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Was 9/11 attack a false flag operation? (Part II)

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof   Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected...

Donald Trump—The New Merchant of Menace?

Donald Trump in 2016: “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi — take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents."

Donald Trump: My master, Benjamin Netanyahu, tells me to decertify Iran...

“Trump is giving us this extremely kind of paranoid and hostile approach to world affairs, we’ve seen this repeatedly with his exaggerated talk, his threats to North Korea and now he’s threatening Iran.”

The War on Google Terrorism: Las Vegas, Nothing Google Allows...

  By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The video above proves, scientifically and categorically that there was a 2nd shooter in Las Vegas.  Many have gotten it...

 Las Vegas Shooting: Refocus on Terrorism and Causes of Suicide Attacks...


Las Vegas Shooting: Refocus on Terrorism and Causes of Suicide Attacks

Senior US homeland security official said that there was no evidence Paddock had links to international or domestic terror groups. Paddock’s brother Eric told Reuters, he was sure there would be no terrorism link.

What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag?...

What are the odds that such a stunningly lethal shooting was done by just one guy – a proverbial "lone gunman" who ends up conveniently dead

Women Victims of Terrorism Offer Recommendations at UN Human Rights Council

Jim W. Dean - This Dr. Salami's official press report on the conference  for his Association for the Defending Victims of Terrorism NGO at 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland

Marine General Joseph Dunford: Russia and China Are Threat to New...

The Syrian government, with the help of Russia and Iran, continues to obliterate ISIS in the region, and they intend to complete the job before the year is over.

Israel continues to seek World War III in Syria

Russia obviously needs to challenge the Israeli regime, otherwise the regime itself will undermine everything Russian forces have ever done in the region.

Pakistan Says US Must Not Make It A ‘Scapegoat’ for Afghan...

Pakistan rejected on Wednesday US criticism of its efforts to fight terrorism saying it should not be used as a scapegoat for the failure of the US military to win the war in Afghanistan.

Jerusalem Post lies about Russia and Iran

But the war machine will not give up easily. They seemed to have made a pact which says that Russia and Iran must pay.

Iran Warns of Spread of Terrorism in Caucasus

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cautioned that extremist elements could expand their presence in the Caucasus and Central Asia after being flushed out of Iraq and Syria, calling for concerted action to stem terrorism in the region.

Iran’s Rouhani: Zionism, terrorism two great threats for region

"The two Iranian and Lebanese nations have always had friendly, close and brotherly ties and relations," said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, Nabih Berri.

Is Trump about to dump Israel on Syria?

It has been reported that “Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria." This would be a devastating attack on the Israeli regime.

UK Inquiry into Saudi Funding Terrorism Should Lead to Further Action...

Foreign funding for extremism in Britain primarily comes from Saudi Arabia, but the UK government should set up a public inquiry into all Persian Gulf funding sources, that’s according to a new report by the Henry Jackson Society.

I owe the terrorists an apology

I know what you're thinking: "Barrett is a crazy coincidence theorist." Well, go ahead and call me names, but my rusty old segment of brake line did not show visible signs of sabotage.

Politico finally agrees with VT: Israel is pushing America into World...

If something smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, should we call it a mosquito?

Trump mocks pronunciation of ‘Qatar,’ tells it to stop funding terrorism

Trump's comments were leaked from Republican National Committee meeting

Russian-led China-Pakistan Alliance, facing the US-led Terrorism


US Military Actively Training White Supremacist Terrorists

Saudi Arabia and Israel aren't the only countries training fanatical religious terrorists.

Did B’nai B’rith, National Post, Breibart incite JDL terrorists to attack...

Smear campaign followed by possible "brakes job" terror attack. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Israel blows up Syrian tank and wants World War III again

If you don’t think Israel is seeking World War III in Syria, if you still can’t come to the conclusion that the regime is a problem child in the Middle East, then think again.

Journalistic Fraud: How Politico Magazine Inverts, Subverts, and Perverts the Truth

The State Department is monitoring VT? I thought Politico Magazine said that VT was a fringe group? Why would US officials want to snoop on a “fringe American website”?

INVASION ALERT! White Christian criminal hordes overrun America

Clearly there is a correlation between Christians and crime as well as a correlation between Caucasians and crime.

Who will succeed Al-Baghdadi after his reported death?

The Russian Ministry of Defense has claimed [1] that according to information, which is being checked through various channels, the Islamic State’s leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi had reportedly been killed as a result of airstrikes conducted by the Russian aircrafts near Raqqa on May 28.

Terrorists Rape and Disembowel Pregnant Women: A Chronicle of Unspeakable Crimes

As if the mass rapes committed by self-professed Islamists in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria did not suffice, I am saddened to report a long string of attacks in another nation.

Syrian Arab Army Successfully Advances and Reaches the Iraqi Border

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues the offensive from eastern Homs to the city of Deir ez-Zor.

PRESS TV: Mike Harris, Trump accuses Doha of funding terrorism

Donald Trump warned Doha of the consequences of continuing its extremist ideology. Trump said no civilized nation can allow this wicked ideology to spread on its shores.

Is the Israeli regime paying ISIS to attack Iran?

One ought not to be surprised that Israel is supporting ISIS/al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/Daesh in the Middle East. They have admitted exactly that.

SCO Summit: Fighting Terrorism is at Top of Agenda

The meeting of the SCO-defense ministers takes place once a year and the heads of the military departments have the opportunity both to share their views on the events taking place in the world and to work out a common strategy. In addition it is possible to hold bilateral meetings to discuss in detail the plans of military cooperation on the margins of the meeting.

Daesh designed to spread chaos in Islamic world

“Daesh is not a radical Islamic group, it is a radical anti-Islamic group designed to spread fitnah and chaos in the world of Islam."

PRESS TV: Mike Harris, Trump accuses Tehran of supporting terror

U.S. President Donald Trump has accused Iran of supporting terrorism in the wake of the twin terror attacks in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Torturers, Plunderers, and Looters Are Back in Iraq

Because of these abuses, which include sexual assault and beating, numerous detainees attempted to commit suicide. At least four of them succeeded; some “hanged themselves with makeshift nooses.”

Donald Trump is a terrorist apologist

Some ideas are so dumb that only a politician and Israeli puppet in Washington could believe them, for no ordinary man could be so dumb.

London Bridge false flag alert – even CNN says “psy-op”

CNN, which suggested the Manchester bombing could be a false flag, just dropped the word "psy-op" into its early report on this evening's "white van and stabbings" event in London.

Senior US official reduced to complete silence when asked about terrorist...

A senior US foreign affairs official literally did not know what to say when he was asked about why the United States is in cahoots with terrorist state Saudi Arabia while at the same time lambasting Iran as a terrorist cell.

Arab NATO reserve force to fight terrorism is myth and propaganda

Jim W. Dean - Peter Ford is out in front once again, debunking mass-media fake geopolitical news, which the airheads in Saudi Arabia have taken the lead on with their paper Arab NATO.

Manchester Terror Attack

Monday’s terrorist attack at the MEN Arena Manchester was an outrage, in which 21 mostly young people attending an Ariana Grande concert were murdered.

 Breaking/Exclusive: Manchester Attack, Main Incubator of Terrorism Discovered

At least 23 people have been killed and 59 persons injured in a terror attack at Grande Arena concert in Manchester on the night of last Monday (May 22, 2017).

How Moderate are Moderate Muslims? The Facts Speak for Themselves

How moderate are moderate Muslims? Given the allegations made by Islamophobes, it would seem to be a fair question.

Flashback to 2000: Terrorism and War, Manufactured Constructs for Neocons, Israel

As Trump is visiting Israel today, after speaking to the “Muslim” world over the weekend, it is a good time to review how the...

Is State Terrorism Targeting China’s Silk Road?


Welcome to Saudi Arabia, America’s and Israel’s Friend and Ally

Jonas E. Alexis--The McCain Institute Foundation received one million dollars from Saudi Arabia in 2014, and when McCain was confronted with this vital issue, his brilliant response was that he had nothing to do with his own institute!

NEO – How come Central Asian States have become a Breeding...

Jim W. Dean - As I have always said, and been ignored, killing the Jihadis on the battlefield is a short-term accomplishment, when they can be easily replaced by those waiting in the bullpen training camps.

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