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Syrian War Report – December 22, 2017: Tensions Between Syrian Army...

...from SouthFront The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has shelled several positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of al-Busayrah on the...

Syrian War Report – December 4, 2017: Israeli-Iranian Tensions Gain Momentum

...from SouthFront On December 2, Israeli forces launched between 4 and 6 missiles on the supposed Iranian military facility in the area of al- Kiswah...

Syrian War Report – September 25, 2017: US-Russian Tensions Grow In...

...from SouthFront An ISIS shelling has killed Russia’s Lieutenant general Valery Asapov near Deir Ezzor city, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday. The general...

The Debate – Korea Tensions on the Rise

Jim W. Dean - I think the US knows that Kim's main goal is to get a peace treaty, which the US cannot do as Germany is still waiting for theirs and would be really mad.

Syria & Iraq War Report – August 9, 2017: Tensions Grow...

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and tribal forces fighters have liberated Jabir, Numaysah, Khamisiyah and Wadi Susah near the important ISIS-held town of Maadan in the province of Raqqah.

Bibi ignited Al-Aqsa tensions to divert attention from probes

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak says the current premier Benjamin Netanyahu sparked recent tensions at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in a bid to distract public attention from the investigations into the corruption allegations against him.

Syrian War Report – March 1, 2017: Tensions In Northern Syria

...from SouthFront The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have been successfully advancing on the ISIS-held...

Russia Concerned Over Escalation of Tensions Between US, Iran

  Moscow is concerned over the escalation of rhetoric between Washington and Tehran and will do everything in its power to lower the tensions, Russian...

Analysis: Rising tensions; possible Pakistan-India war viewpoint

The Indian analysts and experts believe that once a war sparks between India and Pakistan, New Delhi and Islamabad cannot fight more than 18 days.

U.S. and South Korean Navy Leaders Discuss Regional Security amidst Tensions...

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. John Richardson met with his South Korean (ROK) counterpart, Adm. Jung Ho-sub at the Pentagon Aug. 4 for a discussion focused on the strengthening partnerships and ways to work together to increase maritime security throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific.

Jim W. Dean – The Debate: South China Sea tensions

It's good to be back. Thanks to Gordon for my release from my North Korean renditioners. The VT team wins once again. The doctors have removed all the implants they could find, including places that were hard to reach.

The Campaign for Fallujah amid Tensions in Iraq’s Shia Community

On May 30, units of the Iraqi army and the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces entered the city of Fallujah, located 50km from Baghdad.

Tensions between Iran and Sunni Arabs, an unmatched opportunity for Israel

Israel Haaretz reports Israel carefully follows conflicts between Iran and Saudi. Israel must get closer to Sunni Arab states to prevent Iranian influence, not just to Saudi.