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Obama tours Europe to soothe fears over Trump’s stance on NATO,...

Barack Obama has arrived in Greece on the first stop of his farewell foreign tour as president. As the trip comes days after the...

US-EU Trade Deal Dies a Crib Death

Jim W. Dean - The postmortem on this "un-deal" has already begun, with the Germans and French shoveling dirt on the still warm TTIP corpse, while the US public generally has been asleep at the wheel on it all.

Germany says TTIP talks with US failed

Jim W. Dean - The public's attitude, those I converse with, shows a growing suspicion and antipathy toward trade treaties, as future generations have no say so afterwards.

An Appeal To Americans

For your sake and our sakes.

NEO – The Amount of Influence CIA can exercise over the...

Jim W. Dean - A lot of nasty things were done as the Cold War lasted a long time, but don't see many people concerned anymore about what the Soviets and the East European Communist states were doing during that time.