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Can Putin Zelenskiy talks on Ukraine succeed without Western permission?

Jim W. Dean - France and Germany are forever stained for their hoax of pretending to be guarantors of Kiev complying with the Minsk Accords, as they did not lift a finger to enforce the agreement.

Addicts rule Russia and Ukraine

The brains of high-ranking Russian officials are partially destroyed by drugs. In Ukraine, they are destroyed by drugs and alcohol completely or almost completely.

Crimea: The prize as always

Since Ukraine/Crimea are heating up, this might be a good time for us to reflect on the incredibly rich and bloody history of that part of the world.

NEO – Poroshenko’s Kerch Gamble Goes Down in Flames

When Poroshenko leaves, a lot of his people will have already left the country to wherever they have transferred their looted cash.

US and Ukraine give Russia perfect opportunity to increase Crimea defenses

Jim W. Dean - Poroshenko is in weak shape for the coming election as the Ukie economy is down the drain with the oligarchs sucking the life blood out of the country.

Britain becomes the sad Paper Tiger

Jim W. Dean - The British people should revolt against their being gouged like this to serve the military industrial complex like is going on full steam in the US under Trump

Secret Helsinki Deal: Donbass referendum, Putin’s bright move to force...

Moscow continues to stick to its position as far as the crisis in the Donbass is concerned: the foundation for the settlement of the conflict in the east of Ukraine is the Minsk Accords that must be implemented.

Ukraine’s Out of Control Militias (video)

Jim W. Dean - The US turned most of Ukraine into proxy terrorist killing zone, when after supporting a violent coup with NATO and EU involvement, the new government declared open season hunting on all ethnic Russians.

Ukraine’s Fake UN: Kiev “Nazi Gangster Regime” goes “Full Goebbels”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has released evidence that Ukraine had organized an event dedicated to propaganda.

Ukraine Admits Providing Missile Technology to N Korea – UN Expert

Jim W. Dean - The Ukraine government's earlier claim that it had found no evidence of ballistic missile parts to N Korea was an admission that those in the government had sold these and pocketed the money.

Manafort, Gates charged with laundering $30 million in Ukraine income

Jim W. Dean - Mueller has sent a chill throughout the whole foreign lobbyist community, as what Manafort was doing here was nothing more than what many others have done,

Ukraine: UN needs to continue food aide and support Eastern Ukraine.

I suspect they, the "coupmeisters" are continuing to attempt to steal Eastern Ukraine by starving the villages and towns people. Eastern Ukraine is where...

Deadly political games: Italian journalist blows lid off Maidan snipers mystery

Interviews of three Georgian mercenaries who took part in the shooting massacre of protesters and police in Kiev, Ukraine, in early 2014, which led to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, have come forward.

VT Was Right, Nuke Cloud Over Europe Tied to Illegal Ukraine...

March 25, 2017 nuclear detonation at Ukraine arms depot (time mark 2:00 onward) Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The Sputnik News story, censored in the...

How Ukraine Turned into Arms Dealer?

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) together with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network revealed a scheme of weapons supply to the terrorists of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

New World Order lost war against Russia and Ukraine

Putin is either an aggressive schemer, to be opposed and vilified at all costs, or a wise, restrained real-politician, balanced irreconcilable forces next door. Which is it?

Another Ukraine weapons depot blows up

Jim W. Dean - Claims of sabotage usually accompany these events, but with empty and looted maintenance budgets, incompetent management should also be a main suspect, as the whole government exhibits that from the top down.

US ‘actively reviewing’ lethal defensive arms supply to Ukraine

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday (24 August) stressed Washington’s commitment to helping Ukraine’s military, and said sanctions against Russia would remain in place until Moscow reversed its policy on Ukraine.

Ukraine: New US ‘Buffer Zone’ against Russia

The Ukrainian Navy plans to open a NATO doctrine and tactical center before the end of this year, the Navy’s deputy chief of staff for Euro-Atlantic integration, said on Thursday.

All statues of Lenin pulled down across Ukraine

Someone once memorably stated 'those who ignore history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them' and he was right.

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