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Trump Orders Georgia Governor to Forget the Election and Name Trump...

On Tuesday, Trump called for Georgia Governor Kemp to "do something" because he had "allowed" his state to be "scammed."

Sidney Powell Tweet: Trump should declare insurrection and use “military tribunals”...

Jim W. Dean - Having been beaten down in the courts, it looks like Trump is looking for option 'number two', thinking his prosects of the Supreme Court helping him steal the election are going slimmer by the day.

NEO – Was a “Bomb for Iran” set in the Middle...

Mike Pompeo is closely monitoring events in Iraq, and the actions taken by Iran, on the lookout for any hints of aggression on the part of Iran or its militias targeted toward American diplomats and military personnel.

Trump: A dictator who could win big in the Middle East

Trump was never a populist nor an anarchist for that matter, he was simply a dictator in the making.

Breaking: The “Trump Steal” crashes and burns today

Trump thanked Murphy in tweets Monday night and said he had recommended that she and her team “do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols.”

Biden Covid response – Put the scientists back in charge

Jim W. Dean - There is nothing Biden can do to make the Trumpers show remorse, but he can put the Republicans in Congress and the Republican governors in the hot seat.

Richard Cook: Psychotic Trump Must Be Stopped Now

Lame Duck President Donald Trump appears to be in a state of psychotic meltdown. Everyone in Washington suspects this, though none of the sycophants who surround the president is able to come out and say it.

Report: Sidney Powell Fired By Trump

Powell was finally thrown under the bus on Sunday after a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed the campaign’s efforts to throw out millions of legally cast votes. Attorney Powell’s bizarre claims have drawn criticism even from reliable Trump supporters for her utter refusal to provide any substantive evidence.

Did Trump Win 410 Electoral Votes?

SEIZED SCYTL DATA, ELECTION FRAUD, Alleged server seized by US Army?

Timely Presidential Transition Paramount for Public Health

U.S, lives depend on quick transition to Biden's COVID-19 Team.

Is there anything Trump would not do to save himself?

Jim W. Dean - The key hurdle I saw for Iran is that while Biden had stated he would rejoin the JCPOA, he mentioned some 'other issues' surrounding it would have to be worked out.

How ‘Stop the Steal’, became a National Comedy Show of Losers

It's an astounding fact that more than 1,000,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus since Trump lost to Joe Biden on Election Day, and more than 10,000 have died.

Another Super Spreader Event: White House Election Night Party

White House political director tests positive for coronavirus

The Vaccine: Trump Meltdown-Blackmail may stop vaccine distribution, Cost more lives

Gordon Duff - Biden isn't getting briefings, nor is Pfizer, nor are the states and cities during what should be the biggest and most complex effort since the Manhattan Project.

Biden should refuse to let Trump define his options

With Biden already committed to movingly quickly on a lot of fronts to get the US ship of state sailing with full sails, his supporters are hopinng for a comprehensive new transition model to be rolled out.

“We Have Submitted the Issue to the American People and Their...

The tradition dates back to 1896, when William Jennings Bryan conceded the election to William McKinley via telegram

How can Republicans survive a rogue Ex-President?

Jim W. Dean - You can rest assured that normal Republicans will be burning the midnight oil to save themselves from having Trump around their necks as a political albatross. Moreover, If there aren't consequences, then Trump's "techniques" will stand as enduring precedents.

Trump throws the Republican party on his own funeral fire

At the conclusion of a campaign that exceeded their expectations in almost every sense — picking up House seats, thwarting an outright Democratic takeover of the Senate, running competitively in every presidential battleground state — Republicans COULD HAVE walked away from 2020 with some dignity intact.

U.S. Withdraws From Paris Climate Agreement

U.S. is the first to leave the accord

Trump Lies: ‘We Are Beating COVID-19’: Fauci, says ‘No, We Are...

Trump has downplayed the virus or mocked those who take it seriously

Donors regret giving to Trump campaign as aides expect election defeat

Jim W. Dean - The main failure in my book occurs on day one where we don't require a very thorough FBI clearance on all those wanting to run for president BEFORE they can even file.

TOP 4 Evidence-Based Reasons Donald Trump is Racist

VT's Johnny Punish brings the Evidence and Facts on Trumps' Long History of Racism

Trump Vets 274 Celebrities For Botched $265 Million COVID Ad Campaign

More evidence Trump interfered in public health issues

Breaking: Kushner to Bob Woodward: Trump’s disastrous failed COVID opening a...

Instead of following the health experts' advice, Trump and Kushner were focused on what would help the President on Election Day.

Heroes and Honor: United States of America is About To...

Author Johnny Punish takes a deep look at HONOR and why its absence in the narrative of what it means to be the United States of America is critical.

Trump Declares War on the Professional Civil Service

Federal agencies will be weakened if the experienced, nonpartisan professionals in those organizations are replaced by political appointees.

Election Notes – October 26, 2020

Early voting is open almost everywhere and is generally going smoothly because the later openings have had more time to prepare and to learn from the problems that the earlier states had.

Can we do a counter coup if Trump refuses to leave?...

Jim W. Dean - We have to fully expect that Trump will contest the election if he loses, and be ready to defend the recorded vote.

White house chief of staff surrenders us all to Covid

Jim W. Dean - When this is done, never so many will have owed so little to so few as the Trump gang of sociopaths.

Ex-GOP strategist on Trump’s GOP: ‘Burn it down and start over’

Jim W. Dean - We will need new Republicans to be future primary contesters against the dregs that still have their seats after November 3rd.

Herd Protection is Ethical Way to Stop COVID-19 Pandemic

Never before have we reached herd immunity via natural infection with a novel virus, and COVID-19 is a novel virus.

How the FDA Stood Up To Trump

FDA and Scientists Say 'No' to Trump Pandemic Instructions https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1318733786448908288?s=20 Health Editor's Note: As VT has reported, Trump has openly accused the FDA of trying to...

Trump’s political suicide charge on the Covid Battlefield

Jim W. Dean - Brianna Keilar and CNN put a wooden stake through Trump's heart by showcasing family after family devastated by Trump's Covid.

Attacking Fauci: Another Trump Political Ploy

Trump's refusal to listen to Fauci's recommendations has cost American lives

Independent Watchdog to Investigate Trump Interfering in CDC and FDA

The Government Accountability Office will "review whether the CDC and FDA’s scientific integrity and communications policies have been violated.

Marshall Masters on Freedom, Trump, Alliance, Globalists vs Nationalists, PlanetX —...

Marshall Masters is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM.

Fear and Scapegoating During a Pandemic

Panelists at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History discuss pandemics and scapegoating

How one moderate Republican Congressional district could doom Trump

We have 15 days till the voting battle is over, and the counting battle begins. Trump lawyers have already prepared attacks claiming that the mail in ballots were fraudulent.

Is the U.S. facing a political civil war?

When a Continental Convention was adjourning in 1787, a spectator called out to Ben Franklin, “What kind of government will we have? He answered, “A republic if you can keep it, sir.”

Press TV’s The Debate – US anti-Iran policies

Jim W. Dean - How much US major civilian infrastructure spending have we seen going on inside the US?

Medical Organizations Protest Trump’s Outrageous Executive Order 13950

EO 13950 would stifle attempts at open, honest discussion of race and sex stereotyping.

#UNRIG Video (1:37:06) Steele On Edge of Wonder: NSA, CIA and...

In a 90 minute interview with Edge of Wonder duo, Robert Steele discusses Ed Snowden as a CIA op for Barack Obama intended to shut down NSA, and much more.

COVID-19 Superspreader Event: Look no Further Than the White House

Mr Trump has expressed scepticism about measures such as masks and lockdowns to combat the spread of Covid-19, which has killed more than 213,000 people in the US.

Trump: Confusing Healthcare With Business

At least two Walter Reed doctors who refused to sign nondisclosure agreements last year were not permitted to be involved in Trump’s care.

Caught: Trump Paying Teens for Fake Profiles on Facebook, his ‘Army...

In comments on news articles, paid users cast doubt on mail-in ballots, praised Trump and spread misinformation about coronavirus. Facebook traced these profiles to an Arizona-based communications company called Rally Forge, which it says worked on behalf of Turning Point USA.

Blockbuster: Trump touts Fetus Stem Cell Cure in COVID Stock Scam,...

Provider of Trump Covid drug is president's golf friend, raising questions about 'cure' claims and exclusive access.

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