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EU warns will ‘react swiftly’ to US trade war threat

Jim W. Dean - Poor America; a country that, according to Trump, is being so unfairly treated by everyone in the world except by Israel, which runs massive espionage operations here, but against which our Justice Department is blocked from bringing indictments.

The Threat of INDO-ISRAEL Cooperation

Saudi Arabia enjoys tremendous leverage with Pakistan, but the latter was a reluctant partner to act as a security shield against Iran.

Pravda: North Korea Threat or Victim? Some Facts

If anyone is still wondering why North Korea was being "provocative" in missile tests and repeatedly declaring what would seem to be a daunting...

The Trump Threat

By Bg. Simon Samon Sharaf (ret) for Veterans Today Ten years hence, objective historians will rewrite the chronology of US military blunders. Top of the...

Israeli Justice Minister threatens Putin’s life!

"If Putin wants to survive" he had better do what Israel tells him, says Ayalet Shaked.

Iraqi Kurdistan vote poses direct threat to Turkish national security

Jim W. Dean - Turkey's main concern is seeing the referendum trigger an uprising in its own unhappy Kurdish regions, when it already has serious concerns with a Kurdish independent state being carved out on its southern border with Syria.

Latin America rejects Trump’s military threat against Venezuela

After months of attacking Venezuela's unpopular President Nicolas Maduro, Latin America came out strongly against U.S. threats of military action against the crisis-hit nation.

North Korea stands no chance against US, Guam threat is a...

North Korea wouldn’t stand a chance against the US if the war of words between the two states escalates into a military conflict, Leonid Ivashov, a political analyst and retired Russian Colonel-General, told RT, urging a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Japan deploys missile defense over N. Korea threat

Japan deployed its Patriot missile defence system on Saturday after North Korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over the country towards the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, local officials and reports said.

Syria faces new threat

While the Syrian Arab Army backed by allied forces is conducting a successful counter-terrorism operation along the Euphrates River, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham continues to strengthen in the south of the province of Idlib. And furthermore, the militants intend to become 'moderate opposition'.

‘US Orwellian ‘Russia threat’ used to increase military spending’

The strategy of US neocons is to get closer to the Russian bear until it finally becomes aggressive. If not, they will at least scare the population and other countries into greater military spending, explains international affairs commentator Marko Gasic.

RT: NATO Wasted Cash on Phony Russian Threat

Instead of wasting resources sitting around in Poland and the Baltics waiting for an imaginary Russian invasion, NATO could be shoring up the borders...

Syrian War Report – June 16, 2017: US Rocket Artillery Systems...

...from SouthFront The SAA reportedly entered into the Al-Ajrawi farm south of the Tabqah airbase after repelling an attack by ISIS fighters on its new...

Romania’s US AEGIS System “a threat to Russia”

“The Romanian leadership has turned the country into a [NATO] outpost and that is an outright threat against us. We told so to the Romanian side, including publicly,” Botsan-Kharchenko said.

Citing intermarriage threat, Israeli rabbis ‘blacklist’ families deemed not Jewish

Andrew Tobin 'The Rabbinate is challenging the very underpinnings of Zionism by placing the personal status of every Jew in doubt' Activists claim the chief rabbinate...

Scripted by Steve Bannon or Roger Stone? Trump’s “black bloc” provocateurs...

In reality, the anti-Trump protesters did NOT riot. They were calm and having a good time, when a bunch of bussed-in agents provocateur in identical black uniforms and ski masks started attacking people and property.

Russia Sours on Trump, Reports New US Threat to Europe

US under Trump among external threats to EU – council president Tusk Published time: 31 Jan, 2017 12:25Edited time: 31 European Council President Donald Tusk...

Trump’s threat to China, “don’t dictate to me”

One has to wonder why Trump is so critical of China and why he seems to have such disdain for them? Superficially, we can take it as Trump trying to act tough and show that he will be a strong leader.

UK under threat of possible Daesh attack, British spy chief says

Quite clearly, the head of MI6 is talking utter bilge, the very idea that Daesh terrorists in Syria are plotting to attack the UK is ludicrous. There is no Daesh, in reality, it is a cover story for the machinations of the proxy forces controlled by the US, NATO, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Russia starts developing national space threat warning system

© Yuri Smityuk/TASS MOSCOW, November 23. /TASS/. Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences have started drafting the concept of a future national...

Russia to deploy Iskander rockets in Kaliningrad exclave over US cruise...

Tactical short-range ballistic missile systems Iskander-M Responding to the threat posed by US cruise missiles, which could be launched from sites in Eastern Europe, Russia...

The Debate – Israel Nuclear Threat

Jim W. Dean - The Iran sanctions triggered its "Manhattan program" to build up its own domestic weapons program using its skilled talent and industrial base, and Iran is much stronger militarily now than before the sanctions.

Does Poland Really Face Threat of Civil War

Polish society has split in two since elections last year, which saw the rise to power of the conservative nationalist Law and Justice Party.

Duff on Rense: Nuclear Threat on America, the Hard Proof (updated...

Intelligence received by Veterans Today has led to making a startling and unpleasant announcement. We have reason to believe that the US and/or any nation of Europe, including Russia, may well be attacked by ISIS using a nuclear weapon, not "dirty bomb," at any time including today.

Europeans shun militarization – see terrorism, not Russia as biggest threat...

Jim W. Dean - Throughout the Western world, we see elected leaders growing more disconnected from their constituents, in terms of representing their interests. Most Europeans have rejected manufactured threats.

Cold Warsaw: Poland Creating 35K Militia Force to Fight Russian Threat

Poland does not like or trust Russia, this is a deep-seated antipathy within the Polish collective mind that has existed for centuries, quite understandable as the Poles have been invaded, conquered and occupied by Russia more than once.

Chomsky: US Republicans ‘Most Dangerous’ Threat in ‘Human History’

Jim W. Dean - This "both parties are the same" silliness disease has even captured Chomsky, who should know better. All he has to say is they are on some issues and he would be OK.

SouthFront: Terror Threat in Africa’s Sahel Region

French experts have recognized that the security is deteriorating in Africa’s Sahel region. The first of all, it’s a threat of terror attacks against the crucial regional infrastructure, including air ports and rail roads.

Turkey repeats threat to flood Europe with refugees

__________ Georgi Gotev, Euractiv Turkey repeats threat to flood Europe with refugees An adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened that if the European Parliament votes...

Erdogan’s Threat to Open Borders Prompts EU to Devise Greek Islands...

Jim W. Dean - At the end of the day, ending the Syrian war and putting that promised $6 billion to Turkey into helping Syrians rebuild their homes is the only logical path, and more fair to the struggling EU countries paying the tab.