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Mueller – Path To The Truth Through a Minefield of Deception...

For Trump it's all about power ~ as witness his admiration for dictators and autocrats such as Putin as well as his own abuse of power methods to gain power ~ see Citizen Kane.

Greg Palast takes a Deep Dive into Georgia’s Republican shorts

Hidden in the 95 pages of Georgia’s new anti-voting law, there are greater horrors than Pizza Prohitibion.

VT Skeptical or worse: Veselnitskaya’s Trump Tower coverup linked to secret...

Documents obtained by The Daily Beast link the $230 million fraud discussed at the Trump Tower meeting in 2016

Manhattan Prosecutors zero in on current, former Trump allies

Glenn has a quick four minute report covering his bet that Cy Vance is moving forward quickly to bring charges against Trump on his business dealings.

A totally bizarre interview with Lindsey Graham on Trump and party...

Lindsey Graham points to GOP’s reality under Trump: It’s a hostage situation ...from the Washington Post First published ... March 08, 2021 Sen. Lindsey O. Graham’s relationship...

NEO: A Dangerous America for a Dangerous Time

Even with Trump gone, the fear of Trump returning has repercussions. Europe is certainly terrified of the possible return of Trump or someone like him in 2024 and, because of this, looks at reproachment with the US as a temporary measure at best. Politically, the US is not simply unstable, it has been shown to have a large bloc of violent and radicalized mostly “poor whites” willing to disbelieve everything the mainstream media says.

FBI chief says Trump supporters committed ‘terrorism’ in Jan. 6 attack...

"That siege was criminal behavior, pure and simple. It's behavior that we, the FBI, view as domestic terrorism," Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

NEO – Trump Reemerges as Prosecutors circle his Fading Empire

Despite Trump's problems, he is still recognized as the major power in the Republican party, where anyone not in his favor would stand little chance of being elected in 2022 and 2024.

Chris Krebs: ‘The Base is ultimately driving the bus’ of the...

Former CISA Director Chris Krebs speaks with Nicolle Wallace about the lies of voter fraud in the 2020 election, what led to the January 6th insurrection, and the likelihood that Trump will the Republican party’s presidential nominee in 4 years.

Trump’s baseless election claims march GOP into ‘policy wasteland’

Jim W. Dean - This year's CPAC was basically a political revival tent circus for the Trump cult.

Michael Smerconish takes on Rush Limbaugh’s legacy

Jim W. Dean - Not only do we have to deal with the embers of Trumpism, but also take a close look at the way that public airways were used as a tool for a major attack on our democracy.

Cy Vance hires top RICO (‘Racketeering’) prosecutor for Trump family criminal...

Jim W. Dean - What effect this might have on the potential federal criminal investigations with the new Biden Department of Justice is too early to tell.

Congressional staffers make history demanding Senate convict Trump

Jim W. Dean - The Banana Republicans will now also be stained with not giving a crap about their staff.

Glenn Kirschner pushes for 50 State prosecutions for Covid negligence

Kirschner has sent a Team Justice letter to the new Department of Justice demanding criminal prosecution of the Trump regime for its various federal crimes.

Conviction smoking gun, Trump refused to call off mob

Jim W. Dean - This impeachment trial is going to enshrine the debased caliber of political talent we elect to Congress.

Trump Impeachment Day 2 – Dem prosecutors take us inside the...

Jim W. Dean - Call me a bad boy, but from what I saw at all the main door crashings, the use of lethal force could have stopped it, orange haired pretend-a-god.

Have ‘rigged election’ Republicans kissed off corporate donors for 2022 and...

Jim W. Dean - US corporations are reviewing their political issue donation plans, with seemingly a dual approach of not getting the Trump stink on them, and by 'supporting democracy' instead, which makes perfect sense.

Trump’s impeachment defense team leaves less than 2 weeks before trial

Jim W. Dean - As McConnell said last week that the impeachment trial is a political ruling, that still leaves the door open for Trump and team to face criminal prosecution by a Biden DoJ.

Steve Schmidt: The Lincoln Project is suing Rudy Giuliani

Schmidt said, "We are going to sue the shit out of Rudy Guiliani. I'm so happy that I'm literally choked up."

Donald Trump vs the United States

History might view this Trump to Biden change of government as that of the Vandals to the Age of Enlightenment.

Trump sits back, watching State parties attack Repubs who voted against...

Jim W. Dean - The post Capitol coup poll a few days ago showed 45% of Republicans still totally on board the event.

Steeped in corruption forever: The FBI’s blind eye to Right Wing...

As a top priority, Vice President Harris should put her lawyer hat on once again and lead, together with Congress, a reform of the FBI legal standards on terrorism, as they are applied to the progressive left and the far right.

Bill Maher introduces the next generation of Republican grifters

Donald Trump may be gone, but there's a new generation of right-wing Republican nutjobs that you’ll be cursing out for years to come.

Can Congress quickly deal with the country’s critical problems?

Jim W. Dean - Both sides need to show that the health and economy of the country has to be front and center, and not held hostage to partisan politics.

Dominion Voting Systems counterattacks with 150 cease and desist orders

Jim W. Dean - Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) is following in Trump's shoes, having falsely claimed that an Antifa mob attacked his house and family.

Biden’s US should seize chance to lift bans, rejoin Iran nuclear...

Jim W. Dean - Biden flubbed his JCPOA 'fix' debut by pulling a Trump scam, by effectively wanting to renegotiate the deal, a huge mistake of a tactic.

Trump leaves QAnon idots at the altar, with tears galore

Jim W. Dean - Trump is now going to get to enjoy what it is like having a bunch of crazy followers wanting to hang him.

Convict Trump, Overturn fraudulent pardons (some), Our next order of business...

Will they convict Trump and reverse his pardons or will he get away scot-free. Only time will tell.

Blockbuster: Steve Schmidt…”This must be crushed, this must be annihilated”

"Before we can talk about reconciliation, we must talk about accountability, we must talk about justice, we must talk about punishment for the violence done to the United States."

Trump, Family, Cheered as Capitol Ransacked, Bombs Planted, Police Killed..he did...

Jim W. Dean - You all know what I am going to say here. You just can't make this shit up!

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for invoking of 25th Amendment

After becoming the first Republican to call for Trump’s removal, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joins Hallie Jackson and Stephanie Ruhle on why he thinks the 25th amendment should be invoked.

Thanks Trump: Sedition and A COVID-19 Super Spreader Event

Trump: He continues his assault on Americans!

America: A Nation Beyond Repair?

A Bold Question But Is It? Only Time Will Tell.

This could all have been prevented: How mental health experts were...

Salon: There is an unambiguous reason why mental health experts have not been seen or heard or read in the national media during the...

Horned, shirtless man at the Capitol demonstration identified

As a mob of President Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building Wednesday, one face stood out from the crowd in photographs: A tattooed, shirtless man donning horns and red, white and blue face paint inside the chambers.

Blockbuster: Secret Russian Source: Trump Deploying Sarin/VG Gas to Persian Gulf...

The US military will move against Donald Trump, arresting him for sedition, depending on the outcome of January 6 and the level of violence in Washington DC. 

Judge threatens legal sanctions for frivolous Trump Steal injunction request

This is the first Trump Steal legal proceeding where I have seen "sanctions" brought up by the judge for not only filing a frivoulous injunction suit, but foregoing even notifying those being targeted.

General Soleimani’s legacy versus Donald ‘bone spur’ Trump

Michael Flynn, a former U.S. intelligence chief, said in an interview with German media and another interview with Al-Jazeera that the 2003 invasion of Iraq fueled the creation of ISIS.

GA Sec of State’s brother Ron doesn’t exist even though Trump...

Jim W. Dean - Twitter seems to be the best that Trump's lazy followers can do for an information source.

Iran now claims British Intel helped Trump kill Soleimani party in...

Jim W. Dean - We have to worry that Trump might want to order a retaliation attack on Iran for its retaliation on the US airbase in Iraq.

Blockbuster: Top Ten ‘Dumb Fuck’ things Trump did

Salon - The Donald Trump presidency ended, in a way, on Nov. 7. That was the day that media outlets called Pennsylvania, and thus the 2020 election, for Joe Biden.

Breaking: Senate leader McConnell acknowledges Biden winner

Jim W. Dean - Trump can dream all he wants to about being a force of nature, but I predict he will be a house of cards.

COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Were Not on Trump’s ‘To Do’ List

Trump Declined COVID-19 Vaccine Doses in November https://twitter.com/businessinsider/status/1338508846940237824?s=20 Health Editor's Note: As late as November Trump was turning away from ordering more COVID-19 vaccines.  What was...

Electoral College votes landslide for Biden – Trump now toast

Jim W. Dean - No group of political operatives has ever so publicly humiliated the nation and themselves more than these Republican grifters.

Trump blasts Supreme Court for throwing out election lawsuit

Jim W. Dean - The Court has been following all the earlier court cases, and by turning down the most recent appeal, their ruling is "No way Jose".

NEO: Farewell incredulous Trump

Farewell, you unwise, unkind, unthinking, and unthinkable brute of a world leader.

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