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Trump Attacks Columbia University For Study: ‘Earlier Shutdown Could Have Saved...

The models they used assessed how social distancing slowed the spread of the disease after mid-March and looked into how lockdown measures could have impacted the spread of the disease earlier.

NEO – Why is Trump drumbeating a ‘New Cold War’ with...

Jim W. Dean - When the many trillions in virus bills are tallied in the first half of 2021, we will have a look at the various Central bank holdings to see whose currency is worth anything, and what their gold holdings and foreign debt are.

#UNRIG Video (35:56) Ben & Tina Garrison, America’s Conservative Cartoon Couple

Robert Steele interviews America's greatest cartoonist couple, who have been ruthlessly attacked by the ADL, the unregistered agent of the Zionist foreign power Israel (never to be confused with Jews of faith). They tell their story.

Maduro kidnapping plot leads back to Trump and puppet Juan Guaido

Kidnapping Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and bringing him to the US was the objective of a failed incursion into the country, one of the two captured US mercenaries said in an interrogation tape released by state TV.

#UNRIG Video (34:46) Naked Short Selling Interview #3 – Susanne Trimbath...

Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is the author of the single most important book in modern times documenting how Wall Street loots pension funds and engages in massive pervasive criminal activity that in enabled and also covered-up by government officials including those working for the Security Exchange Commission and the Senators and staff of the Senate Banking Committee.

Germany snubs US Nordstream sanctions as Russia will complete pipeline

Jim W. Dean - The marriage of Russian gas and Germany is here to stay because after landing in Germany it will be connected to a wider distribution network.

Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and...

This April 16th, Dr. Luc Montagnier became a household name around the world. This occurred as the controversial virologist decided to publicly state his...

EU’s Borrell says ‘hell no’ to Trump’s JCPOA claim

Joseph Borell has cut Trump and Pompeo off at the knees, a way of saying no thanks to the US sanctions on the EU doing any business with Iran.

Trump Says ‘Social Distancing” Will Expire Today

North Carolina and Michigan, have extended their restrictions into May

Press TV’s The Debate – US anti-Iran policies

Jim W. Dean - Trump has shifted back to using Iran as the convenient whipping boy to show Americans he is defending us from the country that has never attacking anyone in modern history.

Politico caught in its own fake news trap

Jim W. Dean - Politco came after VT once, a silly smear job story farmed out to a stringer young writer with the Politico magazine weekend edition.

Trump: Leverages Coronavirus Aid to Force Immigration Policies

The president mentioned using aid to force states into “sanctuary city adjustments” in comments to the press Tuesday.

A Government against the people

Beyond the musical chairs that have characterized the senior level appointments in the first three years of the Trump administration, there has been a concerted effort to remove “disloyal” members of the intelligence community, those disloyal to the politics of the administration.

NEO – “Iraqi Pandemic” for USA

Jim W. Dean - One of the major reasons for US imperialist hatred for Iran is that Iran's support against the US/ISIS terrorists that saved Iraq from being Balkanized.

Trump Health Spokesman Exploits Pandemic with Tweets about Soros and Rothschild...

The man President Donald Trump just named to speak for the Health Department accused George Soros and the Rothschild family of seeking to exploit the pandemic for control and to advance their agendas.

Story Behind Team Trump’s Chloroquine Master Plan (63 veterans murdered in...

Forget testing, ventilators, and PPE. Donald Trump’s big plan to beat COVID-19

Press TV’s The Debate – US coronavirus fallout

Jim W. Dean - If President "It will go away", who also goes by the name "It's a hoax", survives this, he might want to change his name to Houdini.

Intel Drop: Push governors to call up National Guard, disband Congress,...

...by the Senior Editor Taking down the US entered one of its final stages when a devastating virus, one that reinfects, can't be treated, can't...

Days from Civil War: Trump Calls Up Secret Force of 10,000...

The second Trump uses force to vacate congress, the US will cease to exist as a republic.

US nursing homes death traps for many

Jim W. Dean - I picked up on the dearth of nursing home, assisted living reporting early on, suspecting it was to keep the death numbers down to support our medical wonder president, Mr. "It will just go away".

Trump Fiddles While America Burns

How Donald Trump failed at the single most important task of the Oval Office: keeping the American people safe from harm

#UNRIG Video (13:40) Declaration of NESARA/GESARA Coming? Sacha Stone Thinks So!

Sacha Stone, consort of presidents, royalty, and high priests, offers a startling and positive prediction for the near future.

NEO – How organized crime is spreading COVID 19 and raking...

Gordon Duff - We also know that the equipment seized, from shippers, wholesalers and even taken by military personnel from critically low hospital stockpiles has disappeared.

NEO – Why the US wouldn’t ease Iran sanctions

by Salman Rafi Sheikh, ...with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study...

‘Do not politicize this virus unless you want more BODY BAGS,’...

...from Russia Today, Moscow - - First published ... April 08, 2020 - - The WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus has responded to US President Donald Trump’s threat to...

#UNRIG Video (23:40) Former Spy Interviews QAnon Anti-Censorship Guru

Dustin Nemos is the man behind the best selling book Q Anon: The Great Awakening, and a self-made man who is creating a patriot marketplace that cannot be censored.

#UNRIG Video (6:59) Former Spy Q Follower with Pedophilia and 5G...

Robert Steele provides a seven minute commentary on whether lockdown is allowing clearing of pedophilia tunnels, and relationship of 5G to coronavirus.

Facing US Bio-Warfare: An open letter to President Trump from the...

SARS-US, MERS-US, COVID-US; the World Deserves Answers Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman, bio below Questions the US government needs to answer: 1. On...

America’s Rubicon: RIP Republic

The coronavirus “Plandemic” was the grand finale for the former United States of America. We have come to the end of a long, drawn-out fight between the ideas of self-government and liberty and collectivism, religious dogmatism and totalitarianism.

Can Bernie Break From His Hamlet Complex?

A new collapse is coming on and the coronavirus (whatever its origins) is being used to trigger that collapse.

#UNRIG Video (4:58) Former Spy Offers 3-Part Path to Getting America...

Robert David Steele, who believes that all those VT'rs suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome can be saved, offers a three part solution for getting America back on track within two weeks.

WHO says US could become ground zero for pandemic

Jim W. Dean - While Trump says everything is fine, US producers will make everything we need, we learn the State Department has been ordered to buy everything it can from any country but Russia. You just can't make this stuff up.

What Next? Former Spy Reflects on How President Trump Can...

Robert Steele provides a final overview of the fake pandemic and outlines five specific things the President can do to escape from is clearly very thin ice.

Liberalization of Divorce Laws: Donald Trump as a case study

Trump’s playboy lifestyle and affairs had little to no consequences. This was because he sets very strict prenuptial agreements with his partners.

Coronavirus Urged to Wash Hands and Self-Quarantine After Trump-Bolsinaro Handshake

"The coronavirus needs to vigorously scrub its hands, or more accurately its spike proteins, with pure bleach for a minimum of twenty minutes..."

COVID-19: Must Read for March 14

The former Surgeon General of the United States has warned that America’s top medical centers are suffering from a severe shortage of coronavirus testing supplies and are being forced to turn away potential patients amid the fast-spreading pandemic.

Time for Trump-Pence to be Removed and a Caretaker Government Seated

Veterans Today is calling for the removal of President Trump and Vice President Pence and for a bi-partisan committee of congress to take over until a new election can be held.

Trump Travel Ban Excludes Countries Where He Has Golf Courses

When President Donald Trump announced his 30-day travel ban to Europe Wednesday night, he excluded the United Kingdom, even though it has 456 cases of the novel coronavirus, far more than many countries under the ban, including Portugal and Poland.

NIH Fauci Chides Trump for Disbanding Global Pandemic Security unit of...

When it comes to responding to the coronavirus outbreak, one of Donald Trump's most important missteps came before anyone had even heard of COVID-19. As we discussed on Monday, the president's first error came back in 2018.

Why Coming Economic Collapse Won’t be Caused by Coronavirus PART 2

The markets took a 1000 point hit which was more than a little startling for many investors since the last 1000 point fall only happened three days prior… all in all, bringing the financial markets to lows not seen since April 2008 and veering dangerously close to a precipice which has 1929 written all over it.

The Real Truth: Germophobe Trump Going Raving Nuts Over CV19 Fear

US President Donald Trump has reportedly been “melting down” over fears that journalists might try to deliberately get him infected with the coronavirus.

Self Proclaimed ‘Super-genius’ Trump Setting up FEMA Concentration Camps at Abandoned...

Thugs and prison camps, lies and stupidity.  We knew it was coming and here it is.  Secret committees have been set up to screen who goes to lockdown and who gets "self-monitored" quarantine.

MEMO FOR THE PRESIDENT: The Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the...

Robert David Steele, the first person to evaluate Wuhan as a hybrid warfare event combining biological, electromagnetic, and information campaigns, provides an update for the President whom all Veterans love and wish to see triumph.

Holistic Evaluation of Assassination of General Sardar Suleimani

Robert David Steele responds to questions from Iran that get us past the assassination and back toward rapproachment.

Freaks and ‘Gizzards’: Not so Funny Anymore!

With the accusations, PissGate, Jane Doe child rape and murder along with 16000 lies, having a fake president isn't working out so well. 

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