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U.N. Gets The Full Greta! “How Dare You…”

Greta Thunberg blasts world leaders in emotional speech at U.N. climate summit: 'How dare you'

Is this the final showdown for control of Libyan oil?

We have seen many final battles of the Libyan Civil War, and yet, it continues on. There is more then a hint of foreign involvement, as the Libyan people would have exhausted themselves into a settlement before now.

Israel must stop ‘spontaneous’ Syria strikes: Russia

Jim W. Dean - Russia's credibility is on the line with its worn out protestations against continued Israeli strikes on Syria, but with it never doing anything about it.

VT correspondent Alla Pierce update on Ukraine elections

A review of some of the latest political events in Ukraine in the pre-election time frame.

Saudi-led coalition denounces UN report regarding strikes on Yemen

Will the UN finally crack down on Saudi war crimes?

Syria presents UN with data on militant plans to stage false...

Syria’s Ambassador to the UN said that Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliated terrorist groups are preparing to use chemical weapons against civilians in Idlib.

Iran says Europeans must bear expenses for long-term interests

Jim W. Dean - The big showdown is going to come when the oil sanctions kick in, the biggest act of economic war that we will have seen to date.

UN says Yemen War adversaries want to pow wow

We have all been here before with Yemen peace initiatives. Most of the ceasefires were broken by Saudi Arabia the next day with bombing attacks. Peace talks made the headlines, and the breaches did not.

NEO – UN Poverty Report Slams America

Human rights do down the toilet as the Trump Administration has removed the UN protections that applied to American citizens living in America. Waki, waki.

Gaza: What it needs is Freedom

There is a need to establish a port and an airport for Gaza direct to Cyprus under international supervision via UN- and NATO-monitored corridors.

Trump Withdraws from UN Human Rights Council, Ordered by Israel

Washington has decided to walk out of the UN Human Rights Council, accusing the body of hypocrisy.

US continues to follow Israel’s instructions, human rights be damned

Pulling out of the UN Human Rights group because it is 'not fair to Israel' is one of the most blatant signs that the US is nothing more than an Israeli puppet.

UN’s Guterres finally denounces Zionist crimes on Gaza

I know many will say this will not change anything, but I remind everyone that some resistance is less hopeless than no resistance.

Iran wakes up – ‘Hey, we have a lot of chemical...

I have been wondering for years now, when was Iran going to really start fighting back from constantly getting roasted for claims of being the main sponsor of terrorism in the Mid East.

Bolton leads new charge for Arab NATO occupation force

Bolton's first big move is "occupation substitution", to bribe Arab states using the deep pockets of the rich Gulf States to replace US troops, to complete the Balkanization of Syria.

Germany and Italy bail out on bombing Syria with no evidence

Germany, who was quick to jump on board the "bomb Syria" train early on without any proof of Damascus involvement, has now been followed by Italy in backing out.

Ukraine Admits Providing Missile Technology to N Korea – UN Expert

Jim W. Dean - The Ukraine government's earlier claim that it had found no evidence of ballistic missile parts to N Korea was an admission that those in the government had sold these and pocketed the money.

Trump UN speech drooling with Deep State propaganda

Jim W. Dean - While it is always a good break to catch getting historic shows like a state of the union address, or a UN one in this case, it was sheer torture having to listen to Trump's entire diatribe.

Charities take on Saudi Arabia while others cringe

Jim W. Dean - I have watched in amazement as the un-UN-sanctioned Saudi blockade of everything going into Yemen, with full support from the Gulf State Council and the US, has not been virulently attacked as illegal, with demands of sanctions on all those involved in this horrendous act.

NEO: Will US and Israel Succeed in Syrian Ceasefire to...

Jim W. Dean - We have had an undeclared World War of sorts being carried out against Syria with even the UN hesitant to face up to it, mainly because it is a major violation of the UN charter and international law, making them look like a joke.

UN suspends vaccination as Cholera goes out of control in Yemen

The United Nations has suspended a shipment of Cholera vaccines for Yemen as the deadly disease is spreading fast across the country. Yemen is facing a severe shortage of medicine because of Saudi Arabia’s harsh embargo.

Afghanistan: Losing the chances of peace day to day

On 21 June 2017, at the meeting of the UN Security Council, UN’s representative in Afghanistan Yamamoto made explicit remarks about the peace and security situation in Afghanistan.

DAMNED DISGRACE: Pimping for Israel remains undiminished since UN report branded...

In the UK you can start a petition on the Government website. If it reaches 10,000 signatures you get a response from the Government. If it tops 100,000 it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

West blocks OPCW investigation of alleged Idlib chemical attack

Jim W. Dean - Now we have not only a highly probable fake gas attack in Idlib, but an investigation that is more fake than the attack itself. There has been little public outrage over the investigation scandal.

The Case of WMDs: Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria?

  By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Suddenly tension has intensified between Russia and the US with the order of the American President Donald Trump, when...

Censorship and Suppression: Israel’s War on Richard Falk

Tariq Ali talks to Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine (2008-2014) and Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University, about the findings of his report for the UN, which describe the manner in which Israel has come to dominate the Palestinian people based on structures of systematic discrimination.

Putin blames Kiev for upsurge in violence

Jim W. Dean - The dump trucks of lies continue to unload on the American people, who as an additional humiliation are forced to pay for the delivery. Having a female UN ambassador as the driver seems to be in vogue as a softer way to do it.

UN not reporting any evidence of mass slaughters by Syria in...

Jim W. Dean - As Obama heads toward the door, the crimes of his administration against Syria, and especially Aleppo, are going to be thrown at him like rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Israel: Downfall of Netanyahu Predicted but Desire to Occupy Persists

Editor's note: By "Judea and Samaria" they are referring to the 40 percent of non-occupied Palestine that, by UN agreement from 1947, makes up the Palestinian state.

Will this Syrian ceasefire die like all before it?

Jim W. Dean - I suspect more big terror attacks as an intimidation tactic of what could continue to happen if certain parties see the Syrian situation go against their desired outcome. They will not take it lying down.

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