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Steeped in corruption forever: The FBI’s blind eye to Right Wing...

As a top priority, Vice President Harris should put her lawyer hat on once again and lead, together with Congress, a reform of the FBI legal standards on terrorism, as they are applied to the progressive left and the far right.

Bill Maher introduces the next generation of Republican grifters

Donald Trump may be gone, but there's a new generation of right-wing Republican nutjobs that you’ll be cursing out for years to come.

Can Congress quickly deal with the country’s critical problems?

Jim W. Dean - Both sides need to show that the health and economy of the country has to be front and center, and not held hostage to partisan politics.

Dominion Voting Systems counterattacks with 150 cease and desist orders

Jim W. Dean - Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) is following in Trump's shoes, having falsely claimed that an Antifa mob attacked his house and family.

Biden’s US should seize chance to lift bans, rejoin Iran nuclear...

Jim W. Dean - Biden flubbed his JCPOA 'fix' debut by pulling a Trump scam, by effectively wanting to renegotiate the deal, a huge mistake of a tactic.

Trump leaves QAnon idots at the altar, with tears galore

Jim W. Dean - Trump is now going to get to enjoy what it is like having a bunch of crazy followers wanting to hang him.

Convict Trump, Overturn fraudulent pardons (some), Our next order of business...

Will they convict Trump and reverse his pardons or will he get away scot-free. Only time will tell.

Blockbuster: Steve Schmidt…”This must be crushed, this must be annihilated”

"Before we can talk about reconciliation, we must talk about accountability, we must talk about justice, we must talk about punishment for the violence done to the United States."

Trump, Family, Cheered as Capitol Ransacked, Bombs Planted, Police Killed..he did...

Jim W. Dean - You all know what I am going to say here. You just can't make this shit up!

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for invoking of 25th Amendment

After becoming the first Republican to call for Trump’s removal, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joins Hallie Jackson and Stephanie Ruhle on why he thinks the 25th amendment should be invoked.

Thanks Trump: Sedition and A COVID-19 Super Spreader Event

Trump: He continues his assault on Americans!

America: A Nation Beyond Repair?

A Bold Question But Is It? Only Time Will Tell.

This could all have been prevented: How mental health experts were...

Salon: There is an unambiguous reason why mental health experts have not been seen or heard or read in the national media during the...

Horned, shirtless man at the Capitol demonstration identified

As a mob of President Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building Wednesday, one face stood out from the crowd in photographs: A tattooed, shirtless man donning horns and red, white and blue face paint inside the chambers.

Blockbuster: Secret Russian Source: Trump Deploying Sarin/VG Gas to Persian Gulf...

The US military will move against Donald Trump, arresting him for sedition, depending on the outcome of January 6 and the level of violence in Washington DC. 

Judge threatens legal sanctions for frivolous Trump Steal injunction request

This is the first Trump Steal legal proceeding where I have seen "sanctions" brought up by the judge for not only filing a frivoulous injunction suit, but foregoing even notifying those being targeted.

General Soleimani’s legacy versus Donald ‘bone spur’ Trump

Michael Flynn, a former U.S. intelligence chief, said in an interview with German media and another interview with Al-Jazeera that the 2003 invasion of Iraq fueled the creation of ISIS.

GA Sec of State’s brother Ron doesn’t exist even though Trump...

Jim W. Dean - Twitter seems to be the best that Trump's lazy followers can do for an information source.

Iran now claims British Intel helped Trump kill Soleimani party in...

Jim W. Dean - We have to worry that Trump might want to order a retaliation attack on Iran for its retaliation on the US airbase in Iraq.

Blockbuster: Top Ten ‘Dumb Fuck’ things Trump did

Salon - The Donald Trump presidency ended, in a way, on Nov. 7. That was the day that media outlets called Pennsylvania, and thus the 2020 election, for Joe Biden.

Breaking: Senate leader McConnell acknowledges Biden winner

Jim W. Dean - Trump can dream all he wants to about being a force of nature, but I predict he will be a house of cards.

COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Were Not on Trump’s ‘To Do’ List

Trump Declined COVID-19 Vaccine Doses in November https://twitter.com/businessinsider/status/1338508846940237824?s=20 Health Editor's Note: As late as November Trump was turning away from ordering more COVID-19 vaccines.  What was...

Electoral College votes landslide for Biden – Trump now toast

Jim W. Dean - No group of political operatives has ever so publicly humiliated the nation and themselves more than these Republican grifters.

Trump blasts Supreme Court for throwing out election lawsuit

Jim W. Dean - The Court has been following all the earlier court cases, and by turning down the most recent appeal, their ruling is "No way Jose".

NEO: Farewell incredulous Trump

Farewell, you unwise, unkind, unthinking, and unthinkable brute of a world leader.

Pfizer and Moderna Say ‘No’ to Invitations to White House ‘Vaccine...

The vaccine manufacturers’ absences will be conspicuous at a “Vaccine Summit,”

The Trump Steal loses two more court cases with scathing decisions

Jim W. Dean - When is the last time we saw 10 to 20 million people like the Trumpers so willing to be duped and separated from their money, despite the pandemic?

Interview on Iran, Israel, Trump, and Talmudic Ideology

...by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor This interview has been published by Nader Talebzadeh and his wife. Talebzadeh is an Iranian researcher, film director and...

Trump Orders Georgia Governor to Forget the Election and Name Trump...

On Tuesday, Trump called for Georgia Governor Kemp to "do something" because he had "allowed" his state to be "scammed."

Sidney Powell Tweet: Trump should declare insurrection and use “military tribunals”...

Jim W. Dean - Having been beaten down in the courts, it looks like Trump is looking for option 'number two', thinking his prosects of the Supreme Court helping him steal the election are going slimmer by the day.

NEO – Was a “Bomb for Iran” set in the Middle...

Mike Pompeo is closely monitoring events in Iraq, and the actions taken by Iran, on the lookout for any hints of aggression on the part of Iran or its militias targeted toward American diplomats and military personnel.

Trump: A dictator who could win big in the Middle East

Trump was never a populist nor an anarchist for that matter, he was simply a dictator in the making.

Breaking: The “Trump Steal” crashes and burns today

Trump thanked Murphy in tweets Monday night and said he had recommended that she and her team “do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols.”

Biden Covid response – Put the scientists back in charge

Jim W. Dean - There is nothing Biden can do to make the Trumpers show remorse, but he can put the Republicans in Congress and the Republican governors in the hot seat.

Richard Cook: Psychotic Trump Must Be Stopped Now

Lame Duck President Donald Trump appears to be in a state of psychotic meltdown. Everyone in Washington suspects this, though none of the sycophants who surround the president is able to come out and say it.

Report: Sidney Powell Fired By Trump

Powell was finally thrown under the bus on Sunday after a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed the campaign’s efforts to throw out millions of legally cast votes. Attorney Powell’s bizarre claims have drawn criticism even from reliable Trump supporters for her utter refusal to provide any substantive evidence.

Did Trump Win 410 Electoral Votes?

SEIZED SCYTL DATA, ELECTION FRAUD, Alleged server seized by US Army?

Timely Presidential Transition Paramount for Public Health

U.S, lives depend on quick transition to Biden's COVID-19 Team.

Is there anything Trump would not do to save himself?

Jim W. Dean - The key hurdle I saw for Iran is that while Biden had stated he would rejoin the JCPOA, he mentioned some 'other issues' surrounding it would have to be worked out.

How ‘Stop the Steal’, became a National Comedy Show of Losers

It's an astounding fact that more than 1,000,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus since Trump lost to Joe Biden on Election Day, and more than 10,000 have died.

Another Super Spreader Event: White House Election Night Party

White House political director tests positive for coronavirus

The Vaccine: Trump Meltdown-Blackmail may stop vaccine distribution, Cost more lives

Gordon Duff - Biden isn't getting briefings, nor is Pfizer, nor are the states and cities during what should be the biggest and most complex effort since the Manhattan Project.

China runs circles around US on Covid response

A massive effort to contain a Covid-19 outbreak has kicked off in China's city of Manzhouli after two locals contracted the disease. Apart from restrictive measures, the operation involves the testing of around 300,000 residents. Strict quarantine rules were rolled out in the city on China's border with Russia, after two cases of coronavirus were detected on Saturday.

Biden should refuse to let Trump define his options

With Biden already committed to movingly quickly on a lot of fronts to get the US ship of state sailing with full sails, his supporters are hopinng for a comprehensive new transition model to be rolled out.

“We Have Submitted the Issue to the American People and Their...

The tradition dates back to 1896, when William Jennings Bryan conceded the election to William McKinley via telegram

How can Republicans survive a rogue Ex-President?

Jim W. Dean - You can rest assured that normal Republicans will be burning the midnight oil to save themselves from having Trump around their necks as a political albatross. Moreover, If there aren't consequences, then Trump's "techniques" will stand as enduring precedents.

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