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The Romans Gave Wine to Germany

Without the Romans, Germany would not be the wine producer it is today.

Duff on Press TV: Trump’s “All but the real terrorists” Travel...

A US federal appeals court has refused to reinstate Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, dealing a fresh blow to the American president’s bid to...

Travel packing tips from Veterans Holidays

You’ve booked your vacation rental, scheduled transportation and made a plan for the pets – now comes the toughest part: deciding what to pack! We all know that our first instinct can be to bring our entire closet, but realistically who wants to lug around all those bags (or pay those baggage fees)?

New Yorkers stage ‘I am a Muslim too’ rally in protest...

Over a thousand people from various faiths declared 'I am a Muslim too' as they assembled at the iconic Times Square here to express solidarity with the Muslim community and protest against US President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

Just 31% of Americans (those who actually voted for him) think...

Less than one-third of Americans believe US President Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries makes them "more safe," a new poll shows.

VT Travel: Duffster’s Ghana Videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLak9Jj0Z_o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHzuaw-XYZI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUl_rljp7D8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_gT7B4B8Qg

WWII veterans travel to northern Russia to mark 75th anniversary of...

 Veterans of the World War II and diplomatic officials from nine different countries arrived in the Russian northern port city of Arkhangelsk to mark...

Turkey-EU Refugee Deal Dead as Ankara Demands Visa-Free Travel or They...

Jim W. Dean - I fear that bringing the visa regime dispute to a head is just step one of a number that Erdogan is getting ready to take, major changes ones, which are all dangerous.

Turkey threatens to suspend EU deals if visa-free travel not allowed

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan is looking to dump millions of Turks into the EU, both Kurdish refugees he plans to manufacture in great numbers, certainly a part of its criminal population, and then out of work Turks from the Russian sanctions.

Turkey threatens to unleash migrants if no visa-free travel

Jim W. Dean - The gloves are off. Turkey says "no" to EU demands to update its counter-terrorism law as one of the visa-free regime requirements. Erdogan raises his bet by 2 million refugees.

EU Commission backs visa-free travel deal with Turkey

Jim W. Dean - When the EU cannot even process refugees, one wonders how they are going to keep track of the millions of Turkish refugees who will now flood into Europe with their new visas. Where will the resources come from?