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Syrian army about to break siege of Dayr al-Zawr

Jim W. Dean - The current Syrian Arab Army offensive is a wonderful display of combined operations, good target Intel over a fluid battlefield, with artillery, air power... both fighter bombers and helicopters, supporting infantry and armor on the ground.

Syrian Army storming ISIS pocket east of Khanasir

Jim W. Dean - We had news today that the SDF has agreed to let the US coalition use the Tabqa airport as a base. I am sure Damascus was not consulted, despite the Syrian defenders captured there by ISIS all having been executed.

Syrian Army Suspends Combat Operations in Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - The Syrian coalition makes a snap decision in Aleppo to stop offensive operations to focus on getting civilians out of the newly taken territories. We will have 8000 more witnesses who can tell their stories now.

Syria Vows to Fight Turkish Invasion, Aimed at Seizing Aleppo

The Syrian government troops and Kurdish fighters have formed a coalition to stand against Turkish army's incursion into Northern Syria, a retired Syrian army general said.

Battle for Aleppo’s north flank: 09-30-16

Jim W. Dean - To my astonishment, Damascus is still offering all the fighters in Aleppo a chance to walk out, including the foreigners. This will come back to haunt them, as these will be the terrorists wreaking havoc after there is a peace deal.

Battle for Aleppo: US-Backed Rebels Shut Off Water for 1.5 Million...

The so-called "moderate" rebels turned off the water to 1.5 million civilians living in West Aleppo in retaliation for a Syrian Army airstrike on East Aleppo that allegedly left 250,000 residents without water setting the stage for an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

Ahrar Al-Sham (al Nusra) plans to launch chemical attack on civilians,...

Militants from Ahrar Al-Sham, a hardline Islamist group, are planning to use white phosphorus in an attack on civilians to later blame it on Syrian armed forces, UN envoy Bashar Ja’afari told a UN Security Council emergency meeting on Sunday.

New World Order agents get caught with their pants down in...

If either the Syrian government or Russia had violated the ceasefire, wouldn’t political whores and sluts in Washington and elsewhere start barking like Chihuahuas?

Syrian air defense to Israeli regime: It’s time to make you...

The Israeli regime has always thought that they could do just about anything they want. No more.

IS about to Perish

After Obama's speech and emphasis on IS annihilation as well as European officials' approval of intensified military attacks, it can be concluded that all-out assault on IS terrorist group is an ace card for US Republican and Democratic parties.

Supporters of Militants in Syria Are at Odds

What happened is that Turkey in collaboration with Saudi Arabia support and protect terrorists instead of coordinating with the southern neighbor in fighting terrorism.

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, June 29, 2016

The situation remains tense in and around Aleppo City. After the liberation of the Mallah Farms, the Syrian Army troops are now deployed in only 1,5 km from the militants’ last supply line to Aleppo City – the Castello road.

Syrian Army Purges Terrorists from Palmyra Airport

Jim W. Dean - Palmyra will now become a key forward operation base for the continued offensive on Deir-Ezzor and Raqqa. As the Syrian opposition stalls the talks, its position just gets weaker. Syrian Parliamentary elections are just a few weeks away.

Syrian army prepares for final push to victory

As international community and Syrian government welcome the newly-reached agreement on a temporary truce in Syria, the U.S. administration and its Saudi allies seek to wreak havoc in war-torn Syria and exploit the humanitarian ceasefire to al-Qaeda terrorists’ benefit,