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Recession looms on US front door

Jim W. Dean - Trump's interference in Hong Kong as part of his multi-phased attack on China might trigger its hunkering down thinking a recession could help get rid of Trump for a second term and be worth the cost long term.

US Trade policy and Brexit pose major risks for European economy...

Brussels stated on Wednesday that it was reducing economic growth forecasts for the EU, emphasizing the risk posed by "any further escalation of trade tensions".

Is gunboat diplomacy alive and well between the US and China?

Jim W. Dean - Among all the other UN countries, only the US openly displays its ability to solve trade disputes via the military option.

China trade war to crash US dollar

Mr. Schiff brings up a topic that does need to be discussed more, the money supply, especially in the troubled trade war seas in which we now sail.

Trump slaps China with $50 billion in trade tariffs on imports

Talk time is over. The clubs are being brought up for the summer bashing to begin, for Trump and the Republicans to make a public stand on trade during the peak of the midterm elections.

US war and trade policies are hurting everybody but the Deep...

Finally we see a mention of the obvious today, that once you are under sanctions, new ones pose no problems.

France vows to trade with Iran in defiance of US

Europe: Are we America’s vassals?’

Duff on China, Trade War and Technology Transfer: Press TV...

The technology transfer is coming fast. Get the latest scoop now!

EU ready for ‘stupid’ US trade war

... from Press TV, Tehran Junker - "We can also do stupid."  * - First published ... March 07, 2018 - The European Union says it's ready...

EU warns will ‘react swiftly’ to US trade war threat

Jim W. Dean - Poor America; a country that, according to Trump, is being so unfairly treated by everyone in the world except by Israel, which runs massive espionage operations here, but against which our Justice Department is blocked from bringing indictments.

President Tweet goes nuts on China trade – No one is...

Jim W. Dean - Trump took to Twitter once again to play the twit. He threatened to stop trade with all those doing business with North Korea - an economic act of war not only on China, but the American people.

US Formally Launches First Attack against China Trade Ties

Washington formally launched a probe into China’s alleged theft of US intellectual property (IP), in a move likely to spark a trade war with Beijing which has vowed to take “all appropriate measures” in response to the move.

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