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Syrian troops celebrate liberation of airbase in Aleppo – Jim W....

Jim W. Dean - This Kuwayris air base recapture could be the lynchpin move for taking Aleppo if it can be quickly set up as a forward ground support facility. But it would have required a lot of logistics planning to do it.

Syrian Troops Recapture Critical Road to Aleppo

Syrian troops have recaptured the strategic road into the government-held side of second city Aleppo from ISIS terrorist group fighters who had severed the route.

Baghdad Not to Allow US Troops to Enter Iraq through Kurdistan...

TEHRAN (FNA) - Senior Iraqi lawmakers strongly voiced their opposition to the US government's decision to dispatch forces to Iraq in line with Washington's...

US General: Iran has fewer than 2,000 troops in Syria

The United States military believes that Iran has fewer than 2,000 troops in Syria fighting alongside government forces, said a top US general Tuesday.

Yemeni Troops Drown Second Saudi Warship

Yemen’s army, backed by allied popular committees loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement, has destroyed a second Saudi warship in a missile attack in the southeast of the impoverished Arab country.

Video of Tochka Launch that Kills up to 3 Dozen UAE...

Not what the UAE had bargained for when they agreed to bail out the Saudis

Syrian minister: government troops cooperating with Kurdish forces

Military cooperation between Syrian government troops and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) has been instrumental in pushing back Islamic State (ISIS) militants from the town of Hasaka in Syria’s northeast,

Lavrov, Kerry discuss US plans to bomb Syria government troops

Recent intelligence received from highest level sources in the Russian government confirm that, in the meeting outlined below between Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Saudi Foreign Minister Adil Al-Jubayr, Saudi Arabia indicated that they are preparing to end all aid to ISIS and al Nusra

Breaking: US Troops Inside Syria, Raid Kills ISIS Moneyman

Gordon Duff..."Sec. of Defense Ash Carter just announced that a US Special Forces unit hit targets inside Western Syria last night killing Abu Sayyaf."

Mercenaries join troops to fight Boko Haram

Gordon Duff..."Are we buying an election here?"

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