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Turkey’s Fail in Idlib

In February 2020, the Syrian Army reached the vicinity of the main stronghold of anti-government forces in Syria, the city of Idlib. This development plunged into shock supporters and the leadership of Idlib armed groups and became a visual confirmation of something that Western powers and their media structures do not want to admit.

Turkish Militia Wearing ISIS Insignia (Video)

Just an ordinary Turkish-backed ‘moderate rebel’ in the Syrian province of Idlib. He wears an ISIS insignia and keeps strong democratic feelings in his heart.

USAF F15 Attacks Syrian Army Checkpoint after Russians Save US Column...

Conflict between local residents and US troops early on Wednesday in a Syrian village of Khirbet Ammo near the border town of Qamishli saw one child killed and one civilian injured. US troops reportedly opened fire after local residents attempted to protest the passage of a US convoy which had entered an area controlled by Syrian authorities.

Syria Opens M5 Highway in Defeat for Turkish Backed Terrorists and,...

Under the Sochi agreement, Turkey committed to establish a safe-zone in Idlib, reopen all highways and expel terrorist elements from the Syrian region. However, Ankara didn’t implement any of these commitments and even worked against some of them.

Deeply Censored: US Murders 10 Year Old Child in Syria, Americans,...

Today, American troops murdered a 10-year-old boy and one adult, who had been part of a group protesting American oil thefts in Iraq that were ordered by Trump on behalf of Exxon and Aramco.

Syrians: What Are You Doing in Our Country?

A Syrian civilian from Kherbet Ammo in al-Qamishli brought down the US flag from a US Armored Personnel Carrier and had this chat with the US soldiers.

Duff on PressTV: Syria Retakes Aleppo Highway

For the first time in more than seven years, Syrian army forces have reportedly managed to wrest control of a key highway connecting the capital Damascus to the second largest city Aleppo.

Brother: A Music Tribute to Syrian Armed Forces

A tribute to the Syrian armed forces with Brother (Let me be your shelter) as the music.

NEO – Erdogan threatens war on Syrian Arab Army (SAA)

Erdogan has now cast his fate openly with the terrorists to prevent the liberation of Idlib.

Turkey Winning the War of Lies Against Syria

The PR department of the Turkish Defense Ministry dealt a crushing blow to forces of the Assad regime that had once again treacherously attacked innocent Turkish personnel in the province of Idlib

Turkish troops get lost during Syrian advance

During the last few days, Turkey deployed approximately 1,000 units of military equipment, including self-propelled howitzers, M06T and Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, in the Syrian province of Idlib. According to local sources, the number of Turkish troops and special forces personnel in the province is now between 2,500 and 3,000.

Unconfirmed: Russian Downs Israeli F-35 Over Syria With Aging S-200 missile

Pro-Russian media are claiming that an Israeli F-35I was hit and damaged by a Russian-made S-200 surface-to-air missile during an Israeli airstrike in Syria earlier this month. Israel says one of its F-35s was damaged—after colliding with a bird, Eurasia Diary reports citing Bulgarian Military News.

Erdogan’s Palace Built with blood of Libya

Erdogan has built an astounding palace for himself as he attempts to recreate the Ottoman empire, but is it built on the blood of dead Libyans?

War in Idlib: Taking of Serakib from ‘Zionists’ (30m video, HD...

For American military and veterans, a look at those fighting the war we should have fought.

Video: Emergency Landing of Airbus 320 Israel Tried to Down over...

The Russian Defence Ministry stated on 7 February that a civilian Airbus-320 with 172 passengers on board was nearly destroyed amid Israeli airstrikes near Damascus in the early hours of 6 February.

Trump and Israel to Resettle ISIS

al Qaeda and White Helmet Freedom Fighters as Refugees after Genocide by Assad

Assad Destroying Last Seedlings of Idlib Democracy

For any real journalist it is obvious that there can be no staged chemical provocations in Syria, even if OPCW leaks scream about this.

Intel Drop: Russia obliterated Turkish column in Idlib while Erdogan claims...

Gordon Duff - In truth, the attacks were by Russian Aerospace SU 34 aircraft, that wiped out a Turkish column sent into Idlib to provide direct support for al Qaeda against Syria, Iran and Russia.

Witnesses: White Helmets Finish Filming New Fake Gas Attack for Trump,...

The Russian Centre for Syria reconciliation said a day earlier that the White Helmets, backed by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as the Al...

Results of Syria’s Anti-Terror Offensive (2015 video featured by Southfront)

The last week of January turned badly for Idlib militants. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation and their allies appeared to be unable to contain the offensive of the Syrian Army, lost several key areas and suffered notable casualties.

Syrian War Report – January 29, 2020: Syrian Army Develops Momentum...

...from southfront.org On January 28, units of the Syrian Army, led by the 25th Special Mission Forces Division, liberated the town of Maarat al-Numan, the...

America’s Retreat from Confrontation with Russia Over Syria

Over the past two weeks, American ad hoc roadblocks on the M4 highway which parallels the Syria Turkey border (20 to 50 miles south of the actual border) have stopped Russian peacekeeping vehicles.

Syrian War Report – January 28, 2020: Maarat Al-Numan Is Liberated

On January 27 evening, units of the Syrian Army continued their operation in southeastern Idlib. Government troops liberated Hamidiya, Bseida, Maasaran, Tal Al-Shih, Maziyan and several other villages. By this advance, the army fully besieged Maarat al-Numan from the northern, southern and eastern directions.

Fresh Russian-US Confrontation Reported in Syria

Moscow Times: Russian and U.S. forces have faced off for what could be the fourth time in less than two weeks in oil-rich northeastern...

Syrian War Report: Maarat Al-Numan Is About To Fall To...

On January 24, the Syrian military resumed its offensive against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its Turkish-backed allies.

Syrian Army Reportedly Suffers Huge Casualties In Idlib. What’s Going On?

...from southfront.org Intense clashes between the Syrian Army and Idlib militants resulted in large casualties among both sides, according to statements by the Syrian and...

Syrian War Report – January 18-21, 2020: Dozens Army Troops Killed,...

46 Syrian service members have been killed and 77 were wounded in recent clashes with radical militants in Greater Idlib in the period from January 16 to January 19, the Russian Reconciliation Center reported. According to the report, 57 civilians were killed and 116 others were injured as a result of attacks and shelling by militants.

US crashing targeted currencies as a regime change weapon

Jim W. Dean - My sympathy has worn thin for the EU for being under the gun with Trump sanctions. Let them eat that bitter fruit and see how they like it.

Syrian War Report – January 15-17, 2020: Offensive Operations In Southern...

...from SouthFront Late on January 15, pro-government forces, led by the 25th Special Mission Forces Division, resumed their offensive operations in Greater Idlib. Since then,...

Urgent: A Call to the Syrian People

The Government of Khamis should resign.

Former Newsweek journalist: Newsweek lies about Syria

"In essence, I was given a simple choice. On one hand, I could continue to be employed by the company, stay in their chic London offices and earn a steady salary—only if I adhered to what could or could not be reported and suppressed vital facts. Alternatively, I could leave the company and tell the truth.”

NY Times: New World Order lies about the war in Afghanistan

“For me, a former enlisted Marine rifleman who served in Afghanistan in 2008, 2009 and 2010, watching the national-security intelligentsia reckon with their careers, and where they contributed to the quagmire in which the United States now finds itself, reminds me of a Pentagon press-conference transcript from March 2010."

Syrian Army Launched Large-Scale Advance In Idlib, Su-57 Jets Deployed, War...

Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets have successfully passed the second stage of testing in Syria, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov revealed. During the second stage of testing in Syria, the Su-57s completed all the planned tasks. No further details were provided. In February 2018, two Su-57 fighter jets were temporarily deployed in Syria, where they passed combat tests. The second stage of the testing likely took place in 2019.

Dr. Najm Al Hamad (in Arabic) on America’s New “Caesar Law”

Politically the aim of this law is regime change via serve economic sanctions that first and foremost target the people of Syria.

SAA and SDF repel Turkisk attack on key Ayn-Issa M4 highway

Jim W. Dean - Turkey continues to attack SDF and SAA lines in N Syria to test their response, and so far the Russians have been quiet about these probes, and not used their air power to discourage Turkish advances.

Russia deploys military helicopters to protect Syria-Turkey border patrols

This was a smooth move by Russia, getting an airbase set up in northern Syria for protecting joint Turkish and Russian patrols.

US says has right to “defend” (plunder) Syria oilfields

Donald Trump plays the Ugly American role to perfection.

YPG terrorists still not fully cleared from Syria safe zone

...from PressTV, Tehran - First published ... November 11, 2019 - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says militants from the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) have not fully withdrawn...

Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Deceive Trump?

Is This The Beginning of the End for Israel?

SAA deploying artillery bases to engage new Turkish attacks in N....

Jim W. Dean - As VT has been saying, at the end of the day it is the major criminal orgs against us all, and sadly our government institutions seem to be their favorite tools.

SDF recaptures eight villages in northern Al-Hasakah from Turkish SNA

This video shows the SDF taking out an SNA armored vehicle attacking the M-4 highway today, in a sitting-duck position and at an easy close range for the SDF shooters.

Russian Foreign Ministry: US Smuggling $30m per month of Syrian...

US violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields seized from Damascus

Russia says all US troops must leave Syria, as Pentagon plans...

Russia has called for the withdrawal of all US troops which it sees as illegitimately deployed to Syria, amid reports that the Pentagon plans to send additional troops into northeastern Syria.

NEO – Did America’s crystal ball show this Russian-Turkey surprise in...

The Kurds’ deal with Russia and Syria means that the US has lost its only ground ally in the region; the US no longer has any means to influence the ground situation without the Kurds.

Fatal miscalculations of Turkey and Triumph of Damascus

Jim W. Dean - We are far enough along in the Erdogan incursion into Syria to look at some of the early reporting to see who understood what was happening.

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