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Intel Drop: A UFO Visit for Trump?

By Gordon Duff with  Ian Greenhalgh Russia Today reported a green and orange meteor over Oklahoma along with what was reported by locals as an...

Russian Media: Giant Spherical UFO Orb Spotted in the US (VIDEO)

Gordon Duff - We are running this "two-headed alien baby" piece simply because it headlined at Sputnik.

Google Extra-terrestrial? UFO spotter shows ‘amazing evidence’ of his alien abduction

A prominent UFO spotter believes he has proof of his previous alien abduction, thanks to Google Earth’s satellite images.

Advanced Supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is here !

The advanced supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is on track to go live in 2017, this according to insider information.

Elon Musk: ‘We Have Not Ruled Out’ That UFO Caused Space...

The frenzied excitement for alien hunters hit new heights on Friday when the innovative wunderkind Elon Musk wrote to a commenter on Twitter that "We have not ruled that [a UFO hitting the Space X Falcon 9 rocket] out" with theories ranging from an attack by foreign defense forces to a laser attack by an alien ship quickly cascading through social media.

UFO destroys Israeli weaponised satellite on the launch pad

Launchpad explosions of rockets is a fairly common thing, after all, a rocket is really a bomb waiting to go off and even with very careful handling, they do sometimes blow up due to technical issues.

UFO Proof? Flashing Lights Spotted Near International Space Station

UFO enthusiasts are over the moon, after strange lights were caught on camera passing by the International Space Station. The fascinating footage has lead UFO expert Scott Waring to declare that the lights are proof that aliens are monitoring the International Space Station (ISS).

UFO: Top 5 Mysterious Subs That Boggled the Mind

A bizarre recent incident where a French trawler caught a Portuguese submarine in its net instead of fish provides us with the opportunity to...

Black Sun Rising 2: Chronicles of Akakor

The god, Lahasa, returned to his home in the stars but he left behind his flying disk made of an unknown golden alloy. All the tribes bowed down before Lahasa. Under his direction they had built Machu Picchu.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Then it is only right and proper to call it a duck!

UFO Drone Found on Mars is Proof of Ancient Civilization on...

Aliens exist, UFO hunters claimed after a new set of pictures of an identified object, which some said was none other than a UFO...

Trident Missile Over California Masquerades as UFO

The US Navy has confirmed that the mysterious “meteor” was a scheduled Trident II ballistic missile test flight. Cmdr. Ryan Perry of the Navy’s Third Fleet said in a statement that the rocket was launched from the Kentucky Ohio-class submarine in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California.

‘UFO Drone’ Found on Mars is Proof of Ancient Civilization on...

Aliens exist, UFO hunters claimed after a new set of pictures of an identified object, which some said was none other than a UFO drone, were published on YouTube last Sunday, according to Inquisitr.com.

UFO Footage Passes Analysis

Another "best evidence so far" video

ISS Gets Another UFO Visit, in Shocking Pink

Another optical illusion we guess

NASA Accused of Cutting Off Live Feed to Hide UFO Sighting...

A video posted to YouTube on June 21 - claiming to show three UFOs leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, and accusing NASA of deliberately cutting its feed from the Space Station - has been going viral.

NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO and the History of Lost Technology

- In the August 2014 issue of Nexus Magazine there is an article entitled "NASA unable to recreate Apollo Technologies."

Why SETI system don’t pick up UFO’s

New intelligence research information surges that our global communications systems are far behind of that possibly used by other species on other planets who is capable of visiting planet earth.

Tin Foil Hat or Not?

The video below was sent by one of our "regulars," the club of insiders that are much of the unseen muscle behind VT. This is two hours, monotone, monotony seemingly but is it?

Secret Space War XI: Comet Ison Gambit

NASA has designated 2013 as the Year of the Comet. What would lead NASA to do so?

The “Little Green Guy Book”

In 2004 I became friends with an Ukrainian guy called Petro that I met completely randomly at the beach....

Secret Space War V: Exopolitics

Recently there have been well founded rumors that the USG is now in the process of setting up an official Office for Exopolitics and considering several esteemed individuals from which to choose a director to run this new office.

Population Cleansing Wars

It is a mistake to look on what has become endless wars, first centering in the Middle East, as struggles over religion, political theories, sectarian struggles or post-colonial realignments. Each hypothesis fails.

Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

Who is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, pulling the strings?

Aussie MSM Endorses US Mil UFO Story (video)

Australian broadcasting did a 6 minute morning segment featuring a US Air Force enlisted weather expert who spent two years working with three different extra-terrestrial races.

JFK Murdered Over UFO Secret Briefing (repost by demand)

Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death --- By Daily Mail Reporter ---   An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head...

Probe Investigation Into Fraudulent UFO Videos

The Probe investigation into fraudulent UFO videos on Internet making progress launched last year by the Counter Intelligence Agency Asian Desk has lead to several internet platforms being closed down during the last year.

Colonia Dignidad: A Trading Post for Nazi UFOs?

- Written by Ernst Zundel in 2004 while he was incarcerated in Canada after having been abducted in Tennessee by his political opponents

UFOs and Antarctic Bases – A Realistic Appraisal

- This article was written more than ten years ago – before Ernst Zundel’s political kidnapping

Harnessing The Imagination

One of the most dismal futuristic images I've seen was recently painted by Chris Hedges in the opening of an article he entitled A Time for "Sublime Madness".

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