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#UNRIG Video (6:59) Former Spy Q Follower with Pedophilia and 5G...

Robert Steele provides a seven minute commentary on whether lockdown is allowing clearing of pedophilia tunnels, and relationship of 5G to coronavirus.

Facing US Bio-Warfare: An open letter to President Trump from the...

SARS-US, MERS-US, COVID-US; the World Deserves Answers Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman, bio below Questions the US government needs to answer: 1. On...

America’s Rubicon: RIP Republic

The coronavirus “Plandemic” was the grand finale for the former United States of America. We have come to the end of a long, drawn-out fight between the ideas of self-government and liberty and collectivism, religious dogmatism and totalitarianism.

Can Bernie Break From His Hamlet Complex?

A new collapse is coming on and the coronavirus (whatever its origins) is being used to trigger that collapse.

#UNRIG Video (4:58) Former Spy Offers 3-Part Path to Getting America...

Robert David Steele, who believes that all those VT'rs suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome can be saved, offers a three part solution for getting America back on track within two weeks.

WHO says US could become ground zero for pandemic

Jim W. Dean - While Trump says everything is fine, US producers will make everything we need, we learn the State Department has been ordered to buy everything it can from any country but Russia. You just can't make this stuff up.

What Next? Former Spy Reflects on How President Trump Can...

Robert Steele provides a final overview of the fake pandemic and outlines five specific things the President can do to escape from is clearly very thin ice.

Liberalization of Divorce Laws: Donald Trump as a case study

Trump’s playboy lifestyle and affairs had little to no consequences. This was because he sets very strict prenuptial agreements with his partners.

Coronavirus Urged to Wash Hands and Self-Quarantine After Trump-Bolsinaro Handshake

"The coronavirus needs to vigorously scrub its hands, or more accurately its spike proteins, with pure bleach for a minimum of twenty minutes..."

COVID-19: Must Read for March 14

The former Surgeon General of the United States has warned that America’s top medical centers are suffering from a severe shortage of coronavirus testing supplies and are being forced to turn away potential patients amid the fast-spreading pandemic.

Time for Trump-Pence to be Removed and a Caretaker Government Seated

Veterans Today is calling for the removal of President Trump and Vice President Pence and for a bi-partisan committee of congress to take over until a new election can be held.

Trump Travel Ban Excludes Countries Where He Has Golf Courses

When President Donald Trump announced his 30-day travel ban to Europe Wednesday night, he excluded the United Kingdom, even though it has 456 cases of the novel coronavirus, far more than many countries under the ban, including Portugal and Poland.

NIH Fauci Chides Trump for Disbanding Global Pandemic Security unit of...

When it comes to responding to the coronavirus outbreak, one of Donald Trump's most important missteps came before anyone had even heard of COVID-19. As we discussed on Monday, the president's first error came back in 2018.

Why Coming Economic Collapse Won’t be Caused by Coronavirus PART 2

The markets took a 1000 point hit which was more than a little startling for many investors since the last 1000 point fall only happened three days prior… all in all, bringing the financial markets to lows not seen since April 2008 and veering dangerously close to a precipice which has 1929 written all over it.

The Real Truth: Germophobe Trump Going Raving Nuts Over CV19 Fear

US President Donald Trump has reportedly been “melting down” over fears that journalists might try to deliberately get him infected with the coronavirus.

Self Proclaimed ‘Super-genius’ Trump Setting up FEMA Concentration Camps at Abandoned...

Thugs and prison camps, lies and stupidity.  We knew it was coming and here it is.  Secret committees have been set up to screen who goes to lockdown and who gets "self-monitored" quarantine.

MEMO FOR THE PRESIDENT: The Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the...

Robert David Steele, the first person to evaluate Wuhan as a hybrid warfare event combining biological, electromagnetic, and information campaigns, provides an update for the President whom all Veterans love and wish to see triumph.

Holistic Evaluation of Assassination of General Sardar Suleimani

Robert David Steele responds to questions from Iran that get us past the assassination and back toward rapproachment.

Freaks and ‘Gizzards’: Not so Funny Anymore!

With the accusations, PissGate, Jane Doe child rape and murder along with 16000 lies, having a fake president isn't working out so well. 

Victim: “Trump ejaculated on my dress during rape,” asks court for...

President Donald Trump's lawyers are urging a judge to halt a lawsuit from a woman seeking Trump's DNA to help prove her claim that he raped her in the 1990s

Phil Giraldi takes on the Kremlim boogeyman merchants

Jim W. Dean - I have to ask you all when is the last time you have read anything about investigation of electronic vote flipping?

Scotland Seeks Racketeering Designation for Trump, Says Golf Resorts Bought with...

Scotland's first minister has been urged to use unexplained wealth orders to investigate how Donald Trump paid for his Scottish golf resorts.

U.K. Musings: Trump Not Guilty, Chinese Bio-Weapon Out of Control

Michael Shrimpton comments on President Trump's triumphant acquittal and accuses China of lax security in its flu virus weaponization program.

Syria (read ‘Russia’) Will Shoot Down Any Aircraft Violating Country’s Airspace-Message...

With Trump starting a shooting war with Russia, VT was right again, Trump belongs to the Kosher Nostra, not Russia...exactly what we explained to the FBI when they came after us...and then later asked for an extensive briefing...

Roger Stone gets 3 years, Judge Jackson not intimidated by Trump

Judge Jackson... "there was nothing unfair, phony, or disgraceful about the investigation or the prosecution."

Another Trump Criminal Gets 40 Months in Jail, Will Trump Intervene...

Long-time political operative and Trump confidant Roger Stone has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for perjury and obstruction of the ‘Russiagate’ probe, in a process marked by controversy and accusations of partisanship.

Trump offered Wikileaks Julian Assange a Pardon to Lie for Him

Introduction:  We have confirmations on this and a long and very colorful history with Dana Rohrabacher and his "good work" with the Northern Alliance...

WaPo: Rudy Giuliani weaponizing Ukrainian corruption and shaking down the world

The impeachment trial of President Trump divided America and captivated the world. At the center of it all was Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s old friend from New York.

The Case for Trump Removal: Addiction, Dementia or Both?

https://twitter.com/freddyatton/status/1227685448614465536?s=20 https://twitter.com/ZenAndHopscotch/status/1228446103852527619?s=20

More than 1100 Former DOJ Employees Demand Barr’s Resignation-Letter

Daily Beast: More than 1,100 former Department of Justice employees have signed an online petition demanding Attorney General William Barr resign over his handling...

Sunday in TrumpLandia: Time To Throw The Dice

Trump's indignant contempt along with the enabling by his wilful and dutiful followers spells C.I.V.I.L.W.A.R. by Nov. 4th.

U.S. Backed Peace Process in Afghanistan a Charade

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has been a failure for everyone except the drug lords.

‘The Day Democracy Died’ (Founding Fathers Music Video)

Pick your favorite, tell me which one you voted for?

Trump offers New York State immigration deal if it drops criminal...

Donald Trump appeared to offer New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a deal on a state immigration law if he agreed all investigations of his personal life and businesses are dropped.

Trump Expected to Veto Both House and Senate’s Move to Limit...

Trump's ability to wage war against Iran, rebuking the president after a strike against an Iranian military commander and Tehran's retaliation last month raised fears of broader regional conflict.

NEO: Mobbed Up American Policy, The Global Shakedown

Gordon Duff - Despite broad censorship, it is relatively commonly known that Jared Kushner’s shaky personal finances received a generous bailout from Saudi Arabia, real estate loans but also broad partnerships for his father in law also, including Saudi Arabia’s first official brothel.

Trump’s Lackey Roger Stone Faces 7 to 10 Years Unless Trump...

Federal prosecutors are urging that longtime Donald Trump adviser and Republican political provocateur Roger Stone be sent to prison for about seven to nine years for his conviction on charges of lying and witness tampering during investigations of ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Trump Claims White House Photo Likening Him to Aging Painted Whore...

President Trump claimed on Saturday that a viral photo of his tan lines, which prompted #OrangeFace to trend on Twitter, was photoshopped.

Trump: Death Warmed Over with an Earl Scheib Paint Job

These are real photos from the White House, taken in North Carolina. There was a black and white version, which was Google Censored from the...

ALERT: Will USA be in Violent Civil War by End...

The USA is one spark away from a complete breakdown

A Private Note to VT Insiders

It wasn't Donald Dementia not knowing where Kansas City is, perhaps Portugal.  I have to check. It was Ivanka.  She was throwing satanic hand signs...

Superbowl Takedown: Shakira & J. Lo Stick it up Trump’s Fat...

Jennifer Lopez posts a powerful statement about her Super Bowl performance “Other people can try to build walls, keep us out or put us in...

REVEALED: CIA Analyst Set Out to Take Down President

Robert Steele builds on a superb article by Paul Sperry that discloses the genesis of the impeachment witchhunt, and predicts a federal trial that will not end well for the perpetrators.

Erdogan Blasts Saudis for Support of Trump’s Apartheid Deal

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday blasted several Arab countries including Saudi Arabia for backing US President Donal Trump’s so-called deal of the century, condemning it as 'treason.'

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