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NEO – Did Cohen burn Trump down, or just singe him...

Mueller is not about to bring any charge or file an indictment based on the word of one person’s testimony. He will have one and often two corroborating sources of evidence to substantiate verbal witnesses like Cohen today.

More Trump theatric distractions with Kim in Hanoi

Jim W. Dean - Trump made a fool of himself again, coming back with his implausible story that Kim refused to give up any of his nuclear program until "all" of the sanctions were removed.

Blockbuster: The Secret Cohen Investigation, Why the Public Only Got “the...

Gordon Duff - When we are done, two dozen "philanthropists" will be jailed and the trail will lead to London, to Tel Aviv and begin to demonstrate how penetrated and corrupt every level of government is in the United States.

NEO – How RussiaGate Cripples Middle East Peace

Kushner has used his position to cozy up to the Saudis, coming away with hundreds of millions in illegal loans while offering the Saudis advanced nuclear weapons technology and a fully equipped, American-built nuclear weapons production facility.

Trump policies deepen US-EU divisions at Munich summit

Pence was met with silence at the Munich Security Conference in Germany after he delivered his signature line: “I bring you greetings from the 45th president of the United States, President Donald Trump.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Purpose of Warsaw Summit is “War With Iran”

The common interest of Israel and other nations at the summit is “war with Iran”

NEO: Is Trump Walling America In?

The Trump Wall will be built not to protect America but as a symbol of a nation of inmates, not citizens.

The End of Russia’s ‘Democratic Illusions’ about America

The consequences of Russiagate are incompatible with Putin’s historical mission: to rebuild Russia economically after its post-Soviet collapse in the 1990s through modern partnerships with democratic nations. For this reason, Putin himself is unlikely to have plotted Russiagate or to have taken any real satisfaction from its woeful consequences.

Mueller probe: Fully armed FBI agents arrest Trump’s ex-adviser Roger Stone...

Jim W. Dean - Trump can whine all he wants about Mueller, and calling top FBI people crooks, a huge screw up on his part as his record of being a crook is up there in the top ten list.

Mueller: Trump Campaign Official ‘Directed’ to Ask Roger Stone About WikiLeaks...

Editor's note:  The stories we have involved Stone and local law enforcement in South Florida, rigged sheriff elections and a very protected pedophile ring...

Trump Shutdown Exposes Even More Crimes and Lies

Trump is clearly compromised.  This is why we all see the changing story lines from him and his assigns. 

Cohen to spill Trump beans to Congress next month

Jim W. Dean - Cohen's testimony will be a big media event, right when Trump will be wanting to jump start his 2020 campaign.

Trump & Pompeo doing good cop, bad cop game with Syria

Trump is willing to take military action in Syria again if needed - Pompeo ...from Russia Today, Moscow -   - First published ... January 10, 2019...

“US to redouble efforts to put pressure on Iran”

Jim W. Dean - If the War Party was ever in the closet, it sure as hell is no longer. 

Do Russiagate promoters prefer impeaching Trump to avoiding war with Russia?...

... from Russia Today, Moscow The year 2018 in the history of the new Cold War. Stephen Cohen reflects on major developments in 2018, in...

NEO – What Happens Now with Syria?

The Syria withdrawal story has taken almost daily twists and turns, even with Bolton and Trump seeming to be going in separate directions.

Trump and Bolton play good and bad cop game on Syria

Jim W. Dean - The free and democratic US now insists, without any input from Syria, that it will decide Syria's foreign policy with the Turks on the Kurds,

US stock index futures tumble on Apple’s China warning

Apple’s shares tumbled 8.8 percent in pre-market trading after the iPhone maker slashed its holiday-quarter revenue outlook due to slowing iPhone sales in China.

Pro-war ‘Trump circus’: Veteran reporter quits NBC with biting critique of...

Jim W. Dean - Let's see now if other senior journalists band with Arkin to put this issue of corporate media rolling over on the big security issues squarely in front of the public with all that they collectively know.

Iraq to play bigger role in Syria to fight Daesh: PM

... from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... January 01, 2018 - The Iraqi prime minister has hinted that his country would play a...

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