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Khazarian Murderers of the Russian Revolution

The Khazarian Mafia initiated, financed, and agitated the French Revolution beginning in 1788.

Zhirinovsky, the Dead Prophet Speaks

A good while back, Zhirinovsky predicted current events that Russia is now facing with NATO in Kiev and in Crimea.

On the Future of Ukraine and NATO’s Never-Ending Wars

None of these wars, starting with the NATO intervention in the Korean Peninsula in 1950, have stabilized any of the warring regions.

Corporate Media Deploys the Big Guns on Ukraine

The time has come to acknowledge that the marked increase in East-West tensions over the past two years originally stemmed from the Western-sponsored coup d’état in Kiev on Feb. 22, 2014, and Russia’s reaction in annexing Crimea.

Fabricating Putin Quotes and Banning Paraplegic Athletes To Undermine Russia

If we want to join the march to war, we can join the hate fest. But if we want a more objective and honest assessment of events, we must rely upon facts that our government and its cheer-leading mainstream media are not anxious for us to view.

US Publicizing Bad Intelligence in Information War Against Russia

The US officials said that the Biden administration has been sharing declassified intelligence that wasn’t “rock solid.” The NBC report said that multiple US officials acknowledged that the US has used information as a weapon against Russia “even when confidence in the accuracy of the information wasn’t high.”

Sit back and watch Europe commit suicide

The stunning spectacle of the Eropean Union committing slow motion hara-kiri is something for the ages.

Total News Blackout: US General Captured Leading Azov Nazis in Mariupol...

Our sources on the ground report that the last two helicopters trying to evacuate foreign VIPs from Mariupol were shot down this morning. They were sent on a suicide mission to collect Lt.General Coultier, who was, we are told, hiding in a huge industrial complex with some Special Forces staffers and about 30 Ukrainian Army, not Azov, soldiers.

Biden, Zelensky and the Neocons

Washington has been trying to deconstruct the former Soviet Union ever since 1991, beginning with President Bill Clinton’s expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe in spite of a pledge not to do so and his unleashing the oligarchs who looted the country’s natural resources under President Boris Yeltsin.

Is US Planning to Assassinate Pakistan’s Imran Khan?

A leader of Pakistan’s ruling Justice Movement, Faisal Wawda, reported on an ARY News’ “Off the Record” program that a plot was being hatched to kill Imran Khan over his refusal to “sell the country.”

The Inside Story From Inside Ukraine

The American people—including Christian people—need to snap out of their fascination with war propaganda and war propagandists, because this is NOT funny!

Joe Biden, What the Hell?

Biden appeared to tell US troops stationed near the Ukrainian border in Poland that they would soon be in the war zone.

And What About Those Biolabs?

The US/NATO will stage some kind of false flag incident which will lead to calls for direct military intervention.

Russia-Ukraine Military Standoff Global Implications

The realities that cannot be ignored are that shrunk Russia has bounced back on the global central stage, China is the emerging superpower, the US is a declining power. NATO will neither establish a no-fly zone, nor become a part of the Ukraine war since it would put the whole of Europe at risk.

IMF Says Russia Sanctions Threaten to Reduce Dominance of US Dollar

Western sanctions campaign against Russia threatens to chip away at the US dollar’s dominance as the world’s reserve currency.

Partnering With Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: An Inconvenient History

Stephen Cohen, who was Professor Emeritus of Russian studies and politics at Princeton, in an article on Ukraine called “America’s Collusion With Neo-Nazis,” says that the coup government in Ukraine has systematically rehabilitated and memorialized Ukrainian Nazi Germany collaborators.

Global War Crimes and Misdemeanors Go Un-Prosecuted

President Biden has been vocal about calling Putin a war criminal for civilian deaths in Ukraine, and says he will be held accountable, but how will the U.S. lead by example when it doesn’t prosecute alleged war crimes itself?

Will the European Union End Soon?

Germany announced the restoration of the combat capability of the Bundeswehr

Biden’s New World Order and Ukraine

Joe Biden is regurgitating what globalists in and out of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) have been saying for decades.

Did Russia just threaten New World Order with nuclear weapons?

"We've been trying to convey our concerns to the world — to Europe, to the United States — for a couple of decades, but no one would listen to us.”

Russia to US: So, you wanna arm Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin, thank God, is no joke. He has already fleshed out what he wants NATO and the United States to do.

Proxy War in Ukraine, US Fighting Russia to the Last Ukrainian!

In Ukraine, the Biden administration is fighting Russia “to the last Ukrainian,” retired senior US diplomat Chas Freeman says.

Ukraine War March 25: Briefing by Russian Ministry of...

"Since February 2022, Ukrainian troops have multiplied artillery attacks on Donbass with prohibited large-caliber artillery weapons. And, against the background of false statements about the desire for peace, Kiev had begun large-scale artillery preparations for the offensive of a shock group of troops drawn to the east of Ukraine with the support of aviation and missile systems."

Experts warned for decades that NATO expansion would lead to war:...

Not only Putin, but also other Russian officials, talked about ‘red lines’ that posed a serious threat, with ominous consequences for the world, if crossed.

Must Read Intel Drop: Foreign Minister Lavrov Addresses ‘Leaders of Russia’…telling…truthful…brilliant...

Larov speaks about negotiations with Ukraine, and US sanctions against Russia, and takes questions from the audience.

The Privatization of Nuclear War, even More Dangerous than COVID?

There is a powerful faction within the Deep State which considers that a nuclear is “winnable”. And winnable WWIII scenarios and simulations (most of them classified) are routinely contemplated.

Everything You Know About Last Russian Tsar is a Massive Lie

Another favourite false accusation is that the Tsar started wars, namely the Japano-Russian War, called the Russo-Japanese War, and the Kaiser’s War, called the First World War. This is untrue. He was the only world leader who wanted to disarm, he was anti-militaristic.

Chris Hedges: The Lie of American Innocence

Our hypocrisy on war crimes makes a rules-based world, one that abides by international law, impossible.

NWO Wars and the Firefighter-Arsonist

What country has dropped more bombs on more countries (including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia) and killed more people (an estimated six million since the inception of G.W. Bush’s War on Terror in 2001—most of them innocents) than any nation on earth? The United States.

US Discourages Progress in Ukraine-Russia Deal

Leading up to the invasion, Putin asked the US for a guarantee that Ukraine won’t ever join the military alliance, but the US refused to make the promise even though President Biden publicly admitted Kyiv wouldn’t be granted a membership anytime soon.

Neo-Nazism and Addiction; two main reasons for the inevitable defeat of...

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield on CNN once again dashed Ukraine’s hopes that the West would help it.

Worse than Ukraine! In Yemen “Catastrophic” Hunger due to Saudi War,...

A report claims some 161,000 people are likely to experience “catastrophic levels of hunger,” while 19 million people would likely be unable to meet their minimum food needs. The report warns that a shocking 2.2 million children could be severely malnourished by the end of the year in Yemen.

Zelensky Bans Political Opposition, Nationalizes Media to Create ‘Unified’ Information

Zelensky’s recent move proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that NATO, the United States, and New World Order Agents have no business in talking about “democracy” and “freedom” in Ukraine.

Six Years: The price Nazanin paid for 110 years of bad...

While this young woman – the mother of a young child – was languishing for 6 years in the filth of an Iranian jail three prime ministers and five foreign secretaries played silly buggers before doing the decent thing and paying up.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Interview with RT, March 18

VT publishes the text of Russia's Foreign Minister Speech on March 18 demonstrating his country's current position on the War in Ukraine and its relation to the West.

Dear Schwarzenegger: Please, shut up. You cannot speak for Ukrainians

Saudi Arabia launched the war on the Yemeni population since 2015, and the last time I checked, Arnold Schwarzenegger never said a single word.

Ron Paul: Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last...

The constant flow of US and allied weapons into Ukraine and talk of supporting an extended insurgency does not seem designed to give Ukraine a victory on the battlefield but rather to hand Russia what Secretary of State Blinken called “a strategic defeat.”

March 16: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Interview with RBC TV channel,...

Lavrov: This is a crucial moment, a landmark in contemporary history because, in the broad sense of the word, it reflects the battle for a future international order. The West stopped using the term “international law,” embodied in the UN Charter, many years ago, and it invented the term “rules-based order.” These rules were written by members of an inner circle.

Simmering Clash of the Titans, Part 2

Russia has bounced back on the global stage, China is the emerging superpower and the US is a declining power, and its global hegemony is unsustainable. Unipolarism has been replaced by multipolarism. The Zionists, after pitching Christianity against Islam have now pitched USA against Russia, and will soon pitch USA against China in their Depopulation game.

8-Year Secret CIA Training Program in Eastern Ukraine Helped Prepare for...

The CIA first sent a small number of paramilitaries to eastern Ukraine when the war started in 2014, which was sparked by a US-backed coup in Kyiv and the Donbas separatists declaring independence from the post-coup government.