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The Debate We Should Have – Trump, Stein And Clinton

There is only one candidate who sounds and acts presidential and is representing the American people and not special interests ~ that candidate is Jill Stein and she'll get my vote on November 2nd because I deserve a true choice and will not settle for the lesser of two evils.

Similarities between Trump and Erdogan

                                    By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Despite some...

Godzillary Castrates T-Rex Trump in 100 Million Viewed Monster Epic Debate...

TrumpBots Devastated as Polished Preparation Destroys Unprepared Sniffling Water Drinking Incoherence

PressTV: Adelson will hold sway over Trump

US Republican mega-donor and hard-line Zionist Sheldon AdelsonAccording to former US Senator Mike Gravel, hard-line American Zionist Sheldon Adelson would have unprecedented influence in...

TV Networks Announce U.S. Presidential Debate Reality Show Series, First Episode...

Bigger than AT HOME WITH THE KARDASHIANS and more epic than GAME OF THRONES, Networks frothing at mouth to show off reality stars Hillary Clinton and Golden Boy Donald Trump as the mockery of a mockery continues to erode American Democracy

Duff on Press TV: Trump Ready to Help America Burn it...

Funny having an orange Oompa-Loompa who has had half a ton of fat liposuctioned out of his face alone discuss health. At 25 he was 4F for Vietnam. What is he now?

Israel: The Elephant in the US Election

The media does not want to address the elephant in the room, or in this case, in the US presidential election.

‘Populists & political fantasists:’ Senior UN official compares Wilders, Trump, Farage...

UN official calls for action to oppose European and US politicians who create “an atmosphere thick with hate” that “may descend into violence.”

Melania Trump Sues The Daily Mail for Reporting She Was a...

Melania Trump, the wife of the sharp-tongued GOP presidential candidate, on Thursday filed a lawsuit in state court in Montgomery County against a popular British news website, claiming it damaged her reputation by reporting that she worked as an escort, a euphemism typically implying prostitution.

US Embassy Warns Trump Against Mexico Visit Today

In just a few hours, GOP U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump will be visiting Mexico City to meet with Mexican President Neito. Neito invited Trump and Trump accepted quickly without any planning or set agenda.

Alwaleed bin Talal: saved trump twice from bankruptcy!

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, said that he himself had earlier rescued the US presidential candidate the controversial Donald Trump twice from bankruptcy, describing him as the "bad guy."

Another Scandal in US Democrat Party

New York previous mayor and current manager of Donald Trump's promotional campaign for the presidential election announced in press interviews yesterday: it has come as a surprise how Ms. Clinton's Women Foundation, a so-called feminist group, has received millions of dollars in bribes from Saudi government, which is clearly against women.

Trump: CIA officers helped Turkey coup attempt, evidence available

Donald Trump, US Republican presidential candidate, claims in his new tweet that he has evidence that CIA officers helped in Turkey's attempted coup. It is probably make a new turmoil amid the heated presidential race between him and the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Born by Hillary, Taliban or ISIS?

Recently, Donald Trump Republican nominee has described President Barack Obama as “the founder of ISIS”, and said his rival Hillary Clinton was the “co-founder”.

TRUMP 2016: Enjoy Last Great Election on Race in U.S....

Demographics and Evolution Destroying White Nationalist Movement as 21st Century Delivers The Death Blow To The Past and the 2016 Election

Who’s Ruining America? Career Politicians!

Term limits! We need Citizen Legislators, not Career Politicians.

TRUMP: Right Message Wrong Messenger

By Johnny Punish Wow what a ride it has been since the GOP and DEM conventions ended a few weeks ago!  Trump has been on...

Clinton’s lead over Trump triples in Wisconsin: Poll

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's lead over her Republican rival, Donald Trump, has tripled in Wisconsin since July.

Assessment: Seth Rich “Hit” a Wikileaks/Mossad op to Save Flagging...

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor There is no such thing as "Wikileaks."  The organization, such as it was, broke up years ago.  Assange manages nothing...

Trump Commits Major Crime with Veiled Assassination Call Against Hillary

Donald Trump Just Committed a Major Crime against the former First Lady of the United States of America in violation of 8 U.S. Code § 879

NEO – Hijacking Trump

There is clear evidence that the Trump campaign, currently floundering in the midst of a flurry of gaffs by a candidate now accused of insanity or dementia, has been infiltrated by an illegal FBI operation.

Clinton’s lead over Trump widens by 8 points: Poll

  US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (L) and her Republican rival Donald Trump (AFP) US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead over her Republican rival...

You’re Fired!

Michael Morrell Has No Morals

Is Trump a Political Terrorist?

By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Some western psychiatrists believe that many terrorists have had a difficult childhood producing narcissistic wounds, resulting in “projecting...

Guardian: Donald Trump will not endorse Paul Ryan as Republican splits...

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has declined to endorse the re-election campaign of the House speaker, Paul Ryan, the highest-ranking member of his party in Washington, as divisions intensified in the GOP.

Straight Talk About Trump

Is Donald Trump insane? Of course he is. So is Hillary, any idiot can see she is drugged out of her mind, look at that gaping smile.

Is Trump Really Nuts?

More and more evidence is coming in from the behavior of Donald Trump and the opinions of expert observers that he really is nuts.

‘Dangerous outcast’: Ukraine minister blasts Trump for saying Crimea people want...

Jim W. Dean - This is what we get when organized crime is actually given ministerial positions for political support to a ruling party. Western countries basically do the same, but prefer the more subtle methodology.

NFL Facing Trump Armageddon in Mexico this November

The NFL has scheduled a Monday Night Football game in Mexico on November 21st. It will be the first Monday Night Football game outside the USA and in prime time which means every football fan will be watching. But what will they see?

Press TV: Have you even read the US Constitution?: Father of...

  Khizr Khan, father of a deceased Muslim US soldier, holds up a booklet of the US Constitution as he delivers remarks on the fourth...

An Appeal To Americans

For your sake and our sakes.

Shrimpton: Trump v. May

  The last week has seen two very different styles of leadership on the Right of politics. At the Republican Convention in sunny Cleveland we...

Trump Will Stay 100% True to Israel

A prominent Jewish New York attorney and member of the American Jews for Trump organization says the GOP candidate for president, Donald J. Trump, will stay true to the support he has expressed for the State of Israel.

Donald Trump’s General Election Strategy – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Of course, I will not be choosing the lesser of two evils and will instead be voting for the good Dr. Jill Stein ~ the Green Party's presumptive nominee for President and look forward to her presence in the Presidential debates. God help us all in November.

Trump Chooses Pence, Clown, Toad and Incompetent for VP

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor. Pence claimed the Affordable Care Act, now a huge success, was "equivalent to 9/11."  Pence is obviously insane. Pence is a...

Russia Backing Trump 150%: Trump May Choose Pro-Russian General Who Predicted...

 Obama’s former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (stupidest agency in history), Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was pushed out of the administration after...

Trump Announces he is Jewish, “Hoodathunkit”

The WWII Exploits of Trump's Jewish Relatives Editor's note:  With Trump's foreign policy the most pro-Israeli in recent history and his equal history of surrounding...

Another Trump Pedophile Lawsuit Emerges

Another Trump pedophile lawsuit has emerged, with alleged victim Katie Johnson filing a lawsuit (under the name of Jane Doe) against both Donald Trump and...

‘Determined to Eviscerate the Poor’: Is Trump what the GOP Deserves?

In a move described by some as a “hail mary,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has gone to Capitol Hill to shore up...

Trump Will Not Recognize Palestinian Statehood if Elected President

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has backtracked from his neutral position on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and is now “committed” to supporting Israeli settlement expansion on territories it has seized illegally, according to an advisor.

Erdogan calls for swift removal of Trump name from Istanbul Towers...

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for the immediate removal of the ‘Trump’ name from the Trump Towers Istanbul due to the likely Republican presidential nominee’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Trump Will Take the World to the ‘State of Nature’

By Sajjad Shaukat Trump whose political character is an amalgamation of the traits of Louis XVI, the king of France, Prince Metternich, the Austro-Hungarian...

‘Trump should be tried in military court over profiling Muslims plan’

"If the United States is truly committed to its Constitution, Donald Trump should be tried in a military court, and summarily executed over his suggestion of profiling Muslims in the United States."

President Trump Will Invade and Attack Mexico

The last time USA invaded Mexico was over 167 years ago. It was called "Mr. Polk's War" after the ardent Manifest Destiny U.S. President James Polk. Will Trump go Polk 2.0?

Trump And Hitler – Both Rose From Political Apathy And Oppression

Mr. Trump, who has called for monitoring mosques and even barring Muslims from entering the United States, has been the clear beneficiary of this moment of deep anxiety and oppression among the vast majority of electorate. More than four in 10 Republican primary voters say the most important quality in a candidate is strong leadership, which eclipses honesty, empathy, experience or electability.

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