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Iran, Russia hold talks as Syrian army breaks Deir Ezzor siege

Top Iranian security official Ali Shamkhani and Alexander Lavrentiev, President Putin’s special envoy for Syria, held talks in Tehran on Tuesday on the latest developments in Syria.

“No progress” on Brexit UK/EU Brussels talks: both sides hold on...

A row over the Brexit divorce bill has dominated the latest round of talks between the UK and the European Union, with both sides in the Brussels negotiations voicing their frustrations.

Money Talks: Why US Concerned Over Russia-Turkey S-400 Deal

By expressing concerns over the Moscow-Ankara talks on the delivery of the S-400 missile defense system to Turkey, Washington is engaged in unfair competition in the arms market, according to military analyst Viktor Murakhovsky.

US contributed to ISIS creation, now tries to claim victory over...

The recapture of Mosul is an achievement of the Iraqi people while the US is trying to highjack it and claims it was them who "led that war," Iraq's Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has told the RIA Novosti news agency.

BREAKING: How the U.S. and the Terrorists Were Trying to Affect...

The First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic Faisal Mekdad said on July 4, that the United States had carried out a missile strike at the Shayrat airbase guided by one more White Helmets’ fake made specifically to compromise the Syrian authorities.

Jim W. Dean talks to RT International

Jim W. Dean - VT has been on RT twice now since the Politico article that fizzled out on our being a Russian subversion tool to use against American veterans. We are still getting "tease" emails from old friends and enemies.

Adelson Talks to Police, Netanyahu Indictment on Gifts Scandal Looms

Will an early election be called by Prime Minister Netanyahu and/or will he be indicted? Is that why Netanyahu was working on campaign ads earlier in May? - Ann

Israelis: ‘Trump Is Israel’s President’ – Except when Trump Talks ‘Peace’

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu and those controlling Bibi recognized who U.S. President Donald Trump is –long ago. So, they like him – a lot.

Syria opposition leaves peace talks in Astana

Jim W. Dean - Almost everywhere that combat is going on, some civilians are in the way, and the jihadis and opposition use them as human shields and their corpses as "proof" of Assad being the ruthless tyrant. They forget that we are onto their scam.

‘Dealing with enemies to save Syria’ – Astana process paves way...

Jim W. Dean - There is an old saying, "The difficult we do today, and the impossible...tomorrow." There were many naysayers to these Astana talks, that nothing could really be done without the "big boys" at the table, but they were wrong. It's on to Geneva time now.

Breaking: US won’t send delegation to Syria talks in Astana, Kazakhstan...

Gordon Duff - With Tillerson's meltdown during confirmation hearings, Trump has no one qualified to attend, no one with weight enough to hold his own with Lavrov.

ISIS “Accidently” Launches Large-Scale Offensive Near Palmyra Amid US-Russian Talks On...

...from SouthFront On December 8 ISIS terrorists launched multiple offensives against Syrian government forces near Palmyra. ISIS used a high number of car bombs and infanghtry...

A New Insight on Recent, Secret Afghan Peace Talks

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen for Veterans Today Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul Guardian and Reuters reported that the Taliban held secret peace talks with...

Major players gather in Lausanne for Syria crisis talks

Jim W. Dean - No one is holding their breath about a major breakthrough at this meeting, but that does not mean it is a waste of time. There will be no "covert' attack on Syria by the Americans during such talks.

Press TV interview Gordon Duff on Syrian Talks, doomed to fail

Duff explains why a Clinton presidency will lead to disastrous war, leaving Russia and Syria no choice but to push for a military solution.

Egypt in Talks to Allow Russia Use Military Bases across Country

This new development in Egypt comes on the heels of Russia's announcement that it is to expand and make permanent it's naval base in Tartus, Syria. Taken together, these two developments represent a major strategic shift by Russia where they are gaining a foothold in the eastern Mediterranean and a permanent presence in the Middle East.

Yemen’s Ansarullah says ready for peace talks

Jim W. Dean - The Yemenis are making history with not only the resistance they are putting up against the Saudi coalition, but also the sophisticated political moves they have been making.

Germany says TTIP talks with US failed

Jim W. Dean - The public's attitude, those I converse with, shows a growing suspicion and antipathy toward trade treaties, as future generations have no say so afterwards.

Thatcher held secret Saudi talks to win huge arms deal, archives...

When Thatcher took power in 1979 Britain was only 7th or 8th largest arms exporter in the world. By the time she left office in 1991, we were second only to the US of Arms in arms exports. Thatcher destroyed British industry and replaced it with an arms industry - that is why Britain has been involved in one conflict or another since 1991, that is why we are friends with any rotten, evil regime who will pony up the cash for our cluster bombs, land mines and other 'goodies'.

Aleppo – the ‘Ultimate Ace Up the Sleeve’ Ahead of Geneva...

About ten days ago, the militants were forced to flee towards Aleppo’s northern boundary, towards the border with Turkey, after their only supply route which heads to the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo city, the Castello Road, was cut. - Hassan Shemshadi

No basis for talks with Turkey after coup says German FM

Germany's Steinmeier - “We are talking with each other like emissaries from two different planets. There is essentially no basis for understanding ... no basis for discussions,” the top German diplomat said.

Kremlin: Talks between Putin and Kerry constructive, honest and detailed

The topic of direct interaction between the Russian and the US military in Syria was not discussed at the meeting of the top officials.

SouthFront: Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda Alliance in Yemen, No Clashes, Saudi’s...

...from SouthFront Talks aimed at ending Yemen’s war opened in Kuwait on April 21. The delay of the talks is explained by experts by the...

Lavrov: No progress in Syria talks over opposition figures, their sponsors

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. The lack of progress at political talks on Syria comes as some Syrian opposition members wish to bargain for privileged position,...

Syria crisis plan: Cessation of hostilities, humanitarian airdrops, peace talks laid...

According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, leaders have reached a ceasefire agreement that could be implemented within days. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov...

Russia: Riyadh-backed opposition left Geneva talks due to Syrian army’s victories

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Riyadh-backed opposition left the Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva due to the successes made by the Syrian army on the ground.

Talks fail but war a triumph for freedom, big loss for...

Geneva-III Talks Suspended by Pro-Saudi Syrian Dissidents' Preconditions TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary-General of the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change Mahmoud Marei blamed the Syrian dissidents...

Russia Will Not Allow Exclusion of Kurds From Syrian Peace Talks

Russia will not allow certain participants of the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva to exclude Kurds from participating, Russia's envoy to the UN Office in...