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US Presidency – Misperception of Powers

Sami Jamil Jadallah - AIPAC and Israel understood clearly that the president’s powers and tenure in office are limited, one term, two terms at most while there are NO term limits for members of Congress. That is why AIPAC spends its money on congressional elections and little money on presidential elections.

NEO – Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorsteps

Jim W. Dean - May the angels smile upon and protect us as we honor the Russian SU-24 pilot, the first Russian to die in their air campaign. He will be honored by all honorable veterans as a brother in arms.

Uri Avnery – The Stooges of Sheldon Adelson

Jim W. Dean, You have just written an article, Uri, which explains perfectly why I think the country of Israel and its people are a major security threat to the American people

The “American Knesset” – Their Money, Our Votes

When I first began to use the term “American Knesset” I did that knowing well, when it comes to Israel, there is much more freedom, more robust, more challenging and engaging debate in the Israeli Knesset, than here at our own “American Knesset”.

De-Zionization of America – 2015

America is suffering from a severe addiction & the dealers in our government & institutions are not your average drug dealers... but Zionists.

Netanyahu Pushing the US Congress for a US War Against Iran

One troubling and very dangerous statement made by Netanyahu in his speech and which has become a standard mantra for US politicians of both parties, including Barack Obama, is "The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics."

Zionist Settlers Poison 13 Sheep as US Jews Funnel Money into...

Perhaps Assaf was celebrating Chinese New Year a little early. The “Year of the Sheep” doesn’t officially begin until January 31.

NEO – AIPAC pushes for Iran sanctions during Ukraine Crisis

- Gwenyth Todd..."There have been cunning efforts in the US Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran in the midst of the Ukraine regime change".

Israel’s Veto

Israel, a terrorist, illegitimate state from day one, a constant threat to world peace, a nuclear power that is a threat to its safety and that of the world including the US is the last country that can talk about the rights of other countries to have nuclear technology even nuclear weapons.