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Turkey to Set Up Eight Military Bases in Syria’s Idlib

_________ Tasnim Turkey to Set Up Eight Military Bases in Syria’s Idlib Turkey plans to establish eight military bases throughout Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, Turkish media...

‘Iran, Turkey to stop new Israeli scenario’

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Tuesday that Iran and Turkey, as two influential countries in the Mideast region, will stop new scenario of the Zionist regime of Israel.

Turkey agrees to ‘only deal with Baghdad’ over oil exports

Jim W. Dean - As I watched the Kurdish people dance in the streets with joy, I was astounded to see the unconcern over losing their oil export revenue or control of their airspace and borders, even for imports.

Erdogan – Turkey will close border with Iraqi Kurdish region

Jim W. Dean - What I have been posing in my interviews over the last few days, that with only Israel supporting the Iraqi Kurdish separatist move, there will be no international group to oppose the sanctions that will be coming down on Kurdistan.

Iraqi Kurdistan vote poses direct threat to Turkish national security

Jim W. Dean - Turkey's main concern is seeing the referendum trigger an uprising in its own unhappy Kurdish regions, when it already has serious concerns with a Kurdish independent state being carved out on its southern border with Syria.

Turkey to deploy 25,000 troops to enforce Idlib de-escalation zone

Jim W. Dean - The ink is hardly hardly dry on the deconfliction agreement and we now hear 25,000 Turkish troops will take over northern Idlib, including its airport. I don't see any way that Russia or Iran could deploy that many troops each for their respective areas.

Russia, Iran & Turkey agree on final de-escalation zone in Idlib,...

Jim W. Dean - This was good but expected news from Astana, where all three guarantors are aboard the deconfliction arrangement not only by agreeing to it, but also manning checkpoints to layout and enforce the borders between the designated jihadis and "opposition" groups.

Alarming West, Turkey Nudges Closer to Russia Arms Deal

Turkey and Russia are inching towards an accord for the first major Turkish weapons purchase from Moscow, troubling Ankara's allies in NATO even though the deal may not ultimately materialize.

Turkey says Israel must end occupation of Palestine

Jim W. Dean - We must look at Erdogan's new announcement to cooperate more with Russia, Iran, Iraq and now Syria on security issues. He can see that his trying to exploit the Syrian situation has backfired, with a possible Kurdish State being declared on his southern border

We Will Not Allow A Kurdish State on Our Borders: Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey will not allow the foundation of a Kurdish state on its southern border, reiterating earlier comments on the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria.

Turkey to boost military cooperation with Iran after Major General Baqeri’s...

Turkey and Iran have agreed to boost military cooperation after talks in Ankara this week between the Iranian armed forces chief of staff and Turkish leaders, President Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman said on Thursday.

Top Iranian general meets Turkish president

Jim W. Dean - A major realignment is taking place in the Mideast, and no one can really know how it will turn out. What we do know is that the US Coalition proxy-terror war has boomeranged.

Turkey Ending Support for Syrian Rebels Goodwill Gesture Towards Damascus

 Turkey has stopped supporting the Syrian coalition of opposition forces. According to analyst and journalist Musa Özuğurlu, this decision is likely to contribute to normalization between Ankara and Damascus.

NEO: Russia, Turkey and Interesting New Balkan Geopolitics

In recent months, as Brussels EU policies become more onerous, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria have turned their sights eastward to Russia and China and their growing infrastructure investments, while Russia has emerged as the world leader in export of nuclear technology, with over 60% of the global market.

Turkey finalises deal to purchase S-400 air defence systems from Russia

Russia and Turkey have coordinated nearly all details for the shipment of S-400 air defence systems to Ankara, press secretary of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalyn, said in an interview with a Turkish television channel.

Has the US lost the war in Syria? The blame game...

Jim W. Dean - I expected these "defeat" articles to pop up quickly with the publication of the Pentagon stating it would no longer support opposition groups that were not fighting ISIS.

Erdogan: Saudi-led demands ‘unlawful intervention’

Jim W. Dean - Turkey, which has been backing terrorist groups in Syria and was the major looter of Syrian wealth during the ISIS upheaval, with partners like the Saudis, US, Qatar, Israel and the UAE, now steps forward as the defender of national sovereignty and international law.

Turkish Companies Returning to Crimean Peninsula

Jim W. Dean - As more moral people in the West step forward to engage Crimea, the contrast with the geopolitical terrorists will become more and more obvious to where they will want to give up the ghost and accept the reality of Crimea.

Jerusalem, Nicosia and WW3

Any attempt to interfere with the Israeli gas theft project will be met by Israeli military brutality!

Erdogan to fight US arrest warrants (re: DC brawl)

I find it hard to believe that Erdogan's security is so poorly trained that they would just spontaneously leap into a crowd like that in the middle of the US capital.

Turkey Stirring up Trouble In The Caucasus?

Longtime Azerbaijani ally Turkey appears to be taking on a larger role in supporting the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, an Azerbaijani exclave sandwiched between Armenia and Iran.

Why Turkey is No Contender in Russia’s Sphere of Interest

Sputnik/Moscow: While Ankara continues its charm offensive against Azerbaijan and Georgia, it is unlikely that the three will constitute a full-fledged triumvirate, political scientist...

Road to Peace: How Russia, Iran and Turkey’s Safe Zones Can...

Jim W. Dean - Some of this could be staging and play acting, so we will have to wait and see what the jihadis do, and then the guarantors, especially Turkey who has a long record of having supported the insurgents.

The X Files of Turkey & US: The Conflict Is Out There

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on May 12, 2017, that the U.S. support of the Syrian Kurds harms the strategic relations between the two countries.

NEO – Syrian Safe Zones – A Miracle or Mirage?

Jim W. Dean - We are walking a knife edge now to see not only if the "de-escalation plan" will hold, but if it will even get started. As I type, HTS in Idlib is confiscating the weapons and ammo of the opposition groups targeted to participate in the safe zones.

After Buying S-400, Turkey Aims to Build Own Components for Air...

Talks with Russia on deliveries of S-400 air defense systems to Turkey are at final stages, but Ankara still aims to manufacture its own...

Turkey warns US against arming Syrian Kurd ‘terrorists,’ ponders end of...

The Turkish government has asked the US to reverse its decision to broaden support for Syria’s Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG), stating that it is unacceptable for a NATO ally to support “terrorist groups.”

Turkey and Russia Advance on S-400 & Pipeline

Turkey controls the Bosphorus Strait, the link between the Black Sea to ultimately the Mediterranean and Syria. The control maintained by Turkey on this waterway is powerful leverage in its relationship with Russia.

Anyone Home at US State Department? Turkey, India & Korea

While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was "taken aback" when he arrived on the job to see how much money the State Department was spending on housing and schooling for the families of diplomats living overseas" according to Bloomberg, the decision to cut as many as 2,300 employees may cause the US to loose diplomatic capabilities on multiple fronts.

Syrian War Report – April 26, 2017: Turkey Bombing US-backed Forces...

...from SouthFront The Syrian Republican Guard has repelled another ISIS offensive in Deir Ezzor. The fighting took place near the Deir Ezzor Airbase, the Tamin...