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In Latest Tweetstorm, Trump Again Threatens to Kill NAFTA and Demands...

Trump has bragged that he is considered the “Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters,” but that didn't prevent Mexico from shooting his suggestion down.

ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

Playing with terrorism entails terrible and irreversible consequences. Watching what's happening in the world, it is hard to argue with this statement.

Trump’s Psychopathy Threatens the Internal Stability of the United States and...

In the early 1800s, doctors who worked with mental patients began to notice that some of their patients who appeared outwardly normal had what they termed a moral depravity or moral insanity, in that they seemed to possess no sense of ethics or of the rights of other people. The term psychopath was first applied to these people around 1900.

Lockheed Martin Stocks Rise as Trump Threatens ‘Fire and Fury’

U.S. government demand for Lockheed Martin weapons and intelligence systems accounts for roughly 70 percent of its total revenue.

Al Jazeera threatens legal action over Israeli censorship

Pan-Arab news broadcaster Al Jazeera has threatened to pursue all legal channels in response to Israel's announcement it would bar the Arabic and English networks in the country.

Trump threatens Iran with further terrorist attacks

Iran is in no way a sponsor or promoter of terrorism, secondly, Trump's 'warning' was a direct threat to the Iranians, issued on behalf of his Saudi paymasters.

On Target Here: Trump reportedly threatens to ban ‘very bad’ Germans...

Jim W. Dean - I agree that cars should all be made here. The real issue is blocking US exports to Germany and elsewhere and allowing higher quality American cars to be trashed in the press or secretly taxed to death.

WAPo Researcher Threatened on China, Kushner Visas for Investors Story

Washington Post Researcher in China, reported being "threatened, harassed and forced to delete recordings and photos of The Kushner family recruiting Chinese investors in US Green cards" in a tweet on Twitter.

Syrian War Report – April 6, 2017: US Threatens Unilateral Action...

On April 5th, in northern Hama, government forces, led by the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces, launched a surprise attack to retake from militants the important town of Helfaya.

FAKE NEWS: Pakistani Defense Minister threatens Israel with nuclear weapons

__________ Jerusalem Post Pakistani Defense Minister threatens Israel with nuclear weapons following fake news report Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja M. Asif threatened Israel late Friday night,...

Turkey threatens to suspend EU deals if visa-free travel not allowed

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan is looking to dump millions of Turks into the EU, both Kurdish refugees he plans to manufacture in great numbers, certainly a part of its criminal population, and then out of work Turks from the Russian sanctions.

Turkey threatens to unleash migrants if no visa-free travel

Jim W. Dean - The gloves are off. Turkey says "no" to EU demands to update its counter-terrorism law as one of the visa-free regime requirements. Erdogan raises his bet by 2 million refugees.

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood party threatens to join ISIS

After the last Wednesdays’ shut down of the Muslim brotherhood party offices under the pretext of illegal activities, some party officials are reportedly threatening to join the ISIS.