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Trump Exposes His Anti-Jew, Again! But is it Anti-Semitism?

There Trump goes again! One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Bombshell Court Filing Suggests FBI Knew ‘Russiagate’ was Fraud in January...

The FBI’s questionable use of the dossier in court submissions to secure FISA warrants against Page is well-known, and was a key criticism of a December 2019 Justice Department Inspector General review, which determined the Bureau made 17 errors or omissions in its FISA applications.

Prospects of Civil War 2.0 in the USA

VT's Asif Haroon Raja examines the prospects of Civil War 2.0 in the United States of America

Trump Accused of Meddling at DOJ to Exact Revenge on Enemies,...

The New York Times is reporting that Trump is now under serious investigation for meddling and using the Department of Justice to exact his revenge against his perceived enemies.  

Trump vs. Hitler: A Concise Comparison

A student of the Hitler era, Trump mastered many of his techniques. But was he just like Hitler? Let's take a serious look.

WARNING: The Constitution in Jeopardy: An Unprecedented Effort to Rewrite...

Authors Russ Feingold and Peter Prindiville—in a conversation with Marquette Law School’s Mike Gousha—will visit Eckstein Hall for the national debut of their new book, The Constitution in Jeopardy: An Unprecedented Effort to Rewrite Our Fundamental Law and What We Can Do About It. The book examines the history and meaning of the U.S. Constitution’s amendment procedure and what the authors regard as fringe efforts to call the first-ever constitutional convention under its provisions and as the need for reform that provides for more frequent, democratic constitutional change. The Constitution in Jeopardy is intended to offer both a warning and a way forward and is written for a broad audience of engaged citizens.

BREAKING: Is Trump Secretly Negotiating a Pardon with Biden?

VT sources say Ivanka met with a person close to Biden to throw up a trial balloon for a pardon.

Punish on Democracy, Insurrection and the Corrupted USA

To punish the perpetraitors of insurrection against democracy is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity

The Mar-a-Lago Raid

It’s perfectly clear that last Monday’s raid by the Fibbies on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate near Palm Beach Florida was ordered by the White House. The Biden Administration’s denials have made it official.

Growing pattern of election deception inside Trump White House grows

Jim W. Dean - I have tried to kindle the use of the term 'Banana Republicans,' as it fits this situation perfectly.

John Eastman Sinking Lower into Trump’s Insurrection Swamp

Jim W. Dean - When we come out the end of this political car wash, we might have the Trump mob stench washed off of American democracy.

More Republicans viewing Trump as anchor around the party’s neck

When the primary calendar turns to Georgia on Tuesday, Trump’s election conspiracy crusade is likely to take another hit.

Clarence Thomas’ wife more Deeply Involved in Subverting Biden Election

Their big push is to take over the Republican governorships with hardcore Trumpers so they can appoint Secretaries of State to call the shots on the final elector list.

Esper Recounts his Bumpy Yellow Brick Road with Mr. Trump

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is now sharing the truth about what really happened during the Trump years.

Dept. of Justice sits Grand Jury on Trump Theft of Classified...

Why this grand jury investigation poses a serious threat to Trump.

Pence to headline Georgia rally for Kemp, defying Trump ahead of...

Jim W. Dean - Trump views everybody not like him as losers. It is his way of blocking out what a turkey he is.

Jan 6 Committee will have Big Surprises to Reveal in June

Jim W. Dean - The huge amount of video depostion material the committee has from cooperating witnesses from inside the White House and on Congressional staffs could be the bombshells that Americans will never forget.

Elon Musk says he would end Trump Twitter ban

The Tesla CEO, who is in the process of buying the app, said Twitter’s decision to boot Trump from the platform was “morally bad” and “foolish in the extreme.”

Judge Donato tosses Trump suit against Twitter

The fun part of the Insurrection and The Steal litigation will include seeing the plotters exposed via all of their conspiratiorial communications, in paper, audio and video, and live testimony.

NYPD veteran Thomas Webster Convicted of Assaulting officer in Capitol Riot

Jim W. Dean - The militia people may all be looking at full insurrection convictions besides the few that might roll over on the others.

Judge Upholds Jan. 6 committee Subpoena for RNC records

Jim W. Dean - Their oath of office is now clearly revealed to be something they give to themselves, to do whatever is best for their political carrers.

Republican who refuses to bend the knee to Trump surges in...

Matt Dolan, who wants the former president to stop pushing “lies about the outcome” of the 2020 election, is showing a late burst of momentum.

New Tapes Show Trump Trolling for a Pardon from Pence if...

Ivanka has already weakend her dad with her testimony on Trump's refusing to specifically tell the mob to stand down.

An Expert on Autocracy assesses how far America has slipped away...

“He’s an authoritarian, and they can’t leave office. They don’t have good endings and they don’t leave properly.”

Justice Dept. delay in beginning charges on Trump allows crime spree...

Jim W. Dean - The DoJ's delay is putting wind in the sails of fundraising for certain people and groups to use in the planning for future attacks on our democracy.

Intel Drop: Trump Kids, Biden Bribes, Explosive Reveals

The DHS is Mossad and any contact with the Secret Service would involve oversight at the highest levels, which for the DHS has always been in Tel Aviv.

WashPost Alert: Trump deflects blame for Jan. 6 silence, says he...

Former president Donald Trump voiced regret Wednesday over not marching to the U.S. Capitol the day his supporters stormed the building, and he defended his long silence during the attack by claiming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others were responsible for ending the deadly violence.

Humilitainment: How to Control the Citizenry Through Reality TV Distractions

We have gone from COVID-19 lockdowns to Trump-Biden election drama to the Russia-Ukraine crisis to the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings to Will Smith’s on-camera assault of comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards Ceremony.

Is USA a Failed State under Biden?

Major pieces of President Biden’s agenda remain bogged down as his approval rating is at a historic low among many demographic groups, Biden has proven to be not that popular and many view his administration as a dysfunctional one.

Nearly 300 GOP State Legislators May Be Indicted in Trump’s Coup...

Raw Story: Hundreds of Republican state legislators may have criminal legal exposure stemming from Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, a former top GOP strategist explained.

Could Mo Brooks flip on Trump?

Rep. Mo Brooks said he would "take that under advisement" if House investigators called on him to testify about his new allegations against former President Donald Trump

Alert: Trump’s 7 Hour Gap Stokes Probable Obstruction Arrest

Records show that Trump was active on the phone for part of January 6, documenting conversations that he had with at least eight people in the morning and 11 people that evening. But a seven-hour gap in the records stands in stark contrast to the extensive public reporting about phone conversations he had with allies during the attack.

Trump likely committed felony obstruction, California federal judge rules

A federal judge ruled that former President Donald Trump “more likely than not” attempted to illegally obstruct Congress.

Trump’s base splinters over Ukraine saying ‘I’m glad he’s not president...

VT gots some very big issues with Donald Trump and think Biden's Misguided War is no reason to give Trump a pass.

Putin Beheads Bioweapon Engineers in Ukraine (Unconfirmed)

Putin told Trump the executions were videoed, that he’s going to send the video to the people responsible for building those labs.

Facing US Bio-Warfare: An open letter to President Trump/Biden from the...

A series of questions based on what is known about deployment of bioweapons.

Trump Lied: Fmr. Ambassador Peter Ford Busts False Flag Gas Attack

The BBC has ordered Peter Ford’s interview off their servers. The copy we have is a mobile phone video of a TV screen. Imagine that. Sit down, watch, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Merrick Garland says DOJ may prosecute Trump for Jan. 6: ‘We...

Raw Story: Attorney general Merrick Garland pledged that the Department of Justice would not shy away from Jan. 6 evidence that implicates disgraced former president Donald Trump or his inner circle.

NY DA Bragg Ends Trump Investigation

This lack of candor does a disservice to the people Bragg took an oath to serve.