib

Early on March 5, the Israeli Air Force carried out a series of airstrikes on targets in the Syrian provinces of Homs and Quneitra. According to the Syrian military, the attack was conducted from Lebanese airspace at 00:30 local time.

US envoy to UN takes heat after proudly greeting notorious White...

Colorful images of Ambassador Kelly Craft enthusiastically shaking hands with ‘White Helmets’ members made rounds online, with users reminding the diplomat of their connections to a jihadi group the US once fought against.

Turkish Forces are on Tactical Retreat

Erdogan’s forces continue their bloody battle for peace and prosperity for al-Qaeda groups in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

Israel Uses Two Airliners as Human Shields in Syria Attack

Two civilian airplanes bound for Qatar were reportedly used as cover by Israeli jets launching missiles from Lebanese airspace against targets near the Syrian cities of Homs and Quneitra.

Russian Defense Ministry: EAQ (Erdogan Al Qaeda) merged with Turkish ‘Observation...

Any Turkish formation or observation post within 3000 meters of a terrorist group is a target.  Any Turkish formation that fires on Syria or launches planes that attack Syria or launch missiles into Syria, their bases and supply lines, are legitimate targets under the Astana agreements.

EAQ, ‘Erdogan Al Qaeda’- NATO’s Second Strongest Army learns painful lessons...

Units of the Russian Military Police entered the town of Saraqib in Eastern Idlib following the second liberation of the town from al-Qaeda terrorists and Turkish forces.

Why is Anyone Shocked Putin Listened to Erdogan and ‘Stepped Aside’...

All credible reports indicate that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are giving the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) an unprecedented pounding after President Putin seemingly listened to President Erodgan's request yesterday and "stepped aside" in Idlib so that the two neighboring countries can finally fight one another face-to-face.

Russian Military Moves in Syria

A heavy military cargo plane, the "Il-76" of the Russian Air Force, arrived Monday at the Hmeimim Russian Air Force Base, northwest of Syria, via Turkish airspace.

UAE Firm Sued for Trafficking ‘Mall Guards” from Sudan to Fight...

A group of Sudanese lawyers has reportedly taken legal measures against a number of travel agencies purportedly collaborating with a security firm based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in “deception of the Sudanese youth and their transfer to Libya.”

Russia fires 14 Kaliber Cruise Missiles at EAQ (Erdogan Al Qaeda)...

After the expiration of the Turkish ultimatum against Syria, the Turkish military and Ankara-controlled troops launched a large-scale attack, as we reported earlier today.

AQE (Al Qaeda Erdogan) Factory Discovered in Aleppo Suburbs

The Syrian military uncovered a large missile production factory in one of the newly captured areas in the Aleppo Governorate.

Iran Warns Turkey, “You Have Been in Our Sights for a...

Turkey's aid to terrorists inside Syria and attacks on Iranian forces are not to be tolerated despite strong trade relations with Turkey.

Note from VT Damascus

I am very happy with our victories and focus on the dangers and the power of our enemies.

Intel Drop: Putin terrified of Erdogan, as Russians pull aside while...

Syria is considering expelling Russia and sending its troops home. Why? By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with intelligence sources inside Syria and Turkey Introduction: This is a...

Damascus and Haftar’s Libyan National Army Deepen Ties, Share Hatred of...

Syria, Libya discuss bilateral relations, means to reactivate them in different domains

Explosive: Syria’s Stolen Province

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is becoming more and more embroiled in a direct fight with Syria over Idlib Province. The fighting is direct across the border from Hatay, a province that was given to Turkey in 1939 after a disputed referendum.

Russian military sends more equipment to Syrian Army

The Russian military has already begun resupplying the Syrian Armed Forces after the Turkish Army carried out several attacks against the government’s positions.

Anna News Agency: Syria Report Feb. 27, 2020

Syria. Kafr Awaid City Released ANNA News correspondents report that Syrian forces liberated Kafr Awaid, located in the southern part of Idlib province. For...

Idlib Now in Doubt?

Jim W. Dean - We have no news this morning of the heavy bombing and missiles attacks on the attacking Turkish-jihadi forces

SAA clearing S. Idlib to shorten front line with Turkey

Erdogan is walking a tightrope trying to run a Turkey with its economy in the toilet while involving the country in multiple foreign wars.

Pentagon: Under Turkish Control, Idlib a Terrorist Hellhole

Various US military representatives from the so-called anti-ISIS coalition in Syria and Iraq have proven to be the most witty American individuals in terms of assessments of the overall situation in Syrian Idlib.

Turks and Jihadis counterattack Nayrab

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan continues to move more conventional military equipment and forces into North Idlib hoping that will increase his bargaining power at the early March conference with Russia and Iran, but not Syria unfortunately.

Shooting War in Idlib

Late on February 23, the Israeli Air Force conducted a new strike on Damascus claiming that the target was positions of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Turkey Arrests Own Mercenaries for Refusing to Face Russia in Idlib

Turkish occupation forces arrested tens of its mercenary terrorists in the Ras al-Ayn area in Hasaka northwestern countryside after they had attempted to flee towards Turkish lands fearing from engaging in clashes with the Syrian Arab Army in Idleb.

Turkey Gets an Ass Kicking in Idlib

On February 20, the 2nd Army of NATO and its proxy forces once again failed to capture the village of Nayrab, eastern Idlib, from the Syrian Army.

Unconfirmed: Ankara to close Bosphorus for “Syrian Express” of Russian Navy

Aviation of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation can no longer fly over Turkish territory

Turkey’s Bluff in Syria

Turkey will take the Idlib matter into its own hands and the military operation in northwestern Syria is simply a “matter of time”, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared on February 19.

US Army Vehicle Rams Russian Road Patrol in Northern Syria

Both Russia and the US are loading Northern Syria with military equipment but Russia has very strong local support and the US is reviled....we wait and see...

Osama bin Trumpstein: Innocent Syrians Fleeing Regime Brutality

Ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda.

NATO and HTS Qaedists Refused Deals for Idlib

Anyone who wants too much nothing grabs, says an ancient proverb that seems to well describe the situation in which the turbulent dictator of Turkey ended up who seems to have been left alone: ​​in the company of his mercenaries, former ISIS commanders, only...

Syrian Tribal Leader: Two American soldiers killed by civilian protesters in...

TEHRAN (FNA) - A Syrian tribal leader in Hasaka disclosed that two US forces were killed and injured during popular protest rallies against their...

What War with Russia and Turkey Will Look Like

Turkey is ready to start a military operation in Idlib

Red Carpet for the Syrian Army

Syrian government forces did not stop their operation in Greater Idlib with the success in the western countryside of Aleppo city and continued making gains in the province. During the past 24 hours, they took control of over 10 settlements.

Conflict in Idlib (video/one hour Arabic and Russian)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured a key headquarters of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) during its recent operations in western Aleppo, a video released by the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) on February 18 revealed.

Turkey support for Idlib terrorists boomerangs on Erdogan

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan has supported Idlib terrorists to have a large pool of jihadi extremist muslims to fight for $200 a month for Turkey's interests, while his own troops watch from safety.

Russia’s Mistral

The USSR, specialized helicopter carriers were built by France and Italy. According to open sources, UDC in addition to the United States is being built by France, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Now such ships will be created by Russia.

Turkish Manpads Don’t Help, Syrian Army Liberates Entire Western Aleppo

Syrian government forces have cleared the entire western countryside of Aleppo city of members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other Turkish-backed armed groups.

Photo Study: Syrian Underground Bases and Tunnel Complexes

Army uncovers tunnels and underground bases while combing areas west of Aleppo

Turkey’s Side: Idlib Front, Iran’s weakening foreign operation capacity

Following the Arab spring, the historical competition between Iran and Turkey has gained momentum.

Netanyahu Fail: Russian Planes Confront and Trap Israeli F-16’s Over Syria

Russian fighters intercepted Israeli aircraft, trying to trick the Syrian S-300

Turkey’s Fake ‘Observation Posts,” Really Al-Qaeda Bases, Face Incineration

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has deployed TOS-1A thermobaric rocket launchers on the frontlines of Aleppo governorate.

‘Idlib Hipsters’ and American Waterloo in Khirbat Amu

In Turkey, it is by now a good tradition to threaten Syria with a war every time when luckless Idlib rebels suffer another military defeat from the Syrian Army. This week was no exception.

Nuclear Army Russian TU 160 bombers arrive in Syria to Confront...

Sources inside Syria just watched Russia's most advanced bomber deploy to Syria, possibly armed with nuclear-tipped hypersonic missiles.

“Dumbfucks” Video of Russian MP’s while Americans Fire on Civilians in...

Details of the Great Victory of the US military convoy supported by warplanes over Syrian villagers in Khirabat Amu, the Syrian province of al-Hasakah, continue appearing online.

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