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NEO: If NATO wants peace and stability it should stay home

Jim W. Dean - This is a hoot. NATO's well-funded PR stooges, from the RAND Corporation no less, are pitching NATO as the only qualified entity to provide "security" in Libya, Syria and Iraq. If you are thinking this is a Saturday Night Live stand-up comedy routine, so was I.

NEO – Saudi Arabia’s Northern Thunder fizzles out

Jim W. Dean - Where is all the dramatic footage of the massive Saudi coalition drills, the embedded reporters, press briefings, the Royals reviewing the troops? Was this the Saudi version of Jade Helm?

NEO – Ankara Blast: Catastrophe of Convenience

Jim W. Dean - Frankly, a coup is badly needed in Turkey and the world would be most appreciative. But Erdo has anticipated this and has been purging not only the military but the police, judiciary and the media.

NEO – Washington Quietly Lifts Sanctions on Russian Rockets

Impotent and incoherent, it appears that the US has managed to do more harm to itself than to Russia.

NEO – Joining NATO: Ukraine a Warning to Others

Jim W. Dean - Ulson Gunnar lays bare for us the conversion of the our defensive NATO coalition into an offensive one via a carefully planned construction of eliminating any public approval of what it does.

NEO – Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorsteps

Jim W. Dean - May the angels smile upon and protect us as we honor the Russian SU-24 pilot, the first Russian to die in their air campaign. He will be honored by all honorable veterans as a brother in arms.

NEO – East must provide alternative to, not replace Western hegemony

Jim W. Dean - Our do or die challenge is to focus all of our resources to fighting this real and present threat whose fingers are already around our throats

NEO – Burying The Greatest Victory for Spite

Ulson Gunnar - The monumental sacrifices of the Russian people during World War II are being marginalized

NEO – MH17 Disappears from Headlines as Anti-Russian Agenda Falters

Jim W. Dean..."While Putin's public rating hoovers above 81% , leaders and parliaments in the West are far in the rear view mirror."

NEO – Banning Malaysia from MH17 Investigation reeks of a coverup

- Ulson Gunnar - "After the MH17 flight was shot down over Ukraine in July, Malaysia has been systematically blocked, leaving a pro-NATO bloc in charge of the evidence."

NEO – US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda?

- 'NEO's Ulson Gunnar gives us a review of “terror org musical chairs”, a game hard to follow as the order of battle changes weekly, if not more often.'

NEO – Sanction-Drunk West Forgets to Target ISIS Sponsors

- "We have entered into an era where diplomatic immunity has to be put squarely on the table for a 21st century review. Is it just too dangerous?"

NEO- Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”

- Ulson Gunnar reviews the age old debate of why nations intercede in foreign events, especially Africa. It is a complicated area because so many factors are involved.

NEO – Iraq: Blowback Blackwater-Style

- "Murder, Inc. has gone corporate and found the perfect screen to hide behind...national security work. That does not include the drug running and other lucrative trade."

NEO – Gunnar- Bloodbath Follows Ukrainian Elections

- Ulson Gunnar - Warplanes, helicopter gunships, heavy armor and troops poured into eastern Ukraine in a blitzkrieg offensive after the show elections.

NEO – NASA and Russian Space Legacy Threatened over Ukraine

- Jim W. Dean..."Our Neo-Colonialist White house is putting a torpedo into the long running NASA Soviet-US cooperation on the Space Station. How stupid is that?"

NEO – China and the Follies of Megatrading

- Ulson Gunnar - Beijing realizes that global trade is both a threat and an opportunity. It has taken steps to maximize that opportunity in the short-term.

NEO – A US and Filipino Front Vs. China

- What we are really dealing with here is another undeclared war, one where there has been no public debate as to the reality of the threat.