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EU experts claim US Iran sanctions will fail, and why

Jim W. Dean - If EU companies are financially hurt by US-Iran sanctions, will the respective governments start freezing US assets in compensation? How far with the game of showdown go?

Trump’s Appointment of the Acting Attorney General Is Unconstitutional

The president is evading the requirement to seek the Senate’s advice and consent for the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and the person who will oversee the Mueller investigation.

Spin Battle on Oil Supply and demand Continues

China, India, Greece, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and South Korea are the eight countries that have been exempted from the US sanctions.

NEO – State of the Union before US Elections

What difference will the election make?

US Expects Zero Impact on Global Oil Markets From Iran Sanctions...

Jim W. Dean - As I type, lran is conducting its major annual air defense drill, but where the US has no aircraft carrier in the region

Trump said ‘black people are too stupid’ to vote for him:...

Michael Cohen told Vanity Fair magazine that Trump had once told him that “black people are too stupid to vote for him.”

Why Bibi LOVES the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

So was Israel somehow behind the Pittsburgh massacre?

Trump invites Putin to White House meeting

Jim W. Dean - Needless to say the US was planning to expand its military footprint to force Russia and China to do the same, to even maintain their 1 to 10 military spending ratio disadvantage

Putin meets America’s Prince of Darkness – John Bolton

It has already been leaked that Trump will be looking to renew the INF Treaty if it includes China, which was never a signatory

Iran, South Korea plan ‘comprehensive’ boost in ties

Iran is expanding bilateral ties with South Korea in the face of US actions.

Intel Drop: Khashoggi and Some Very Nasty Truth

There are no more governments, we have only chaos. Democracy died when candidates began to be manufactured as products, sold like poison, and government became little more than cheap carnival.

Why does the West care so much about the Saudi-Kashoggi case?

Jim W. Dean - The report claims that Kashoggi synced his Apple watch microphone with the iPhone outside with his fiancee, which recorded him being tortured and killed. If this is true, this is going to turn into one hell of a story.

Is Israel the ‘Swing Vote’ on Border Security in US?

Israeli border program hinges upon a multi-pronged approach, encompassing border agents, smart technology, and a sophisticated border wall. Can Trump's Vision of walling up the southern border benefit from Israeli expertise?

False Flag Weekly News is back! Kevin broadcasts live from Tarragona,...

For a snapshot of what's REALLY going on in the world, watch FFWN!

VIDEO: Trump Insults Female Reporter and Then White House Alters Official...

If the image managers didn't think the comment was unhelpful, then why would they have entered a typo into the official WH record?

Notes: Trump and the Writing on the Wall

By Gordon Duff, Senior EditorTrump is currently and has been since before the election, the subject of a criminal investigation.  Every use of his...

Trump Is Not an American Idea

Regardless of who put Trump into office, he has not delivered on his promises.

FEAR: Trump in the White House

Inside story on President Trump as only Bob Woodward can tell it.

Iran Action Group providing smokescreen for people behind Trump’s Anti-Iran policy

Jim W. Dean - The new group is just for show, providing a smokescreen for the people behind Trump who are really running the Iran policy, such as Netanyahu and the US Israel Lobby.

Trump, Fly Commercial and Forget the Federal Pay Freeze

Health Editor's Note: Air Force One and several other military aircraft are involved when the president travels, be it to his home in Florida...

Berlin should ‘recalibrate’ partnership with US in ‘sober and critical’ way...

The German minister cited “a growing protectionism” by its major transatlantic partner as a key reason for this requirement.

McCain whacks Trump one more time from the grave

The US President had a rocky relationship with McCain, who publicly criticized his hard line immigration policy and recently bashed his performance at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin and at the NATO summit.

Trump Jesus vs. Trump Gotti

Who will win the Presidential Election this November? Trump Jesus? Or will Trump Gotti be thrown out giving Presidency to Paster Mike Pence

National Emergency: U.S. Citizens to Vote for President Again this...

Calling All Citizens!  You're wanted this November 6 to vote for President of the USA!

GUILTY! Sad Day for United States of America, Let Hearings...

With true sadness, we demand US Congress immediately begin hearings to impeach the peoples EMPLOYEE Donald J. Trump!

Iran says Europeans must bear expenses for long-term interests

Jim W. Dean - The big showdown is going to come when the oil sanctions kick in, the biggest act of economic war that we will have seen to date.

Dangerous Confrontation in The Middle East

Will Trump choose “the mother of all wars” or the “mother of all peace”?

NEO – Is the US Beheading the Turkish Economy as an...

The US continues to play its poker game of “Economic Show Down” with a growing list of unhappy countries.

Trump vs. Omarosa goes Unhinged

An Insider's Account of the Trump White House

Kushner Unfit – Period

Kushner's only "qualifications" as the lead on Middle East policy are that he is an Orthodox Jew, a Zionist and a financial contributor to criminal trespassing settlers and thieves.

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