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Israel is mad and sad because World War III hasn’t started...

Israel would love to see American troops in southern Syria because US troops are Israel’s puppets. As Henry Kissinger himself said: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Vladimir Putin: The Soviet Union and KGB ideology have outlived their...

The claim that Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union is categorically false. Even the so-called “Ukraine crisis,” as John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago shows, is largely “the West’s fault.”

Russia outsmarts the Neocon establishment and warmongers at the G20 meeting

CNN has come up with a new categorical lie. Putin trapped Putin during the G20 meeting, and Trump fell for it

Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone: The Neocons Are Dangerous to the...

Neocon Jonah Goldberg: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”

UN and EU: Israel needs to stop stealing Palestinian lands

“The EU urges the Israeli leadership to refrain from implementing the law and to avoid measures that further raise tensions and endanger the prospects for a peaceful solution to the conflict.”

John McCain works for terrorist states like Saudi Arabia

“McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received $1 Million From Saudi Arabia.”

Israeli Police: Netanyahu is being investigated over fraud and criminal activity

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the biggest political frauds in the twenty-first century, behind bars for the rest of his natural life?

Putin and Obama briefly square off in Peru possibly for the...

The logic is pretty clear here: New World Order agents cannot perpetuate the promiscuous and perverse idea that Assad is a dictator and is killing his own people.

The rise against government corruption in South Korea

“Those who set out to debunk the moral and spiritual order were in the end debunked by their own desires."

Who Rules the Anglosphere?

America’s real rulers have access to immense fortunes, operate behind the scenes, and enjoy near-absolute power.

Israel, the United States, Russia, and Vladimir Putin—Interview with Vladislav Krasnov...

Vladimir Putin acted prudently and decisively. If he did not, Crimea would have plunged into a bloody civil war like the one we witnessed in Donbass.

The One

Today, one percent of the people in the United States (plus the 0.001% of the world’s elite) are dedicated to creating as much chaos, misery, and death as is possible. Attempting to gentrify those soulless thugs is an utter waste of time and effort.

L.A. Times: Russia Is Acting in Self-Defense

Unlike Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other outlets, the L.A. Times has finally got it right: NATO and the United States are wrong and Russia is right.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter: Russia Weakens US Hegemony in the...

Carter wants global domination on a daily basis and at the expense of everyone else, including decent Americans who are doing their best make ends meet.

The South China Sea Crisis: International Law, Sovereignty and the Control...

A long brewing crisis of both regional and global proportions has been festering in the South China Sea in recent years between claimants to a variety of islands, reefs and shoals and more importantly access to oil and natural gas resources that are worth trillions of dollars.

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