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Jodi Rudoren of NY Times: Israel looks “a lot like apartheid”

. The Obama administration, to their credit, was so angry at the Israeli regime that they finally had to call Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit.”

President Barack Obama: Give Trump a chance

Obama: "It will be important for everybody around the world to not make immediate judgments but give this new president-elect a chance to put their team together, to examine the issues, to determine what their policies will be."

Trump as the Ultimate Enigma: America First Visionary or the Trojan...

The good news is that Trump, Hillary, Sanders and the current regime are not in charge of history at all.

The Woman Who Ideologically Ruined AIPAC’s Mission in the United States...

Steve Rosen: "A lobby is like a night flower: it thrives in the dark and dies in the sun."

Gwyneth Todd Against the New World Order—A Dialogue (Part I)

Gwenyth Todd: "Why does the US keep up this outlandishly stupid effort to restore a US puppet regime in Iran? Quite simply because of the influence of pro-Zionist lobbies like AIPAC on the US system."

Who Put “Caitlyn Jenner” on a Pedestal?

Vanity Fair, in a sense, is like the psychoanalytic movement, which needed the presence of the dumb Goyim to thrive.

The U.S. Trained Terrorist Group ISIS in 2012

“The officials said dozens of ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.”